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MegaFon: Virtual PBX

The name of the base system (platform): ITooLabs Communications Server virtual PBX
Developers: MegaFon, ITooLabs
Date of the premiere of the system: 2014/06/01
Last Release Date: 2019/11/07
Technology: Call centers,  IP telephony,  SaaS - Software as service


The Megafon virtual PBX is the cloud telephone system for entrepreneurs, small and medium business combining the fixed and mobile communication.

2019: Release of mobile application

On November 7, 2019 Megafon reported that it released mobile application for management of Virtual PBX service. The program is available in Play Market and App Store. Now from the screen of the smartphone it is possible to watch statistics of calls from clients, to change settings of distribution of calls, to analyze efficiency of call center.

Mobile application

The service Virtual PBX is developed especially for small and medium business, proceeding from those tasks which often face heads of the companies: automate processing of calls to clients, be always in touch, increase loyalty level, providing a qualitative feedback.

The service allows to keep a call recording, to trace statistics of the received and unaccepted calls, to configure notifications on the passed calls through the SMS, Email or Telegram, to set a personal voice greeting and many other things.

Effective work with clients – one of key factors of business development. "Virtual PBX" from Megafon allows to solve this problem, optimizing incoming calls so that any of client calls was not left without answer. With the application for Android and iOS it became even more convenient to work with corporate telephony — now the control panel of Virtual PBX always is with you,
commented on application launch Pavel Zakharov, the marketing director of corporate business of Megafon

2018: Integration into the 1C: Our Enterprise Management program

On October 26, 2018 the company "MegaFon" gave ability to integrate "smart" office telephony with the program "1C: Our Enterprise Management" (1C: Small business management). According to the company, the virtual PBX from MegaFon will allow to provide flow control of the arriving calls, and CRM- a system which is included into the complete solution 1C: Small business management, will help to manage customer relations. The offer will be relevant for the companies of the production sphere or the service industry and also for those who are engaged wholesale, retail or internet-trade.

Sharing of VATS of MegaFon with 1C: Small Business Management allows the manager of the company to see necessary customer information at an incoming call or to create contact of the client who addressed for the first time. All calls are fixed in a special card of the client, after completion of a conversation it is possible to listen to them. For November, 2018 it is possible to call the client one click, and the call from the user can be transferred to the personal manager at once.

The virtual PBX from MegaFon will allow to configure distribution of calls by employees to mobile and stationary phones. After the first call the client will receive contacts of the personal manager using the special SMS business card function and will be able to call back in the company, having just clicked number in the message. The notification "The order" will allow the manager not to miss a call back a request of the client and in time to react to it. If the call after all is missed, the client will automatically receive SMS with apologies. For the most high-quality work of managers with clients, MegaFon offers access to the detailed analytics. She will help to estimate efficiency of their work, to control amount of the arrived requests from clients, to see diagrams of trends and seasonality within a year.

One of advantages of consolidation of virtual telephony and CRM system – quality improvement of work with clients. For November, 2018 already every third client of VATS of MegaFon integrates the customer base with CRM systems.

Pavel Zakharov, marketing director of corporate business of MegaFon

Integration into the Virtual PBX of MegaFon took place within that strategy - to provide to the user really necessary tools convenient in practice. To integrate solutions, it is necessary to perform several simple operations in the 1C: Small Business Management and "Virtual PBX" interfaces. Both solutions supplement each other in terms of functionality and do not require participation of technical specialists or detailed studying of documentation.

Alexey Kharitonov, head of department of promotion of economic programs of 1C Company

2017: FMC Partner

In February, 2017 the MegaFon company submitted the FMC Partner program which will allow telecom operators to integrate services of the fixed and mobile communication within the virtual PBX. The federal provider NetByNet (Wifire brand) became one of the first partners of the program.

The FMC Partner program gives to operators an opportunity to integrate own resources of fixed connection (virtual PBX) with a mobile network based on the intellectual platform of MegaFon. Participation in the program does not require obtaining additional licenses and costs for the organization of network or upgrade of own service infrastructure. The functionality of the virtual PBX (VATS) considerably extends: services which were available to clients of provider only within fixed connection earlier can be connected on mobile phones with SIM cards of MegaFon company now.

The operator can use consolidation of the fixed and mobile communication on one VATS platform for development of such services as short numbering, a customer relationship management system (CRM), analytics of frequency, duration and geography of calls, etc. At the same time the operator saves management of services VATS that allows it to remain "uniform point of entry" for the client.

Partnership gives also financial advantages. MegaFon pays to the operator remuneration which amount grows on a progressive scale depending on sales volumes of mobile services to clients of the operator.

"More than 1200 operators became our clients. We aim to offer the clients and partners modern and complete solutions for development and increase in efficiency of their business. The FMC Partner program is expansion of opportunities and increase in attractiveness of services and services of operators of fixed connection based on technological and intellectual capabilities of MegaFon company, – Natalya, the development director of corporate business of MegaFon company comments on Taldykin.

Market potential of the FMC Partner program is connected with trends of development of service VATS which is in a growth phase now. According to iKS-Consulting, by the end of 2016 the size of the market of virtual telephony will grow by 30% and will be about 4.66 billion rubles that there is lower than the level of 2014 – 71% – and 2015 – 44%, respectively. At the same time rates of a gain of a subscriber base of VATS do not decrease: in 2016 the number of clients reached 149.9 thousand – it is 26% more, than in 2015 (118.9 thousand). It is caused by entry into the market of new players – "Yandex" (April, 2016) and MegaFon (September, 2015) which attracted considerable number of clients. The FMC Partner program can become the additional driver for growth of the market of VATS.

2016: Features of VATS

Thanks to VATS it is possible to minimize costs for purchase of the equipment for creation of automatic telephone exchange, its service and support, payment of long distance and trunk calls and also to avoid additional costs on installation of telephones when moving or opening new office. One more feature of Virtual PBX is a speed: with service from MegaFon the office can be provided telephone and Internet communication in the shortest possible time.

As of November, 2016 more than 50% of clients of service VATS use additional opportunities – record of calls and integration with CRM that allows to bring work with clients to new level. For example, the platform allows to program automatic call-downs on base of clients through the IP platform of the operator that helps to reduce costs significantly.

One more VATS important function is the notification on the missed calls. In addition to the traditional notification by email and SMS, the operator offers a convenient option of obtaining notifications through the Telegram application. MegaFon first-ever gave to clients an opportunity to receive notifications through internet-messengers.

2015: Functionality of the virtual PBX

For March, 2015 the Virtual PBX is the most economic solution for complex installation of telephones to all offices and the staff of the company as does not require purchase of the special equipment and making of wires. The subscription fee depends on the number of employees in the company and begins from only 1000 rubles a month.

Functionality of the virtual PBX:

  • The web interface for setup of automatic telephone exchange
  • Employees, departments, are short numbers (additional)
  • Connection of corporate SIM cards (FMC)
  • Opportunity for work with calls on desktop phone, the computer and the mobile phone
  • Record of all incoming calls
  • Record of outgoing calls from desktop phone and the computer
  • Setup of distribution of calls between employees: according to the schedule, all at once or in turn
  • Voice menu, IVR
  • Aonami's management
  • Black list
  • Uniform history
  • Graphic analytics
  • Notifications on the missed calls
  • Answering machine (corporate voice mail)
  • Readdressing, transfers and interception of calls
  • Integration with CRM / open API
  • Console of the secretary (BLF)

MegaFon suggests to test service of 14 days free of charge.

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