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Microsoft Office 365

The name of the base system (platform): Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
Developers: Microsoft
Last Release Date: April, 2019
Branches: Internet services
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Office applications


Microsoft Office 365 - the cloud service providing to users on a subscription a set of the classical Microsoft Office tools for work with documents. An opportunity to purchase the service on a subscription allows to deploy quickly it in own IT infrastructure without the need for additional administration and setup, to receive the most modern and safe version of software and also to manage flexibly terms of use and tariff plans. One subscription includes 5 devices on Windows platforms, Android, iOS or Mac.

Besides, acquisition of Office 365 service for business with a possibility of monthly payment allows the companies to save (CSP channel) on the hardware and to use the most modern version of a packet in service quality from a cloud. Thus, the IT service passes into discharge of operating expenses of the company that significantly simplifies accounting of the capital investments. At the same time the subscription to Office 365 includes access to Russian-language service support 24/7.

Opportunities for business

Microsoft Office 365 for business will allow the organizations even without presence of own IT administrator quickly to integrate all cloud services, necessary for work, into infrastructure and to configure full-fledged working spaces for net surfers. The packet of Office 365 allows to configure access according to licenses on cross-platform devices, providing easy implementation of the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the company.

The subscription of Office 365 for business includes the tools Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and a mail service of Outlook for creation, editing and sending files in the conditions of mobility. Each user receives 1 TB memories in OneDrive cloud for storage of working documents.

Besides, the subscription to Office 365 provides the security settings conforming to standards of Microsoft and also providing relevant services to most current release. The information security and protection against date leak are crucial for business: according to the research IDC, the ratio coefficient between the level of distribution of the non-licensed software and cases of infection with the malware in the country is equal 0.79 (in ideal conditions — unit).

Structure of a packet

Depending on a tariff plan, in Office 365 are available (data for August, 2017):

  • Word is the text editor,
  • Excel is work with tables,
  • PowerPoint is work with the presentations,
  • Skype for Business is the platform for communications,
  • Exchange is the platform for exchange of documents on the basis of e-mail,
  • SharePoint for creation of corporate portals,
  • Yammer is the business application for joint work,
  • Office Delve search engine,
  • the Sway application for creation of interactive materials from mobile devices and others.
  • Workplace Analytics.

There are tariff plans Office 365 for personal use, for the house, study, for business, including separate versions of service for SMB and the large companies.

Payment for service is levied on model of a monthly subscription.

Competition to Google Apps

Main article: Opposition of Office 365 is Google Apps

Materials about comparison of services and the facts about opposition of two main competitors in the market of software for work with documents are given in article.


Will lock at the German schools

In the middle of July, 2019 it became known of prohibition of Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10 at the German schools. The authorities are afraid that personal data of pupils and teachers can be available to the U.S. Government.

The commissioner on data protection and freedom of information (HBDI) of the federal Land of Hesse said that collection of information by the specified products of Microsoft violates the General regulations on data protection of the European Union (GDPR) according to which children up to 16 years cannot independently agree to processing of some confidential information.

The authorities of the German Hesse asked schools to refuse Microsoft Office because of possible problems with confidentiality
The authorities of the German Hesse asked schools to refuse Microsoft Office because of possible problems with confidentiality

Federal  management  on information security Germany (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) points that Windows 10 sends "a set of telemetered informations in Microsoft". The regulator asked the company to specify the nature of the transferred data, but the answer did not receive.

According to BSI, both standard diagnostic information, and the user content from applications, including text fragments from documents and a subject of e-mails can be told.

For several years Microsoft offered in Germany the localized version of Office 365 which schools could use at observance of local laws on data protection. However in 2018 Microsoft stopped cooperation with Deutsche Telekom therefore data began to be stored in data center not in Germany, and the USA. As a result Microsoft services were blocked at schools.

Though it concerns only educational institutions, the general discontent with practice of Microsoft can lead to distribution of prohibition of services of the company and on other public institutions, notes the The Register edition.

The commissioner on data protection of HBDI Michael Ronellenfitch says that even if the data collected by Office 365 and Windows 10 are stored in the European data centers, the probability of gaining access to them remains the American authorities.[1]

The output of the tool for data transfer with Google G Suite

On April 19, 2019 Microsoft announced start of the tool intended for automatic data transfer with Google G Suite on Office 365. At the first stage the new solution will be to well limited circle of users, and the full-scale release will take place in "the next weeks".

