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Microsoft Identity Overlay Network (ION)

Developers: Microsoft
Date of the premiere of the system: May, 2019
Branches: Information technologies
Technology: Cybersecurity - Authentication

2019: Announcement

In the middle of May, 2019 Microsoft provided the system of authorization on a basis blockchain- platforms as at cryptocurrencies bitcoin. Open source solution received the name ION (Identity Overlay Network).

The system of the decentralized identification will allow users to provide secure access to data without passwords. The company will be able to check data on the new employee and to connect him to the general system a one click of the virtual button – in the same way as the client of bank can confirm the personality for receiving the credit, without disclosing information allowing to identify the personality.

Architecture of Identity Overlay Network
Architecture of Identity Overlay Network

The command more than a year worked on software for electronic identification and check of keys in public networks, such as bitcoin and "air". According to the company, new approach will allow to increase considerably capacity of a system of identification to reach speed in tens of thousands of operations per second. Unlike monetary units the decentralized identifiers are not intended for exchange and sale that allows ION to work in much bigger scales, without relying on the additional approved schemes and protocols.

The tool allows different portals and networks to communicate with each other. On the Microsoft platform there is only a hashed user ID while the actual identification data are ciphered and stored in an autonomous node of identifiers which is not available to Microsoft. Thus, ION processes the decentralized identifiers of the personality which allow to prove that the user owns keys to these data, but does not get access to data.

Several suppliers a blockchain identification by May, 2019 are in area or at an early stage of research and development, or test the products in pilot projects. Microsoft is the largest of such companies, notes the ComputerWorld edition.[1]