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Mail.Ru mail

Developers: Group
Last Release Date: 2019/09/10
Branches: Internet services


The Mail.Ru mailthe Mail.Ru Group project, the service of free e-mail, largest in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

Among key features of service:

  • unlimited volume of a box,
  • possibility of transfer of attachments up to 20 gigabytes,
  • protection against viruses and spam (including individual),
  • subjects of an execution of the interface and letters and many other things.


Service of a call of the taxi

In Mail the tool for planning of trips appeared. On September 10, 2019 reported about it in Group company. "Mail" learned to distinguish the addresses in letters, to show them on the map and to call the taxi. It is possible to order the machine directly from the letter — the call key is built in the message.

Using service it is easy to plan trips to cinema, for concerts and other actions. Any partner company of service can build in the machine call key the letter. It is planned that in the future the tool for the order of the taxi will appear in letters with tickets and invitations to the majority of popular events.

The "smart" mail understands in what letters there are tickets for events, and suggests a fast and comfortable method to reach the necessary address. It is especially convenient if, for example, the session at cinema begins soon, and it is necessary to time urgently on the road, developers noted. Further through mail it will be possible to call the taxi not only on actions, but also in the airport, to the station and to any other addresses.

The Citymobil company became the first partner of mobile application of the Mail. By a taxi call from mobile Mail on Android, data on the order will automatically be loaded in the application of the taxi service. In the nearest future this function will appear also in the version for iOS. Estimate time and cost of a trip and also it is possible to confirm the order in one click.

Besides, the button of the order of the car from the computer works in the test mode. If to call the taxi through dekstopny Mails version, then the order will be executed by The Taxi Is Lucky service.

Service for fast online payments

On August 9, 2019 the company reported that in the Mail there was a smart mechanism which defines in what letters there are accounts or other payment information. All data, necessary for payment, are visible directly in the list of letters.

In the Mail service for fast online payments appeared

According to the developer, it is possible to turn for payment directly from the list of messages into one contact. Thus, the provided function saves the user's time. Even before opening of the letter, the user sees the main information on the forthcoming payment in the list entering. The amount, the addressee and purpose of payment are displayed in the preview of the letter, in the same place it is possible to find also the pay button. Thanks to it the user has a quick access to instruments of payment. Besides, letters with payment information are selected on the general background.

It is possible to pay penalties of traffic police and the bill of the mobile phone directly from the main interface of Mail. Service also works with the projects: Cloud, Good and Games. Pay game purchases, to transfer funds for charity or it is possible to buy in addition the place in the cloud storage from the list of entering.

At the same time any company has an opportunity to build in the payment button the letter. All letters with the payments buttons undergo additional testing of security to exclude a phishing and other methods fraudulently to get access to financial data of the user, underlined in

Penalties of traffic police can be paid from the main interface of Mail
"One of the key directions of strategy of the Mail - creation of "useful" mail. We face financial questions daily, it is an important part of our life therefore pays to development of the payment Mail functions special attention. Besides, payment data are sensitive information which can be entrusted only the checked time, to safe services, and the Mail is such tool",

'Ivan Myzdrikov, the director of a Mail product noted'

According to, letters with receipts, accounts, taxes and penalties of 70% of users consider the most important. Therefore, such messages should be noticeable that the user had an opportunity to make payment "on site". If it is, for example, about penalties of traffic police, then at early payment the motorist significantly saves, receiving a discount in a half of the amount of a penalty. And there are situations when transfer needs to be made in the shortest possible time. For fast online payments of Mail it became simpler to solve these problems with service.

According to the statement of the developer, it is possible to make payments in Mail any bank cards payment systems Visa MasterCard, "World". For frequent transactions there is an opportunity "link" the card. These cards will remain in a system and at the following payment will be entered automatically.

As of August, 2019 service is already started in the desktop version, by the fall it will appear in mobile applications of the Mail.

Conducts all payments of independently through own RNKO of " ". Money arrives directly into the account of the receiver, without the address to intermediaries and third-party services. Financial transactions and data of users are protected according to international standards, claim in

Algorithm of recognition of importunate mailings and offer of the formal reply

On July 09, 2019 the mail reported that it learned to recognize letters, not interesting to the user. The smart algorithm will define irrelevant or importunate mailings and will suggest users to unsubscribe from them.