As reported in the section of documentation on the website of Microsoft, for step-by-step migration users need to configure the Office 365 Directory Synchronization function (DirSync) or they should provide data of accounts manually. Microsoft described process on the example of fictional company Fabrikam Inc.

Microsoft released the tool for data transfer with Google G Suite on office 365
Microsoft released the tool for data transfer with Google G Suite on office 365

By means of the new tool users of Google G Suite can quickly and without excess efforts to transfer e-mail, contacts, calendars and other data to Office 365. In a case with email data transfer is performed using the IMAP protocol. Microsoft warns that the tool does not allow to transfer the following data:

  • In e-mail: settings of the section of holidays and automatic answers and also filters and rules;
  • In Meeting Rooms: the created online meetings;
  • In the calendar: the general calendars, investments from cloud services, the links Google Hangout and colors of events;
  • In contacts: at most it is possible to transfer three e-mail addresses counting on one contact; it is impossible to transfer tags of Gmail, the link in contacts and personal tags.

Microsoft notes that there are several methods to transfer data with Google G Suite to Office 365, but the company recommends the new tool for several reasons:

  • It is the built-in mechanism for migration which is not requiring additional expenses and settings;
  • An opportunity to transfer mail, the calendar and contacts with high accuracy.
  • Data are copied directly from a source in Office 365 without creation of auxiliary points of copying;
  • Delegation of authentication of an account of service: there is no need to know or reset data of accounts of users for data transfer.[2]

Availability in Mac App Store

On January 25, 2019 the Microsoft company reported that Microsoft Office 365 is available in the updated Mac App Store.

Microsoft Office 365 is available to Mac in Mac App Store

According to the company, to users of Mac one click suffices to load current and upgraded version of a packet of Office connected to a cloud including installation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive.

Microsoft provides the practical tools created especially for Mac and macOS, including Dark Mode, Continuity Camera, OneDrive Files on Demand and also support of Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. Microsoft Office 365 is connected to to cloud to storage so you can get access to the to content from any device, work together with other authors from any place in the world in real time and also use opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) for creation of more effective content with smaller efforts.


The vulnerability concerning 400 million users

In December, 2018 it became known of vulnerability in Office 365 because of which under the threat there were data up to 400 million users. The Indian information security specialist Sahad Nk told about a problem.

According to him, vulnerability is connected with the wrong setup of a subdomain for which the expert could create CNAME record allowing to appropriate to a host an alias. This alias usually connects some function with a host, or just reduces his name. After creation of such record of the Tax Code configured redirection of the traffic passing through a subdomain on the external server — in this case on Microsoft Azure account. It is noted that thus it was possible to intercept any data transmitted through

Found the vulnerability concerning 400 million users in Microsoft Office 365
Found the vulnerability concerning 400 million users in Microsoft Office 365

As notes the SiliconANGLE edition, the problem becomes aggravated the fact that the cybersecurity specialist could use own account of Microsoft and two-factor authentication for receiving control over a subdomain. It means that the server of authorization Microsoft OAuth also has vulnerability.

Sakhad Nk found out that Microsoft Office applications, Store and Sway it is possible to deceive, having sent the authenticated registration markers to the necessary domain after the user became authorized via the Microsoft Live system.

Bagkhanter contacted Microsoft and notified the company on the found vulnerabilities, and they were eliminated. Microsoft confirmed existence of a problem and paid the specialist for their detection.

Information on errors in Office 365 was published in the press on the same day when Microsoft released a monthly set of updates for increase in security of operating systems of Windows. This set contains patches for elimination about 40 vulnerabilities, including critical.[3]

Increase in the prices in Russia for 30%

Since October 18, 2018 the cost of an annual subscription for the "personal Office 365" software package in Russia will increase by 30% and will be 3.5 thousand rubles. The prices will be adjusted also on other office products of Microsoft.

By October 4 on the website of Microsoft the old prices are still specified. So, "personal Office 365" is offered for 2.7 thousand rubles, "Office 365 for the house" — for 3.4 thousand rubles and "to Office for the house and study of 2019" — for 6.7 thousand rubles. Specified the following as the reason of increase in the prices of Microsoft:

The Microsoft corporation analyzes the approach to pricing from time to time to consider customer needs and partners and also current situation in the market. As a result of these researches it can change the price policy.

