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Microsoft Office

Developers: Microsoft
Date of the premiere of the system: 2014/03/27
Last Release Date: November, 2018
Technology: Office applications


Microsoft Office (Russian Microsoft Office) — a packet of the business applications developed Microsoft and intended for operating systems Windows, Apple Mac OS and mobile platforms. Is the most popular set of office programs in Russia - it is possible to give as an analog only free Open Office. The software for work with different document types is a part of Microsoft Office: texts, spreadsheets, databases.

As of the end of September, 2015 the number of users of Office reached 1.2 billion people. The packet of Office is loaded more than 100 million times by owners of IOS - and Android gadgets.

2020: A release of the uniform application for Android

On February 18, 2020 Microsoft released Android the uniform application in which in the company included the Word programs for devices, Excel and PowerPoint. The program which was tested since November, 2019 is available to downloading to everyone in shop Google Play. For the software installation in the device there have to be not less than 1 Gbytes of RAM and the current version of Android.

Microsoft released for Android the uniform office application in which Word, Excel and PowerPoint included
Microsoft released for Android the uniform office application in which Word, Excel and PowerPoint included
In new mobile application of Office possibilities of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are integrated and also new features especially for mobile devices are provided thanks to what it will become the main office application on your phone — it is said on the website of Microsoft.

Developers pay attention to several important functions in applications:

  • Fast record of notes (which can be synchronized with the Windows application of 10 Sticky Notes);
  • Scanning of the text from images, including from spreadsheets;
  • Reading PDF files and adding of the signature to them;
  • Scanning of images using the phone camera;
  • File transfer on the computer and devices nearby.

Besides, there is an opportunity for work with documents in a cloud and integration with other Microsoft services is provided. To save documents in a cloud and to get access to them, in the application it is necessary to keep data of an account of Microsoft (for OneDrive or SharePoint) or to be connected to the cloud storage of the third-party producer.[1] 

By February 19, 2020 uniform mobile application of Microsoft Office is tested also for devices running iOS. About when this version appears in App Store, it is not reported.

Technically Microsoft Office application integrating office programs is also useful to Microsoft in partnership with different producers of devices. For example, Samsung previously installs Microsoft Office applications on the smartphones Galaxy S.[2]


Danger of the option "disconnect all macroes without notice" in Microsoft Office for Mac

On November 5, 2019 specialists from the Coordination center CERT at Carnegie-Mellon's (USA) University announced the problem connected with the option "disconnect all macroes without notice" in Microsoft Office for Mac.

Microsoft Office для Mac

The option represents the security measure blocking accomplishment of the code which is built in documents without preliminary request of the user for confirmation. However, if this parameter is included, XLM macroes in the SYLK files will remain included and will work without any notification when opening the document. According to experts, this problem is observed in Office 2016 and Office 2019 for Mac.

Start of XLM macroes without any hints puts users at risk. Possibilities of language of macroes allow to start files and to execute commands. Thus the malefactor can execute far off the code on a direct system.

Problem of SYLK macroes will be that Microsoft Office does not open in the mode of the protected viewing for security of users. It means that users can be in one click from accomplishment of any code through the document created on the Internet.

The malefactor can exploit vulnerability, having implemented the harmful XLM code in the SYLK file, and then using phishing attacks or other methods of social engineering to convince the user to open the infected file in Office for Mac.

According to information for November 5, 2019, Microsoft did not release correction for this problem, as temporary protective measure users can select the option "disconnect all macroes with the notification" though such option less safe, than "disconnect all macroes without notice". [3]

Prohibition in the Dutch state agencies

At the end of July, 2019 it became known of prohibition of mobile applications of Microsoft Office in the Dutch state bodies. The reason — the software does not meet requirements of the General regulations for data protection (GDPR). Read more here.

Support of the Microsoft Word formats in Google Docs

On April 11, 2019 it became known that the cloud service of Google Docs for editing documents and tables got full support of the documents Microsoft Office. Read more here.