Algorithms of the mail learned to analyze and remember reaction to letters. Mail defines annoying mailings, being guided by preferences of users. For example, if the receiver constantly deletes letters, without opening them, or just long time ignores messages of some company, Mail will notice it and will suggest to cancel such subscription.

For the formal reply it is not required to pass to pages of third-party services, to enter email which needs to be deleted from base, or to explain a reason for refusal of mailings. The formal reply happens in a one click, along with it at the request of the user it is possible to delete in one click all old letters from the same sender. So they will not litter the Entering folder and to complicate search of really important messages.

By our estimates, more than a half of users came up against a situation when the Unsubscribe button placed in mailing did not work, and letters continued to come. Also most of people irritate additional questions from the companies which often arrive at the formal reply from mailing. Without saying that some senders in general 'forget' to provide an opportunity to unsubscribe, intentionally hide this function on the website or require to enter the password for access to it. Volumes of information which is daily arriving on digital channels constantly grow. Competitive advantage behind those services which not only offer convenient, quick and secure access to information but also can be protected from annoying content,


Service is available to all clients of the Mail in the updated web interface and also in mobile applications to iOS and Android.

Besides, the Mail is able to group mailings and letters — they disappear from social networks in a smart chain which can be unrolled directly on the list of letters. So, correspondences with people and other important letters are not lost among a large number of mailings.

All these functions are implemented within the strategy of a mail service of - Mail becomes more smart, more useful and safer. Thanks to machine learning, service can analyze the nature of messages and reaction to them. The updated Mail is able to foresee desires of the user and to propose the solutions suitable at present. For example, the Smart Reply technology advises the user options of prompt replies to messages, considering their sense and tonality. The Machine Learning methods help with grouping of messages on thematic categories that it was simpler to user to be guided in the growing flow of letters. One more major skill of Mail - ability to define logos of the known companies for protection against malefactors. Smart Mail knows how these letters from the known brands should look and blocks letters from swindlers who try to issue them for mailings from the companies.

Authorization through one-time codes

On June 25, 2019 it became known that the mail enters an input method into a mailbox through the one-time codes received by the SMS or the push-notification. The total failure from the password is in the long term planned that considerably will increase safety of service. an authorization method by the SMS

The modern user is surrounded with a huge number of services: mail, cloud storage, banking applications, delivery of food, social networks, online stores. In each of them it is necessary to become authorized, think up, and, above all — to remember the password. To simplify to itself life, users select the same password for different services or use combinations of characters, unsafe, simple for storing. It does private data vulnerable for malefactors. According to expert evaluations, in 81% of cases unauthorized access in a mailbox happened to use of a stolen property or the unreliable password. Besides, often users forget passwords from the accounts and on their recovery forces and time leave.

Authorization using SMS or the push-notification means use of the unique code which forms at the moment of a request, it cannot be guessed or picked up. He acts during limited time and only for one authorization. Such method of authorization is more reliable in terms of security and also more convenient.

The key directions of strategy of the Mail — security and convenience therefore we constantly find methods of improvement of our product. Often mail is 'key' to all other services of the user therefore care of security of a mailbox is crucial. In the long term the innovation will significantly increase security of mail, if the password is absent, then it cannot be lost or picked up,
comments Anna Artamonova, the vice president of Group

In further is going to give the chance to create boxes without password or to refuse use of the password in earlier created boxes. Besides, additional methods of authorization using physical devices (keys) and biometric data — fingerprints, determination of the person, etc. will be entered.


Change of a logo

On October 10, 2018 Mail.Ru Group provided the updated visual style of Mail and the Mail.Ru portal. For a design more bright and juicy colors were selected, and the logo received laconic and adaptive design. A design of services became more emotionally and is more modern. Read more here. portal logo since October 10, 2018

Service of the notification on low balance

On October 2, 2018 Mail.Ru Group announced a poyavileniye in the Mail.Ru Mail of an opportunity to subscribe for notifications on a low account balance of the mobile phone and to fill up it from the letter.