Microsoft Office 365 in Russia will rise in price for 30% since October 18, 2018
Microsoft Office 365 in Russia will rise in price for 30% since October 18, 2018

Also added to the companies that it is global changes which will concern users not only in Russia, but also from other countries.[4]

As told RBC in Microsoft, quotations on other products Office, including for corporate clients, will also be changed. At the same time no details concerning the amount of adjustment were told.

By estimates of the CEO of New cloud technologies company (software developer My office) Dmitry Komissarov, Microsoft controls about 85 % of the Russian market of the office software therefore owing to the monopolistic position can sell software at any price.

Normal users will not be able to spend more money for the software, use of piracy versions will grow. However large state structures and corporations are not focused on cost reduction therefore  hardly demand from their party will change — Komissarov noted, having added that the share of Microsoft in a business segment can be reduced only under the influence of a course of import substitution.

Emergence of the built-in anti-virus mechanism

In September, 2018 the Microsoft company announced emergence in Microsoft Office applications and Office 365 of the built-in mechanism of protection against viruses. It is about Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) technology which, using possibilities of different anti-virus engines, blocks harmful scripts — so-called macroes.

AMSI is an open interface which can work practically with any antivirus. By default it is integrated with Windows Defender, however third-party producers can adapt the solution for the products.

Within continuing efforts on elimination of the whole classes of threats the client applications Office 365 are integrated with Antimalware Scan Interface
Within continuing efforts on elimination of the whole classes of threats the client applications Office 365 are integrated with Antimalware Scan Interface

Macroes poses a serious threat to users of Microsoft Office long ago, but integration of AMSI should solve this problem or at least provide high degree of protection during the work with documents.

AMSI is embedded in Microsoft Office applications 365, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio and Publisher. When potentially high-risk function or a method (CreateProcess or ShellExecute) is caused, Office stops accomplishment of a macro and requests its check via the AMSI interface. It prevents the attacks through infection of JavaScript, VBScript and PowerShell.

But Microsoft pays attention that a system will not check macroes if in security settings there is a point Enable All Macros or documents are marked as entrusted or opened from the entrusted sources.

The company warns that AMSI does not guarantee 100 percent protection, however the technology considerably increases chances of prevention of the virus attack.[5]

Macroes became popular tools for computer hacking because in an arsenal malefactors have a set of free tools to hide the source code of a macro in some parts of the document, such tables and cells in Excel.

The AMSI interface becomes effective when the user opens the harmful file sent by mail disguised, for example, under the account for payment and then presses the Open Contents button. Though the code of macro instruction can be strongly tangled, AMSI opens logic of behavior by means of the moved-up antivirus software.


Integration with Genesys Customer Experience

On October 2, 2017 the Genesys company announced availability of functionality of the Genesys Customer Experience platform to users of a packet of Microsoft Office 365. By means of support of Office 365 in the solutions PureEngage and PureCloud of the company will be able to use opportunities of the integrated solution package for the contact centers focused on voice and digital channels, the opportunities of virtualization of workflows and self service features implemented within a unified environment. Read more here.

Integration of products of Microsoft and Adobe

The companies Microsoft Adobe announced also on September 11, 2017 expansion of strategic partnership and integration of the products. The solution on work with the electronic signatures Adobe Sign (a line component Adobe Document Cloud) became preferable to use in all services Microsoft, including Microsoft Office 365, more than from 100 million commercial subscribers. In turn Microsoft Teams — the space for communications organized by the principle of a chat for Office 365 — became preferable service for Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. In addition to integration of products, the companies announced that Adobe will make Microsoft Azure a preferable cloud platform for Adobe Sign.

The main goal of this stage of partnership — to provide clients with an opportunity to work effectively in a command, to communicate and make decisions, using all devices and applications.

In the closest weeks of the company are going to perform the integration following:

  • integration of Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Sign will ensure fast and safe functioning of the electronic signature in Microsoft Office applications 365, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook;
  • integration of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock into Microsoft Teams will provide to the clients of Adobe who are engaged in creative work access to a working space of the international class that will accelerate and will simplify exchange of the ideas, iterations and decision making. Integration of Microsoft Teams with Adobe Experience Cloud is in the future planned;
  • integration of Adobe Sign into Microsoft Teams will accelerate process of creation and the adoption of agreements between commands using the electronic signature. The Adobe Sign application in Microsoft Teams had a tab for sending documents for the signature and also a bot which allows team members to manage and trace documents;
  • integration of Adobe Sign into Microsoft Flow will allow users to create continuous digital worker processes. In the coming months integration of Microsoft Flow (enters Microsoft Office 365) into other Microsoft applications is planned: SharePoint, Dynamics and OneDrive.