Announcement of Office for Windows 10

On December 20, 2018 it became known that the Microsoft corporation announced the Office for Windows 10 web application allowing to simplify work with all documents created in programs from a packet of MS Office and Office online services. It is some kind of universal hub allowing to find quickly documents in a local workplace or in clouds of OneDrive and Sharepoint, to work with them and to share them with employees without need to start several services at the same time and to switch between them.

The provided development of Microsoft is not a full-fledged packet of office programs, in it there are no utilities. It is the hub interacting with Office 365 Internet service, the Office Online website and offline - versions of MS Office, including Office 2016 and the most relevant Office 2019 for the December, 2018 which left at the end of September, 2018 the Product will allow to switch quickly between the used "office" applications and to quickly keep track of location of the necessary documents. Besides, will build in recently announced search algorithm of Microsoft Search the utility. All this is created for simplification of interaction of the user with different services and orderings of operation algorithms with the documents located in different places – on the working PC, in the local area network or in a cloud. In fact, the solution Office for Windows 10 was developed first of all for a business segment and the companies with a large number of the remote workers using different versions of Office. The application will save from need to send documents by e-mail and messengers and will save from confusion in names and different versions of the same documents.

Design of the Office for Windows 10 interface

In addition, In Office there will be a separate menu in which all subscriptions of the user to "office services" of Microsoft will be displayed. From a window of the program it will be possible to manage them and also to find and set additional services. Actually, Office will become a versatile tool for work with everything that is anyway connected with the online services and software packages of Office existing and supported by Microsoft.

Terms of release of the Office for Windows 10 web application for end users are not set yet. Only the testers participating in the Windows Insider program have an access to the beta of the software product.

The application will be a part of the desktop version of Windows 10 OS (the list of the supported modifications is not specified), but will not be obligatory to use. Nevertheless, since summer of 2019 Office for Windows 10 will be installed on all released PCs and notebooks extended from the preset[4].

The updated design, new icons for the first time in 5 years

At the end of November, 2018 there was a cardinal updating of design of Microsoft Office. For the first time in five years the applications entering this packet had new icons.

As notes the The Verge edition, new icons became simpler and are more modern to cover a set of devices and platforms. By November 30, 2018 Microsoft Office is available to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The company creates uniform main code base quicker to improve applications of month by a month.

New icons in Microsoft Office
New icons in Microsoft Office

Microsoft says that new icons reflect recent changes in the office suite: the added AI functions, also independence of this or that platform of key applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook there are more opportunities for joint work.

Our solution on design was in disconnecting a letter and the character on an icon that in fact led to creation of two panels (one for a letter, another for the character) which we can integrate or separate. It allowed us to save familiar design, at the same time having emphasized simplicity of work in the application — the partner director of design of Microsoft Jon Friedman explained.

For example, on an icon of the Microsoft Word program the page with the text on it was replaced now by a square with blue bands which symbolize lines of the text. Developers  note that they adhered to the principles of simplicity and harmony and also tried to select courageous and friendly colors.

In Microsoft Office not only icons changed. Also the tape interface in applications was simplified and the Fluent Design elements are added. And it concerns desktop, mobile and web versions of applications.

Besides, the Outlook Mobile application received the improved modern design and functions, like support of the general mailboxes and new gestures for accounts and folders.[5]

Secret data collection of users

According to the message of November 16, 2018 the Privacy Company analytical company found out that the Microsoft corporation conducts large-scale collecting of personal data of users of the software products. It became known during a special research by specialists of Privacy Company as which customer the Ministry of security and justice of the Netherlands acted.

According to the report of Privacy Company, collecting of telemetry includes in Windows 10 1200 types of events, and 10 teams of engineers have access to this information. In a case with Office there is collecting already about 25 thousand different events which processing occupies 30 teams of experts.

Accumulation of user data, affirms as the research Privacy Company, is performed through built in the Office software package. Collected data contain details about individual use of one and all programs from a packet of Microsoft Office, including the most popular Word and Excel.

