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MegaFon Lease of online cash desks

Developers: MegaFon
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/07/10
Branches: Trade
Technology: Office equipment,  trade Automation systems

2019: Start of service of lease of online cash registers

On July 10, 2019 Megafon announced the beginning of providing service of lease of the online cash registers conforming to the current requirements of the Russian legislation. This service will allow representatives of small and medium business to reduce significantly one-time costs on transition to online cash desks and also will provide them an opportunity to test different models of online cash desks for more comfortable choice of the necessary device.

MegaFon online cash desk

Since summer of 2018 Megafon performs retail sales of the online cash desks conforming to requirements of Federal law "About Use of the Cash Registers at Implementation of Calculations in the Russian Federation" (54-FZ). Now also lease of this type of devices became available to clients of the company. At the first stage it will be possible to receive online cash desks at three Moscow offices of Megafon, and further service of lease of cash desks will cover all territory of the country and will get support in a type of maintenance and registration of cash desks.

The main advantage of model of lease is an opportunity to reduce the one-time costs of acquisition of cash registers - for July, 2019 the price of online cash desks of the Evotor company taking the leading positions in this market reaches 20-25 thousand rubles. Tenants will be able to test the selected models, to specify their compliance to own requirements, to test in practice and to acquire competence in use of this class of a retail store equipment.

MegaFon traditionally cares for convenience of users of the products. Start of service of lease of online cash desks confirms our focus on clients. Now it is not obligatory for individual entrepreneurs and representatives of small business to spend the amount, powerful for them, at once. Lease of cash registers allows to turn one-off expenses into long-term, and at the same time to get acquainted with the models which are available in the market to select the most suitable for the specific business challenges,
speaks Oleg Alekseev, the head on intellectual and digital services of Megafon company