In March, 2017 the companies announced availability of the first joint solutions based on Adobe Experience Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 which will help the enterprises to transform experience of clients. In addition to the announced partnership, the companies will consider the possibility of continuation of cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, analytics and intellectual workflow automation, increasing performance in a cloud.

Microsoft opened access to Workplace Analytics

On July 9, 2017 it became known of start of the corporate tool by Microsoft company for measurement of time spent by employees for accomplishment of these or those tasks. The Workplace Analytics service is available to business subscribers of Office 365 to purchase as addition.

Office 365 is co-authorship in Excel

On March 30, 2017 the Microsoft company published additions in Office 365.

Co-authorship in Excel became available to participants of the Office Insiders Fast program on the PC Windows. This function displays process of work with the table of colleagues, gives the chance to see the edited place in the document and to see changes. Co-authorship is available in Excel Online, Excel on Android, Windows Mobile and iOS (to Office Insiders)[6].

Co-authorship in Excel on the Windows PC will allow to see where there is a simultaneous editing the table.

Autosave for the files which are stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and OneDrive for business is added to Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Windows PC.

Microsoft Teams is a working space on the basis of a chat in Office 365. It is available in 181 markets in 19 languages. Teams became available in Office 365 for education, free for teachers, employees and students. The company declared more than 100 additional functions existence. Updates cover four basic principles of Teams:

  • chat for modern commands,
  • center of team work,
  • possibilities of individual preference
  • security of the corporate level.

Already well or more than 150 integration with other applications, services and bots are planned.

Microsoft Bookings is unrolled for subscribers of Office 365 a business premium worldwide. Bookings simplifies to small business planning and management of meetings with clients. It is provided several opportunities based on the user feedback of initial release of the application for residents of the USA and Canada. Now it is possible to connect the calendar of Office 365 to Bookings, to add interval time between meetings, to configure the Bookings page and to stay in touch on the way with applications for iOS and Android.

Hand-written input and availability of OneNote

A number of changes is entered to OneNote. In the Assistant on mathematical hand-written input — OneNote can create diagrams of the equations written by hand now and allows to manipulate options for display of a visual effect of changes. Also he can teach the step-by-step solution of a system of equations. The intelligence which is built in OneNote raises possibilities of mathematical training.

Hand-written input, (2017)
Hand-written input, (2017)

OneNote can draw the diagram of the handwritten equation in addition to recommendations of how to solve it.

Availability: creation of diagrams and support of systems of equations it is available in OneNote to Windows to 10 all subscribers of Office 365.

The availability check function available in OneNote to Windows 10, helps to make the document available to people with visual impairment. It analyzes material and makes recommendations to notes that helps to understand how to correct errors and to create more available notes.

Integration of Visio into Excel and PowerPoint

Visio, Excel and PowerPoint work together, helping to generate automatically flowcharts from data and to share them in the form of the presentations.

Availability: the Data Visualizer templates for data of Excel are available in Visio on the Windows PC to subscribers of Office 365 according to the Office Insiders Slow program. The Slide Snippets panel is available in Visio on the Windows PC to all subscribers of Office 365.

The Office 365 interface includes a tape of activity

On January 31, 2017 the Microsoft company announced upgrade in the Office 365 interface - inclusion of a tape of activity. By means of a tape of activity joint work in Microsoft Office applications is brought to the foreground.

This opportunity is available to the users storing documents in OneDrive. All users can be aware of changes in the general cloud documents now, having got access to the complete change history, to open and return the previous versions, in need of[7].

Screenshot of a tape of activity, (2017)
Screenshot of a tape of activity, (2017)

For January 31, 2017 the tape of activity is available in the products Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Windows PC to commercial users of Office 365. It is available also in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Windows PC to users of Office 365 according to the Office Insider program.


Purchase of service of planning Genee for integration into Office 365

The Microsoft corporation will purchase the tool for drawing up schedules of Genee — service which performs planning using opportunities of artificial intelligence, reported in the blog[8][9].