The client e-mail Outlook did not stand aside too – algorithm is built in also him and as Outlook is in demand in a business segment, under the threat there can be sensitive information of many companies from around the world.

In the report of Privacy Company the fact of impossibility of independent shutdown of an algorithm of Microsoft or though takings of control over it separately is specified. The user will not be able neither to reduce the volume of transmitted data, nor to learn what information about them is sent for the further analysis in Microsoft. Means of Microsoft Office can only limit completely Internet access by means of third-party software and the firewall.

Specialists of Privacy Company already transmitted results of the research to Microsoft. The answer of the press service was given almost without delay: the option of adjustment and even blackout of data collection will appear in one of the next updates of a packet of Office. Microsoft also promised to open in the shortest possible time all documentation on data collection in Office.

All information collected by Microsoft Office is sent on the servers of corporation located in the USA. This direct violation of the "General regulations on data protection the" (GPDR) which is recently accepted in the EU and meaning, in particular, data storage of users from the European Union on servers in Europe.

The authorities of Holland already expressed the concern that on servers of Microsoft the confidential information connected with the governments of the different states including the European could get.

Windows 10 OS most popular around the world behind authorship of Microsoft conducts collection of data on users, so-called telemetry too. The American corporation can know where the computer of this or that user what sites he visits in what programs he works that looks for on the Internet and what texts is located enters from the keyboard.

Collecting of telemetry in Windows 10 standard means cannot be turned off that caused a considerable public response and even caused several appeals to the court, in that count collective.

As a result of Microsoft nevertheless turned off data collection of users, but it is exclusive in the corporate version. Data collection is conducted also by many separate Windows 10 components, for example, the voice Cortana assistant. In Russia Cortana officially does not work, unlike the process of collecting of telemetry.

In the spring of 2017 of Microsoft opened the complete list of the data collected by Windows 10. A system saves information on the name, the version, assembly and the OS language, ID of the user of Windows and Xbox, on parameters, characteristics and settings of the computer. Besides, a system accumulates data on peripheral devices, network and applications which already are on the computer or were on it earlier. All this is complemented with data on computer capacity, failures and updates, the license and date of acquisition, the history of search and web surfing[6].

Termination of development of Office for touch displays

At the end of September, 2018 Microsoft announced the termination of development of office software adapted for touch screens. The company made this decision after refused to develop the Windows 10 Mobile operating system intended for mobile devices.

According to the ArsTechnica edition, Word applications of Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile debuted together with the Windows 8.1 operating system. They are developed with the emphasis on touch functionality using the universal Windows platform (UWP) which assumes presence of one basis for desktop Windows and mobile Windows 10 Mobile. However the last OS does not develop any more therefore the compatibility issue of programs with gadgets disappears.

Microsoft stopped development of Office for touch displays
Microsoft stopped development of Office for touch displays
Now we pay priority attention to development of versions of our applications for Android, iOS and Win32 and also web versions for Windows — said to the The Verge edition in Microsoft.

On the one hand, the solution of Microsoft on the termination of support of "touch" office applications does not surprise. Traditional Microsoft Office is most functional and proved as the convenient solution in a corporate segment. In such context development of the copy of Office for desktop computers is excessive and it would make sense in case of promotion of Windows on tablets and smartphones.

On the other hand, developers have few incentives for creation of universal Windows applications, and the emphasis of Microsoft on own packet of Office lets know that traditional desktop programs will remain main for desktops.

Though by the beginning of October, 2018 Microsoft uses the applications optimized under touch displays in such devices as HoloLens and Surface Hub 2, it is obvious that the company sees great opportunities for promotion of development of web versions of Office as replacement. At the same time such applications are capable to become even more productive thanks to new standards for browsers.[7]

Emergence of the built-in anti-virus mechanism

In September, 2018 the Microsoft company announced emergence in Microsoft Office applications and Office 365 of the built-in mechanism of protection against viruses. It is about Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) technology which, using possibilities of different anti-virus engines, blocks harmful scripts — so-called macroes. Read more here.

