Translated by Group Data Warehouse (Storage of analytical data)

The name of the base system (platform): ClickHouse
Developers: Group
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/09/09
Technology: PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service,  DWH

2019: Start of cloud PaaS-service

On September 9, 2019 the company Group reported about start cloud PaaS- service — storage analytical data (data warehouse) on a basis DBMS ClickHouse. Service is capable to be scaled to petabyte and allows to reduce by 3-5 times costs on storage and processing large volumes of data.

According to analysts, the Russian market of BI solutions actively develops and will continue to grow on average for 10-15% a year. In trends of the market of BI remain cloud and open source of the solution, the demand of tools of predictive and advanced analytics grows.

The Cloud Solutions service gives the chance to unroll a management system databases (DBMS) ClickHouse in only several clicks. The solution allows to implement business intelligence (BI), the analysis of metrics and time series and also processing of logs. The cost of ownership of such cluster is 3-5 times less, than when using solutions based on own IT infrastructures.

Use of the PaaS-solution Cloud Solutions will allow to automate setup, operation and scaling of the data warehouse — from providing resources before monitoring and backup of a cluster. The operability of a cluster is also constantly traced. It allows to avoid idle times and to provide uninterrupted operation.

It is expensive to build infrastructure for analytical data storages and to administer difficult. Large-scale transition of big customers to cloud analytics did not happen yet, but we see that this trend promptly gains steam. According to our forecasts, the market of a cloud business intelligence in the next two years will grow by 4-5 times. PaaS-cervis Cloud Solutions will allow large corporate clients to cut down significantly expenses, and to small and medium business — to get access to the scalable data warehouse and analytics,
emphasizes Letunov Ilya, the head of the Cloud Solutions platform