Terms of transaction are not disclosed. However it is known that Microsoft is going to use possibilities of the tool for Office 365 services, for example, for Outlook. In the blog of the company it is specified that Genee uses natural languag processing and the optimized decision making algorithms. For example, if the user wants to make an appointment with someone next week, the tool will analyze data of the calendar, on the basis of this and other options will select the day off from the schedule and will send the notification to that whom the user wants to meet. The Microsoft acquires AI scheduling bot Genee for Office 365 smarts TechCrunch edition[10] also specifies that Genee analyzes contents of e-mail to set suitable parameters for the planned meeting.

Genee uses natural language processing and optimized decision-making algorithms so that interacting with a virtual assistant is just like interacting with a human one. For an example of how Genee works, let’s take a look at a common scheduling problem. Say you want to meet a potential customer, Diana, for coffee. Simply send an email to Diana and copy Genee, like you would a personal assistant. Genee understands that you want to 'Find a time to meet with Diana for coffee next week' and will streamline the process by emailing her directly with appropriate options that work with your calendar and preferences. Genee will even send out the meeting invite on your behalf – freeing up your time. A coffee meeting scheduled in a snap!

Large-scale upgrade of Office 365

On July 29, 2016 Microsoft announced entering into Office of 365 large-scale functional changes directed to increase in efficiency during the work with office applications.

Updates will be available to the PC and mobile devices under management Windows 10 Mac iOS Android, in the web version of a product.

Work in Microsoft Word

Microsoft provided two main innovations for work with the text to Word 2016:

  • The Researcher application allows to look for and integrate links to contents sources directly in the Word interface thanks to the search Bing Knowledge Graph mechanism that helps to place quickly and conveniently correctly formatted quotes in the document. Service is already available to users of Word 2016 on Windows, but will appear also on mobile devices soon.
  • The instrument of machine learning Editor is capable to improve stylistic aspects of the text, to simplify and arrange turns of speech and also to give evident visual hints on grammatical, stylistic errors and spelling. As well as all cloud services, Researcher and Editor will samoobuchatsya with the growing amount of the processed requests over time and to be improved.

Functionality of e-mail Outlook

  • Focused Inbox is the function for Outlook separating all incoming messages of an account into priority (Focused) and less important (Other). It simplifies process of search of important letters and helps to range the most relevant tasks. The program remembers the choice of the user and further itself follows the corresponding algorithm of distribution of letters. Similar function was already implemented for users of mobile platforms, today it is available also to users of computers and the web version of Outlook.
  • Function of references using which it is possible to mark out the user, using the sign when entering a name. It helps to notify on inclusion in a conversation, to set tasks, to distribute working resources, to execute search in the specific user and many other things. References are available to users of the version of Outlook 2016 to the PC within the Office Insider program and in the web version, function will appear also for mobile devices soon.

Upgrade of the presentations in PowerPoint

  • For users of the Office Insider Microsoft program turned on the tool for PowerPoint 2016 in July updating of Office 365 – Zoom, it will allow to do the interactive animated presentations quicker and more effectively. With its help formation of nonlinear theme groups of slides, creation of links to them in the necessary place is available. It does the presentations more visual and structured.

Upgrade of Office 365

On May 31, 2016 in the blog Microsoft announced an exit of the upgraded Office 365 in which structure the chat in real time and a number of opportunities of Outlook and the Visio New is integrated [11].

Chat in real time for commercial users of the web version of Office 365

In Office Online for commercial users of the web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote the chat mode is implemented. It is available when some user edits the public document. It works for all documents which are stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business.

Screenshot of the software window, (2016)
Screenshot of the software window, (2016)

Skype chat for business in the web version of Outlook is developed. For access to contacts, search in the organization and the beginning of a conversation directly in the mail and an outlook calendar it is necessary just to click Skype icon in the menu of navigation now.

Screenshot of the software window, (2016)
Screenshot of the software window, (2016)

Integration of a chat of Skype for business in the web version of Outlook allows to conduct conversations in real time, to get access to all contacts and search in all organization.

Outlook on Android Wear allows to interact with notifications, to read e-mails and to answer with a ready set of answers or voice dictation.

The screen of hours with Outlook on Android Wear, (2016)
The screen of hours with Outlook on Android Wear, (2016)

Outlook 2016 for Mac supports Arabic, Hebrew and languages with writing from right to left. The company provided the editor with support of expanded formatting.