Large-scale updating of design

On June 13, 2018 the Microsoft company announced carrying out large-scale updating of Microsoft Office. The users using Office of the house and at work will feel the changes aimed at providing balance between functionality and simplicity.

Redesign of Microsoft Office
Redesign of Microsoft Office

According to the statement of the developer, these changes will concern only and Office 365 and will include:

  • The simplified tape. The updated design of a tape is designed to help users to concentrate attention at the work and interaction with colleagues. The people wishing to select more space to commands will still have an opportunity to expand a tape to a classical three-lower case type.
  • The updated icons and colors. Users of all applications will see the icons and colors implemented in a format of scalable graphics — they accurately and brightly are reproduced on screens of any size. The purpose of these changes consists not only in upgrade of design of Office, but also in the aspiration to make it more inclusive and available.
  • Search. Search will purchase much bigger value in mechanisms of the user interaction, providing access to commands, content and people. With the option "zero request" at guidance of the cursor in the field of search a system will offer the user the recommended search options which fitting algorithm is based on AI and Microsoft Graph.

As noted in Microsoft company, similar updates of design of programs are focused on:

  • Users. When developing design of Microsoft Office applications customer-oriented approach to creation of innovations is used. This process consists of three stages: initial analysis of the user preferences; development of the concept and joint creation; validation and completion.
  • Context. Approach means display of the most relevant commands, proceeding from kind of work of the user, and simplification of interaction with other users.
  • Management. The individual method of use of applications often depends on specific components of the user interface. Therefore upgraded version provides to end users full control, allowing them to activate and deactivate significant changes in the interface.

The stated changes will be gradually made within several months, since June 13, 2018.


Release of the version for chromebooks

In November, 2017  the Microsoft Office software package became available to notebooks under management operating system Chrome OS. The company Microsoft tested such version of a product about a year.

The applications entering Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint,  appeared in the section of Google Play Store  for chromebooks at the end of November. In particular, the software can be installed on the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Acer Chromebook 15 and Acer Chromebook C771 models

Zapus of Microsoft Office applications on the structure of ASUS Chromebook Flip
Zapus of Microsoft Office applications on the structure of ASUS Chromebook Flip

Testing  of Microsoft Office on Chrome-laptops started in November, 2016, however tests were limited to generally hybrid Google Pixelbook devices.

 Microsoft Office for chromebooks represents the modifed version of a packet for Android. For example, of ASUS Chromebook Flip , free access to Office for Chrome OS, but owners of the computer devices equipped with screens from 10.1 inch in size (this majority of chromebooks) is opened for users of some models, on this operating system the paid subscription to Office 365 is necessary. This restriction concerns also other OS, including Windows, iOS and Android. Without Office 365 subscription users cannot  create, edit and print documents.

Microsoft considers that work on devices with big screens differs, and users often need more opportunities which can be received only with a paid subscription  of Office 365.

As notes The Verge, the requirement to  Microsoft Office for tablets and notebooks can increase the number of subscribers of Office 365, however in a case with chromebooks of a considerable gain you should not expect, considering that the most part of such equipment is concentrated in educational institutions. Schools and the universities or already have Office 365 subscription, or use the cloud Google G Suite programs, explains the edition.[8]

Microsoft stopped support of Office 2007

Since October 10, 2017 Microsoft stopped support of Office 2007 and Outlook 2007. Thereby the corporation forces users to migrate in cloud Office 365 or to upgrade to more modern versions, for example, on Office 2016.

The termination of expanded support of Office 2007 and Outlook 2007 means that for them will not be released update for a security system and correction of the found errors any more. Also technical support which was given within 10 years will not be provided. The third and last assembly of Office 2007 was released in October, 2011. Support of Office 2003 was stopped in April, 2014.