The provided service allows to select the "critical" amount and when the balance of the cell phone decreases to this mark, the Mail.Ru Mail will remind that it is necessary to transfer money. Thanks to integration with mobile operators it is possible to recharge from the letter notification, having specified the desired amount and data of the bank card. If the user already paid through Mail.Ru services, a system will automatically substitute the saved earlier these.

Within the current development strategy Mail.Ru Mail helps users to resolve daily issues. And not only notifies that time for some task came, but also at once proposes the solution. In the Mail.Ru Mail it is already possible to subscribe for notifications on penalties of traffic police and to pay them. Now we added also account replenishment of the mobile phone that our users always stayed in touch.
Anna Artamonova, vice president of Mail.Ru Group, director of a business unit Mail and portal

Service of notifications works for subscribers of Megafon and Beeline. In the near future it is going to implement such opportunity for clients of MTS. Service of payment is available to four operators: MegaFon, Beeline, MTS and Tele2.

Management of Mailings service

On August 24, 2018 the Mail.Ru Group company announced start of Management of Mailings service which using machine learning technologies automatically aggregates and displays the list of the mailings received by the user in the single interface and allows to unsubscribe from unnecessary and to delete all old letters from the selected sender.


According to the company, the average user of e-mail is signed on a set of mailings from online stores, brands, services, editions, forums and so on. Such subscriptions tens or even hundreds accumulate. Some of them lose relevance over time, the person subscribes for others accidentally, the third become importunate. At the same time process of the formal reply often extremely difficult and unevident.

As it was reported, service displays the complete list of advertizing and information mailings which are received by the owner of the account and allows to unsubscribe from them a one click. Also the User can easily delete all old letters from mailing which litter his box. At the same time thanks to Machine Learning technologies important letters from the same websites, for example, of registration or notifications on orders — remain in a box.

The Management of Mailings service gives the chance to the user to limit information streams and to manage flexibly them: for example, it is possible to unsubscribe with special offers of airline and to delete all marketing letters, having saved important messages with abuses of air tickets. The user becomes not just a receiver, and the owner of the mailings.

Anna Artamonova, vice president of Mail.Ru Group, director of a business unit Mail and portal

Smart Groups, grouping of orders from online stores, management of mailings

On June 21, 2018 the Mail.Ru Group company announced EGO – large-scale product updating. The project team provided such opportunities for users as Smart Groups technology, grouping of orders from online stores, search in categories of transaction letters, reminders and a possibility of payment of the mobile phone directly from the letter, the button of payment for the services of partners and also showed the Mail.Ru Mails which are completely updated the interface and a logo of service.

The concept of development of service under the name EGO relies on the fact that the paradigm of use of e-mail changed. Mail spins around the specific user and solves his problems.

According to a Mail.Ru Mail command e-mail should be smart, useful and safe. The concept of development of Mail also relies on these 3 directions.

Smart mail

As noted in Mail.Ru Group company, the modern mail service should sort information streams which fall upon the person and to help to structure them.

In the Mail.Ru Mail Smart Reply — service of smart answers works at Russian. On the basis of the deep analysis of content of the letter function offers the user three suitable answer options that allows not to spend a lot of time for in detail to answer everyone.

Mail offers the user three suitable answer options
Mail offers the user three suitable answer options

Mail selects transaction letters - electronic messages from different services - and divides them into categories thanks to what letters becomes visually more simply and quicker to look for in a mailbox. Also search in categories of transaction letters is available to users — for example, the user can browse all letters on the purchases.

The technology of the smart Smart Groups grouping creates smart threads in incoming messages, displacing notifications from social networks and information mailings, as a result visually cleaning a box and leaving on a type only the most important letters with an opportunity to answer quickly using smart reply.

Also Mail begins to group letters of online stores in separate orders. The smart algorithm of machine learning takes from letters of an order number and each of them integrates in separate group. Thus, all information on the specific order is in one place. For June, 2018 this function in Mail is piloted for letters of AliExpress, will be in the future expanded on letters of all online stores.

In Mail control function by mailings appeared. Users can look at the list of mailings which to them come, and in couple of clicks to unsubscribe from unnecessary, or to delete.