Joint work over documents became simpler – to send to Outlook enough file reference which is stored in OneDrive for business and receivers will see the latest version of the document.

<!--LINK 0:140--> on devices <!--LINK 0:141--> and <!--LINK 0:142-->, (2016)
Outlook on devices iOS and Android, (2016)

Outlook on devices iOS also Android allows to insert links to files OneDrive for business into mail.

Files which are attached in Skype meeting request in Outlook 2016 or the web version of Outlook are automatically loaded now into a box of documents of a collection of Skype as soon as participants join a meeting. Cloud investments automatically appoint the rights to participants of a meeting. It simplifies joint work during the collection of Skype.

It became simpler to exchange files and to work jointly on any device. Now it is possible to use OneDrive for iPhone and iPad - to exchange, edit and take away in offline any files which are stored in libraries of documents SharePoint, the Office 365 groups and in OneDrive for business. In web versions copying of files from OneDrive is available to business on a site of the team on SharePoint or the Office 365 group.

Screenshot of the software window, (2016)
Screenshot of the software window, (2016)

Mobile application of SharePoint will provide full access to content of the organization, the websites and applications on the run. The application will become available on iOS at the end of June, 2016, on Android and Windows is later.

Screenshot of mobile application of SharePoint and the home page SharePoint in Office 365, (2016)
Screenshot of mobile application of SharePoint and the home page SharePoint in Office 365, (2016)

Users Visio Pro for Office 365 can insert and open the last file formats AutoCAD 2013 and 2010. Architects, engineers, operational commands and other specialists can work more effectively together on development of documents AutoCAD in Visio with opportunities of co-authorship, commenting and adding of summaries. Adding of the valuable operational information supplied in schemes for providing is available.

Polycom and Microsoft agreed about integration of software

On March 15, 2016 corporations Polycom also Microsoft announced plans of expansion of a scope of video meetings, by means of Skype for business.

Advertizing of Polycom and Microsoft (2016)
Advertizing of Polycom and Microsoft (2016)

The companies of any sizes - customers of Polycom, having passed to Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for business, will get additional benefits as a result of investments into video solutions. At the same time clients of Microsoft who have no suitable equipment yet will be able to use technologies of Polycom in a working environment. The cloud service created by Polycom and Microsoft for ensuring compatibility of visual communication systems allows joint work irrespective of the selected platform.

The industry solution of Polycom RealPresence Group Series for carrying out video conferences will undergo certification for work with software of "Skype for business of Server" in meeting rooms and will be supported in Office 365.

The Polycom RealPresence Touch control panel with the interface similar to Skype for business, will allow users to integrate video conferences into active workflows.

Within 12-year partnership of Polycom and Microsoft as a result of close cooperation did huge work to present the best industry solutions for joint work which help to adjust effective workflows and at the same time are extremely convenient in use. Clients say that using our joint solutions they try to obtain the highest performance level and efficiency. We provide to the companies of any size of the solution with support of cloud computing thanks to which they will be able to organize a future workplace.
Peter Leav, CEO of Polycom

Some clients passing to Office 365 look for opportunities for integration of diverse working environments. The companies announced intention of Polycom - to provide an industry-first cloud service for users of Office 365 which will provide compatibility of visual communication systems, being placed on a cloud platform of Microsoft. As a result, clients of Office 365 with transition to cloud computing, will have an opportunity to use the available visual communication systems, integrating them with the equipment of other suppliers, including Polycom, Microsoft and Cisco. This service will have opportunities of Polycom RealConnect technology which provides uniform experience of use of Skype for business for the users working at the software of Microsoft and other vendors.

The consolidation Skype for business with solutions of Polycom in Office 365 for high-quality voice and video conference gives to clients the most full range of tools for the organization of joint work in a modern working space.
Embossing Serafín (Zig Serafin), the vice president of division of Skype for business


Release of the bonus tariff plan Office 365 E5

On December 1, 2015 Microsoft issued the new, bonus plan of Office 365 for corporate users - Office 365 E5. The company calls its release "the most large-scale" updating in the history of a cloud service. New opportunities appeared regarding communications and joint work with documents, in also analytics and security. Details in the separate article.