It will be important to the users who already passed to Office 365, but still using Outlook 2007 to pass until the end of October, 2017 as after this term access through the Office 365 portal to the Exchange Online mailboxes will become impossible: after October 31, 2017 Microsoft stops support of the RPC over HTTP protocol which is also called by Outlook Anywhere. It will be replaced with the MAPI/HTTP protocol which is not supported by Outlook 2007.

Besides, unlike previous years, Microsoft does not provide to corporate users expanded support of Office 2007 according to current contracts of technical support. Same concerns also other products entering into the Office family: Exchange Server, Office Suites, SharePoint Server, Office Communications Server, Lync Server, Skype for Business Server, Project Server and Visio.

Microsoft stated that with transition of users to Office 365 need for user support considerably decreased. In October, 2016, according to official data of Microsoft, the number of users of Office 365 exceeded 85 million people. In 2017 increase in audience to more than 100 million is expected.


Microsoft released the free version of Office for Android

On June 25, 2015 it became known release of a packet of office applications of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for operating system Android[9].

In this release Microsoft simplified synchronization with third-party data warehouses, it seems Google Drive and Box, navigation in applications is facilitated.

The version of Office for Android, 2015
The version of Office for Android, 2015

Some changes of Office properties for Android phones

  • completion and editing documents on the run - users can quickly make changes to files in convenient time, being at ways, houses or at office, to read comments, to write own notes;
  • the presentations on the mobile phone. It is possible to show the ideas at a meeting on the smartphone screen. Mobile application of PowerPoint for Android has all functions of the desktop version Office, including animation, design and marking;
  • quick access to documents. The user can open any document over which work at office was conducted on the smartphone, continuing editing from that place on which he made a pause. Files can be loaded into any convenient online storage, whether it be OneDrive, Google Drive or Box;
  • availability. Microsoft cooperates with more than 30 global and local producers of a computer hardware among which there are Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. Microsoft Office applications can be installed on any of devices of these producers.

Loading of Microsoft Office applications is available through Google Play shop.

Microsoft purchased LiveLoop — software developer for Office

On March 27, 2015 it became known of purchase of Microsoft of LiveLoop company. This developer of software tools for joint work added the list of the acquisitions made by the American corporation for improvement of opportunities of Office. The price of the transaction is not set.


Microsoft Office is available to iPad

On March 28, 2014 the Microsoft corporation announced updating of Microsoft Office - his applications are available to iPad, and Microsoft Office Mobile became free for users of iPhone and phones running Android OS.

On March 27, 2014 subscribers of Office 365 can add iPad to the list of the devices which are switched on in a subscription and work with Word applications, PowerPoint and Excel. These applications are available to free download in App Store and allow to browse and edit documents, spreadsheets and the presentations. Office for iPad provides complete uniformity of work with files on the PC, Mac, tablets and phones.

Use of a packet of Office with services of data storage in a cloud of OneDrive or OneDrive for business allows to work with the last saved versions of files on any device. Microsoft Office applications for iPad are had the usual Microsoft Office interface which is completely adapted for use on iPad taking into account unique functionality of this device and preferences of users during the work on the tablet.

In addition to Office packet for iPad Microsoft offers optimized for iPad the application, including OneNote Dynamics CRM Dynamics AX Bing Lync, Outlook by Web Access OneDrive, OneDrive for business, Yammer and Skype.

The packet of Microsoft Office is available to iPad in 29 languages. Operating system iOS 7.0 or more of the late version is necessary to use.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 received the FSTEC certificate of Russia

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Enterprise for Deliveries of Products of the Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation and Sertifitsirovannye informatsionnye sistemy LLC received in the summer of 2014 the certificate of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia) on the software of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

As it is specified in certificate of conformity No. 3161 of FSTEC of Russia, the software of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 developed by Microsoft Corporation is the application software with the built-in means of protecting from unauthorized access to information which is not containing the data which are the state secret, the access for subjects of access to access objects and registration of events of security implementing control functions conforms to requirements of specifications, on condition of installation of all of the relevant obligatory certified security updates and accomplishment of the operating instructions provided in the corresponding forms.

