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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Developers: Microsoft
Date of the premiere of the system: January, 2000
Last Release Date: August, 2011
Technology: ERP



Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the integrated end-to-end system of enterprise management (ERP) for the companies of medium and small business (from 5 to 50 users). It integrates possibilities of financial management, the analysis of a status of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relations. It is used on nearly 70 thousand enterprises around the world.

A system is developed by the Danish company Navision Software A/S purchased in the summer of 2002 by Microsoft corporation. The program code is written in the C/AL language which is a language dialect of Pascale.

In December, 2010 the Microsoft company announced the new prices on the business applications. This price offer works only in Russia and is relevant for new customers from among the companies, small and average by the size, for this reason it extends only to a management system based on the business application of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The prices become effective since December 6, 2010 day and will be relevant till June 29, 2011. Licenses according to the program are delivered at a discount 80% to the price list. Besides, within a special offer upon purchase of a subscription to updating it lasts for two years at the price of one.

Within the new price offer two packets differing in functional filling are offered to the Russian customers. The basic packet is intended for management of finance and trade, and its expanded version provides functionality for production management. The recommended retail price is 23 thousand and 41 thousand rubles for the user license respectively. Each packet includes no more than 20 user licenses that completely covers requirements of the companies of the SMB-segment. In addition to licenses the packet includes the implementation methodology of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step recognized around the world and a 2-year subscription to updates.

"This price offer is the next step in implementation of complex strategy of Microsoft aimed at providing the advanced tools to the Russian users on business management, – Vodianov Vladimir, the director of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia notes. – Increase in investments into localization of the international business applications and opening in 2008 in the Russia's first development center which adapts systems according to requirements of the Russian legislation became the first serious step in this direction. The offer to the Russian users of the solution NAV Express allowing the companies to reduce strongly costs for start of a system in operation became the next step. And at last, today, we start the price offer, competitive for a segment of the small and medium enterprises".

Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is:

  • existence of the functional modules necessary for complete management of activity of the company (finance, logistics, production, the personnel, etc.) integrated among themselves;
  • full compliance to requirements of the Russian legislation that allows to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV for conducting the Russian accounting, tax accounting, payroll calculation and preparation of all operational documentation and the regular reporting;
  • powerful financial functionality using which it is possible, including to calculate product cost and to carry out the comprehensive analysis of organization activity;
  • support of different options of access to a system, including remote work via the Internet or mobile devices. Such flexibility is especially important for geographically distributed companies or the enterprises which use cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft integrates the ERP system of Dynamics NAV with a cloud service of Office 365

The ability to integrate the ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Office 365 is available. Full compatibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Office 365 and their seamless integration are one of the main competitive advantages of this solution. The solution gives an opportunity to reduce initial costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution, to increase mobility of users without increase in overheads. For this reason, now the most suitable time to begin to plan deployment of integrated solution of two systems – Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365.

The solution for business management of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, especially in combination with Microsoft Office 365, will be able to meet the maximum requirements of your business due to the following advantages:

  • Easy integration with the existing infrastructure of your enterprise and other systems of Microsoft, allowing to interact with other applications at lower level.
  • Use of usual tools and formats.
  • Due to integration of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with cloud services, we thereby give an opportunity to clients to create the strong and multifunction base for the future which is beyond normal applications and will be able to expand traditional opportunities of ERP systems.

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