Office 365 got the built-in support of MDM

On March 30, 2015 Microsoft announced control function start by mobile devices (Mobile Device Management, MDM) in Office 365. The new technology will allow to configure access to the corporate data which are stored in Office 365, to the staff of the companies which use personal smartphones and tablets under the administration of different platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.[12]

Microsoft notes that its MDM solution is built in Office 365 therefore the same applications from a cloud product are available to clients, as earlier – unlike third-party projects which replace office programs with universal and functionally limited applications for work.

The Office 365 office suite had opportunities for mobile device management

Microsoft selected three main opportunities of the technology of mobile device management in Office 365:

  • Security and management of corporate resources. IT administrators can configure security policies, providing access to corporate mail and documents only to those devices which are really registered in the company and meet safety requirements. For application of these rules to Word Excel, PowerPoint and other business applications of Office 365 uses services Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory.

  • Device management. The MDM solution in Office 365 allows to block the password the lost or stolen smartphones and tablets to prevent unauthorized access to information intended only for internal use by the staff of the organizations. Besides, a system will detect the cracked gadgets in corporate network and will not allow them to become authorized.

  • Selective removal of data. The corporate data which are stored in Office 365 can be erased remotely from the mobile device of the employee of the company, for example, after his dismissal. At the same time personal data of the worker will remain untouched.

It should be noted that the functionality implemented in the MDM solution for Office 365 is similar to that that offers a cloud service of Microsoft Intune. However the innovation is expected more mass distribution. The built-in support of MDM in Office 365 is free for all owners of corporate subscriptions, including Enterprise, Business, Education and  Government.

Business test: MS Office 365 against Google Apps for Work

By the beginning of April, 2015 in the market of cloud office applications the set of different products, but the most known is available to corporate users to work with e-mail, documents, calendars and file sharing, perhaps, are Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365. Each of them has strong and weaknesses, having studied which, the companies can select for themselves an optimal solution. Who suits Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365 more, observers of the edition tried to find out, having polled representatives of business. In more detail about it it is possible to read here.

Functions of control and data management are added to Office 365

On April 23, 2015 it became known of implementation in Microsoft Office of 365 new features of control and data management[13].

According to developer company, new features of a cloud packet will give to clients more opportunities of control of data and tracking access to them. Existence in magazines of Office of 365 records about actions of users and administrators of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online will help administrators of the cloud systems to see - as clients interact with the data placed in these services and to reveal the abuses of regulations or actions posing security risk. Access to magazines is provided via the new program interface Office 365 Management Activity which developers of monitors, the analysis and data visualization can use.

Until the end of 2015 in Microsoft are going to implement in Office 365 a possibility of creation of the special data warehouse under the name Customer Lockbox. Even engineers of the company when carrying out service transactions will need to request permission to access to these data from the client.

Within several months of the company it is necessary to implement functions of enciphering of contents of e-mail. Since 2016 clients will have an opportunity to cipher data in Office 365 using own keys - Microsoft will not have data access of clients when they do not use service.

Adding of support of MDM

On March 30, 2015 Office 365 had opportunities for mobile device management. The built-in function of MDM is free for corporate subscribers of Office 365.

Microsoft raises in Russia the prices of Office 365 by 15%

The Microsoft company sent to users of the office suite of the Office 365 programs the notice on price increase since February 25, 2015. Since February 25, 2015 the cost of a monthly subscription of Office 365 for the house purchased directly at Microsoft will change from 249 rubles to 286 rubles.

The new price will be valid for new connections and at prolongation of a subscription of users who purchase this service in Russia directly at Microsoft.

Increase for commercial customers depending on the scheme of licensing of a product can reach 30%. The change in price of Office 365 for corporate users it was not announced yet.

Microsoft since 2010 passed to the ruble prices and still practically did not raise them. The current advance in price is not connected with sanctions in any way, in comparison with inflation it is insignificant.


Office 365 Message Encryption

On February 25, 2014 the Microsoft company announced the beginning of providing to users of Office 365 of functionality of sending the encoded messages out of limits of perimeters of corporate systems — the general availability of the Office 365 Message Encryption mechanism is announced. Receivers of the coded letters decrypt their contents, following the instructions transferred together with the message. When sending the answer in the Answer to the Message mode the message is coded automatically.

Earlier, on November 25, 2013, users of Office 365 from Microsoft had an opportunity of exchange of the encoded messages. Then updates of service announced as the preliminary version.