The received certificate shows that this software product at installation on the certified operating systems can be used, including, during creation of automated systems to a class of security 1G inclusive and also in information systems of personal data processing for ensuring levels of security of the personal data following from the internal regulations adopted by the customer on the basis of requirements of the legislation and regulating documents.

Not only products, but also the accounting system and distribution of the certified updates organized for these products of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Enterprise for Deliveries of Products of the Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation and Sertifitsirovannye informatsionnye sistemy LLC became subject to certification. It means that customers will be able to receive any quantity necessary for them of the certified products during all validity period of the certificate. Besides, buyers of the certified versions of products will receive the certified updates that will allow them to conform to requirements of the Russian legislation constantly.

Microsoft Office integrates with Dropbox

On November 4, 2014 Microsoft announced the conclusion of the partnership agreement with Dropbox within which the functionality of mobile applications of Microsoft Office and Dropbox will be integrated.

Users of tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android will have an opportunity to load new versions of Microsoft Office applications where there will be access functions to the Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, folders in Dropbox storage and file sharing through Dropbox service.

The software interface on the display of the tablet

For iOS and Android editing functions and file synchronizations of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on any devices will be presented in the updated application of Dropbox. New versions of the application of Dropbox as well as Microsoft Office will appear within several weeks.

According to the statement of the company, in the first half of 2015 the similar functionality will be integrated into the Office Online and Dropbox websites. Within this partnership the Dropbox company promised to release in the coming months the first version of the official application of Dropbox for Windows Phone and tablets on the Windows platform with the touch screen.

Software interface

For November 5, 2014 the client of Dropbox is ready for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire.

New opportunities will become available to all users of Office with the account Dropbox. Users of Dropbox for Business will get access to new opportunities, subscribing on Office 365.

"During an era of cloud and mobile computing people need easier ways of creation, exchange and interaction regardless of the used platform — Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft noted. — Together with Dropbox we will be able to offer our general clients more flexible tools".

Media called such solution of the companies "unexpected" as Microsoft and Dropbox competitors. The companies - providers also own the cloud storages popular in the market. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free space and 1 TB for $9.99 a month. Microsoft offers the cloud storage to OneDrive as infinite — it is required to subscribe on Office 365 for receiving unlimited space under files of the user.

Вышел Microsoft Office for Android Tablet

On November 27, 2014 it became known of readiness of the beta Microsoft Android of Office for Tablet (Office AT)[10].

Three applications were a part of Office AT: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Everyone requires separate loading. Plans of possible expansion of structure of Office AT are not known. The version of Office AT Preveiw is focused on tablets with screen diagonal from 7 to 10.1 inches, not all devices are supported. The working capacity 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and Tab 4 is not promised. Office applications can work only with Android 4.4.x, and separately it is specified - to use Android Lollipop (5.0), for December 16, 2014, it is impossible.

The users who installed a product found out in a week after the first loading - at the end of November that applications ceased to work, in attempt of start there was for a moment some message which managed to be made out after a number of attempts — "there was an unforeseen error". Afterwards Microsoft gave advice: already loaded versions of Office AT to delete and make reinstallation on the updated option.

The Office AT interface is implemented in "page" style of the interface, normal for mobile devices.

It is quite difficult to compare functionality of Office AT to a set of alternative office applications now. Free competitors cope with problems of viewing very well, and support broader spectrum of formats, including, for example, by PDF. However PowerPoint AT can not always open native yet. PPTH, and Word AT for some reason perceives the DOCX files created in desktop Word 2010, only in a read mode, and for editing asks to save the file in some new format (though it has the DOCX expansion too and is read in normal Word).


Waiting of Office for iOS and Android?

With start of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android the Microsoft corporation can significantly increase revenue, declared in January, 2013 analysts of IDC. However, this market opportunity will remain not for long as 10-inch tablets will be gradually forced out by more compact devices for which existence of Office is not obligatory.

