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Microsoft Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service

The name of the base system (platform): Projects based on blockchain technology
Developers: Microsoft
Date of the premiere of the system: 2015/11
Last Release Date: 2017/05
Technology: PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service


Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service is a failsafe, economic and high-performance platform for interaction of the organizations using new business processes with assistance of a cloud platform of Azure with a big set of means of observance of regulatory requirements.

The open, flexible and scalable Azure platform supports fast-growing amount of technologies of the distributed register which help to observe requirements for security, performance and operational processes. Intellectual services, such as Cortana Intelligence, provide abilities to manage with data and the analysis, and the extensive ecosystem of Microsoft partners allows to expand possibilities of platforms and services of corporation according to requirements of certain industries.

The cloud platform of Azure includes intellectual services and tools for development, testing and deployment of applications of a block chain (are available in Azure Marketplace).


Microsoft will simplify creation of working applications over Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service

In July the Microsoft corporation declared the aspiration to make the product Blockchain-as-a-Service simpler for use by the enterprises in the real world. The company is ready to simplify to the companies creation of working applications over Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service. The next step in the strategy of Blockchain-as-a-Service developed by Microsoft is the release of the solution Enterprise Smart Contracts.[1]

With release of Enterprise Smart Contracts the Microsoft company tries to help the companies to understand how to build on a blockchain as service. This tool provides to users the scheme (data members for performance of contracts), logic (business rules), partners, external sources (data entry triggers), the register and agreement obligations.

The public cloud of Microsoft Azure and future hybrid cloud platform of Azure Stack provide construction blocks for creation of the main opportunities necessary when implementing Enterprise Smart Contracts — the chief program manager of Azure Blockchain Engineering Marlee Gray noted. — But business users need to do more, than just to share the same cryptographic primitives in quality a blockchain. The platform and Wednesday are necessary for them.

The platform which includes Azure, Azure Key Vault and Azure Active Directory can solve such problems as key management, integration of corporate identity, generation of confirmation of cryptography, etc. An environment is created over this platform, providing Key Vault authorization, services of the environment of execution, formation and routing of transactions and also the programming interface based on messages.

Wednesday a blockchain plus "kriptleta" of an interface layer is what will help the companies to be prepared for creation and integration of the distributed applications — Gray concluded

Availability of the Waves platform

On May 10, 2017 it became known of placement of the decentralized platform for carrying out crowd funding in Microsoft Azure cloud. Adding of Waves in Azure gives opportunities to the companies and the software developers wishing to create, for example, the tokens on a blockchain.

We welcome emergence of the Waves blockchain platform in Azure Blockchain as a Service. This platform gives the chance to developers quickly to implement such projects as ICO (crowd funding), creation of tokens, for example for programs of loyalty — Konstantin Goldstein, the technical evangelist of Microsoft Russia said

In more detail about an event it is possible to read here.

2016: Announcement of Project Bletchley

Microsoft removed a mystery cover from the first version of Project Bletchley — software of an interface layer / template a blockchain. It is designed to help clients and partners to create the network of private consortium Ethereum distributed by Open Source of the computing platform based on a blockchain providing the decentralized virtual machine.

2015: Start

The Microsoft corporation started Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service in November, 2015.