Mail selects electronic messages from different services and divides them into categories
Mail selects electronic messages from different services and divides them into categories

Useful mail

As believe in Mail.Ru Group companies, e-mail should not just notify, and try to offer service which will solve the user's problems here and now.

Without leaving a mailbox, it is possible to subscribe for notifications of traffic police on penalties and to pay and also to transfer money to the user of any mail service in 17 countries of the world.

Function of payment of the mobile phone directly from the letter is presented in the announced version of the Mail.Ru Mail. At reduction of balance to the set threshold the notification with the button of fast payment comes to email. Soon with fast payment partners of Mail.Ru will be able to insert the button into letters.

Mail will begin to show the additional information to the letter. For example, if transferred run of the user, he will receive the notification from Mail and learns about it in time. Also the system of the recommended actions will be started. At registration for run the mail service will suggest to print the boarding pass at once or to call the taxi in the airport.

Safe mail

The Mail.Ru Group company considers that e-mail should protect data reliably. Therefore in service the Marshal system which prevents attempts of unauthorized access is implemented. Using machine learning, it analyzes hundreds of parameters and actions of the user. At a deviation from usual behavior a system fixes cracking attempt, and unauthorized access to Mail is blocked.

Also technical command of Mail trained a neuronet to distinguish logos and added this analysis type to the system of an anti-phishing.

Redesign of a logo of the Mail.Ru Mail
Redesign of a logo of the Mail.Ru Mail

The command of Mail submitted the updated interface of a product. As noted in the company, it is made taking into account the last trends in design — modern, fast and adaptive. Users can work in the three-columnar mode, write in one tab of the browser several letters at the same time, turning them in the bottom of the screen and to use all functions provided within updating.

Also the command of Mail provides redesign of a logo to which added brightness and dynamics.

Money transfers on any e-mail address

Users of web and mobile versions of the Mail.Ru Mail can send money transfers to users to any e-mail address now. Can transfer money both the user of Mail.Ru, and the owner of a box on other service.

Send money as easily how to attach the document or a photo. The sender needs to know only the e-mail address of the receiver. To transfer money in Mail, it is necessary to create the letter, to click on "Send money", specify the card number for write-off and the amount, and then to confirm transfer by the SMS code. In one letter it is possible to send from 100 to 75 thousand rubles. If the sender changes the mind, transfer can be cancelled.

To receive money, it is enough to user to specify the card number for transfer. If the receiver does not accept transfer within five days, all amount will return on the card automatically.

A transfer is made using the technology 3-D Secure ensuring safety: the remitter should confirm transaction of write-off of means with input of the one-time SMS password. Technical aspect of service provide processing of Mail.Ru Group and VTB.

Two main problems of the existing services for money transfers: isolation on own ecosystem and need to know payee bank together with the card number. Our function is deprived of these shortcomings: money can be sent to the e-mail address of the person in any mail service. Last fall our command conducted a research among users of the Mail.Ru Mail. 10 thousand people participated in poll. 72% from them told that they are ready to refuse completely cash, to pay for the purchases in shops and to pay services only online. Therefore we are sure that money transfers will become one of demanded features for the Mail.Ru Mail — Anna Artamonova, the vice president of Mail.Ru Group, the head of Mail and Portal business division told.

2017: Transfer of files up to 2 GB in size

On October 20, 2017 Mail.Ru Group announced that users of mobile applications of the Mail.Ru Mail can attach files of the big size to letters now. The option at the same time appeared in e-mail clients for Android and iOS.

Interfered with transfer of big files restriction for the maximum size of an investment earlier — 25 MB. This restriction was necessary in order that the letter reached any mail server in the world as administrators of many servers expose restrictions for the size of the accepted letter.

According to the statement of Mail.Ru Group, now the user can attach to the letter the file or several files practically of any volume. The size of one file — up to 2 GB, the quantity — is not limited. Mobile mail "on the fly" will recognize those which size exceeds 25 MB, and will automatically load them into the cloud storage. As a result not files, but links to their downloading will be attached to the letter.

If the receiver also uses the application of the Mail, then at a receipt of the letter files for it will look not as links, and as normal investments — it will be directly possible to browse them in an application interface.