The expert of IDC of Bob O'Donnell (Bob O'Donnell) said literally the following: "That day when the company releases Office for iOS and Android, it will begin literally "print money". The possibility of an exit of a packet of Office for operating systems of third-party developers (not Windows) was discussed for years. Discussions of such perspective were resumed with a new force after in November, 2012 the The Verge edition reported that start of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS will take place in February-March, 2013, and in May, respectively, for Android.

Before February 21, 2012 the The Daily edition published the photo in which Office welcome screen running iOS is allegedly represented. The same edition in November, 2011, referring to data on good authority, reported that Microsoft develops the version of the office suite for iPad.


Affirms as the publication that applications - Word, Excel and PowerPoint which will be added to already available version of OneNote for iPad are already ready. It is noted also that "the interface of programs is similar to the operating OneNote, but there are hints on Metro".

According to The Verge, the mobile packet will be called Office Mobile, it will be possible to download it by means of IOS App Store and Google Play. And the free version will only allow to browse documents, and for their editing or printing it will be required to purchase a subscription for the application by analogy with a subscription to Office 365. The updated tariff plans Office 365 should be unveiled together with a release of Microsoft Office 2013 whose start is expected in February, 2013.

Analysts of IDC also believe that if Microsoft now not to release mobile Office, then an opportunity will be missed. The peak of sales of 10-inch tablets fell on 2012, and for devices with 7-inch screens work with office applications not so relevant. According to forecasts of NPD DisplaySearch, on tablets with the diagonal of screen 7 and 8 of inches 45% of all sales of tablet computers in 2013 is necessary that will exceed category of 9.7 inches (where iPad enters, for example) on volume – on this segment 17% of sales in 2013 is necessary.

Counterfeits of Word in App Store

In app store of App Store it was revealed fake software for mobile devices which swindlers issued for the portable version of Microsoft Word 2012. However, the Apple company already took care of its removal.

Apple is proud of a security system of the app store, but sometimes and it glitches. Though the developer of a fake specified Super Racing Real Games company, but not Microsoft corporation, the name of the program and use of corporate symbolics managed to mislead users. The cost of the application was $9.99, and a number of users already managed to purchase it at such price.

In App Store fakes were detected earlier, but, as a rule, it were very skillful and not so clumsy counterfeits. For example, exact copies of popular mobile antiviruses with functions of a phishing and so on. The Apple corporation did not comment on an incident yet.


Microsoft Office 2013

On July 16, 2012 the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer officially submitted the new version of Microsoft Office 2013. He called it "Office as service" and characterized as "the most ambitious release of Office from all that was done ever by the company".

Microsoft In Russia since December 1, 2012 will offer corporate clients the version of Microsoft Office 2013 localized for the Russian market. About it journalists were told by the head of the Russian department on promotion of information office systems of Microsoft Pavel Kuzmenko on November 27, 2012 at the technology Microsoft TechEd 2012 exhibition.

Microsoft Office Store

Microsoft officially opened the app store of Office Store, storage of programs and program additions which can be used together with Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

Office Store is closely integrated with Office 2013. Since August 6, 2012 it is available to all at whom there is an account of Microsoft and the preview the version of the new products Office, SharePoint or Exchange.

Office Store interface

According to Vivek Narasimkhan (Vivek Narasimhan), start of app store creates huge opportunities for developers. So far in shop Bing Maps a plug-in for Excel which it is necessary to tie tabular data to cartographic are placed applications, the including electronic version of the dictionary of Webster, Twitter client for Outlook.

2010: Microsoft Office 2010

The Microsoft corporation in the middle of April officially announced that the new version of a packet of Microsoft Office 2010 will appear in the first half of 2010. Betas of online application of Office, SharePoint Server 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010 will appear in the third quarter this year. Already today the beta of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is available.

From Office 97 to Office 2007

1. The versions released to Microsoft Office 97 (including Outlook 97) are not supported any more.

2. Office 98 (including Outlook 98) expanded support ended on January 16, 2004. The release of corrections (hotfix) within the main support is stopped on August 31, 2001.

3. Office 2000 — Basic support of a product is stopped on July 30, 2004. Expanded support ended on July 14, 2009.

4. Office XP — Basic support of a product is stopped on July 11, 2006. Expanded support is available till July 12, 2011.

5. Office 2003 — Basic support of a product is stopped on January 13, 2009. Expanded support will be available till January 14, 2014.

6. For the current (2007) and future versions of MS Office — Duration of basic support of 5 years after product output or 2 years after release of the next version of a product (that will come later), expanded support is available within 5 years after the termination of term of the main support.

List of Microsoft Office 2007:

Microsoft Office is delivered in several editions. Differences of editions as a part of a packet and the price. The most complete of them contains:

  • Microsoft Office Word is the word-processor. It is available under Windows and Mac OS X Apple. Allows to prepare documents of varying complexity. Supports OLE, the connected modules of third-party developers, templates and many other things. The main format in the latest version is positioned as open Microsoft Office Open XML which represents the ZIP archive containing the text in the form of XML and also all necessary graphics. The most widespread remain a binary format of the Microsoft Word 97 — 2000 files with the.doc expansion. The product comes to the forefront in the market of word-processors, and its formats are used as the standard de facto in document flow of most the enterprises. Word is also available in some editions Microsoft Works. Main competitors — Writer, StarOffice Writer, Corel WordPerfect and Pages Apple (only on the Mac OS platform) and also, with some clauses of AbiWord (when its opportunities are enough, and the small amount and speed of work at low resource requirements are more important).

  • Microsoft Office of Excel — the tabular processor. Supports all necessary functions for creation of spreadsheets of any complexity. Comes to the forefront in the market. The latest version uses the OOXML format with the.xlsx expansion, earlier versions used a binary format with the.xls expansion. It is available under Windows and Mac OS X Apple. Main competitors — Calc, StarOffice, Gnumeric, Corel Quattro Pro and Numbers Apple (only on the Mac OS platform).

  • Microsoft Office Outlook (not to confuse with Outlook Express) is a personal communicator. Are a part of Outlook: calendar, task scheduler, notes, manager of e-mail, address directory. Joint network work is supported. Main competitors of an e-mail client — Mozilla Thunderbird/SeaMonkey, Eudora Mail, The Bat!. Main competitors of the manager of personal data — Mozilla, Lotus Organizer and Novell Evolution. It is available under Windows. The equivalent for Mac OS X Apple is Microsoft Entourage.

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the application for preparation of the presentations under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Apple. Main competitors — Impress, Corel WordPerfect and Keynote Apple.

  • Microsoft Office Access is the application for management of databases.

  • Microsoft Office InfoPath — the application of data collection and management of them — simplifies process of collecting of data.

  • Microsoft Office Communicator — is intended for the organization of comprehensive communication between people. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 provides a possibility of communication by means of simple instant messaging and also holding a voice and video conversation. This application is a part of the Microsoft Office software package and closely with it is integrated that allows it to work together with any program of the Microsoft Office family.

  • Microsoft Office Publisher is the application for preparation of publications.

  • Microsoft Office of Visio — the application for work with business charts and technical charts — allows to transform concepts and normal business data to charts.

  • Microsoft Office Project is project management.

  • Microsoft Query is viewing and selection of information from databases.

  • Microsoft Office OneNote is the application for record of notes and management of them.

  • Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is the application for joint work support.

  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager is work with drawings.

  • Microsoft Office Document Image Writer is the virtual printer printing in the Microsoft Document Imaging Format format

  • Microsoft Office Diagnostics is diagnostics and recovery of the damaged Microsoft Office applications.

Earlier Microsoft Office included Microsoft application of FrontPage, however Microsoft made the decision to expel this application from Office and to stop its development. In Microsoft Office 2007 the FrontPage program was replaced with Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

Sales of Office 2003 and Office 2007 are stopped on January 11, 2010 as a result of patent trial with i4i company.