Office 365 Message Encryption represents expanded option of means Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE) with adding of a number of new opportunities. The functionality of enciphering is implemented on the basis of the Information Rights Management technologies (management of access rights of information) which are available as a part of Windows Azure.

For subscribers of the tariff plans Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 these opportunities are included in a service package, in other Office 365 options the additional subscription to services of Windows Azure Rights Management is required ($2 for one user a month). The acting users of EHE can carry out updating to Office 365 Message Encryption free of charge.

This functionality is available to locally unrolled Exchange Server 2013 by means of Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service or using hybrid management model mail flows (hybrid mail-flow).

New tools, scenarios, social networks

On March 4, 2014 Microsoft announced new tools and opportunities of scenarios of the product Microsoft Office 365.

Access to tools will be got by users, developers, IT professional. To them will allow to solve the problems quicker and more effectively. Due to use of productive mobile devices, cloud services, social networks, Big Data creation for each user of the individual scenario of work with Office 365 became possible.

Available, to the employees in line-up, groups tools will help to simplify interaction with representatives of customers, to organize joint work, at the same time to edit documents and to do transparent business processes in the organization.

In the new Office 365 tools the emphasis on the reliable platform built taking into account requirements to security, personalisation of data and compliance to features of the industry is placed.

Changes in Office 365 include:

  • "Oslo" (code name). The new application managed by Office Graph, "Oslo" code-named. The application considers features of interaction of users and a possibility of the device to provide data timely and in the most relevant type for everyone who uses Office 365 with SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, Yammer.

  • Groups. It is a new element of flexible interaction of users and synchronization of conversations, calendars, the e-mail addresses and files using the set of applications of Office 365. The 365th groups created in all Microsoft Office applications will be automatically connected to Yammer conversations, calendars, libraries of documents, incoming messages; participants of groups will be able to work jointly in commands. In Yammer all groups are open by default, but in need of group it is possible to do closed.

  • Built-in social networks. Thanks to integration with social networks into Office 365 new opportunities of joint work with colleagues appeared. The first example of such scenario – an opportunity to conduct negotiations with colleagues when editing documents in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business.

  • Office 365 video portal. The new Office 365 video portal is intended for loading, storage and watching video in the safe mode. The companies will be able to arrange video, to place rollers on certain channels, to browse video content on mobile devices and to process it: squeeze and optimize.

More than 3.4 million Office and SharePoint developers, their number continue to grow in the world and Microsoft announced additional investments thanks to which clients and partners will have even more opportunities for creation of effective solutions for browsers, desktop PCs and mobile devices. On the Office 365 platform developers can build the integrated solutions and mobile applications conforming to requirements of modern business.

  • Opportunities for mobile work. The release SDK of Office 365 for Windows 8 Android will also help developers to create solutions for increase in productivity of mobile work on the basis of Office 365. Application developers and services for Windows Android can also use data Office 365 and all its services, including documents, calendars, contact lists and tasks and also e-mail.

  • Seamless integration with Office 365. Updating of the programming interface in Office 365 for PowerPoint and Outlook gives to developers opportunities of creation of new, more difficult solutions. It is possible to integrate polls or data of researches into PowerPoint presentations, and the application for writing of letters in Outlook will offer (Outlook Compose apps) auxiliary information which can be useful when writing the letter.

  • Reliable programming interface. With growth of number of programming interfaces in Office 365, new interfaces for documents, business contacts, e-mail, calendars and tasks, change approach to creation of intuitive services. Tools for creating applications include extremely demanded improvements, such as independent preparation of the websites and support of transactions with files on OneDrive for business.

  • Additional opportunities. It will become simpler to receivers of the documents Office 365, where information from applications is used to work with them. The PowerPoint applications are also available also during the work in PowerPoint Online that gives the chance to users to share the favourite applications. Within this year Office Online will also receive the same functionality, as Excel.

  • Data protection. Microsoft provided new opportunities of data protection in Office 365 which will allow the organizations to manage, trace and check content, without preventing work of users.

  • OneDrive for business. In April, 2014 an opportunity to purchase OneDrive for business which gives fine opportunities for safe joint work with documents in a cloud and has all advantages of integration with Office will be provided to the companies. In addition, thanks to SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1, Microsoft provided new management tools for system administrators who allow to turn on OneDrive for business in a corporate cloud directly from the SharePoint Server 2013 control panel. These tools allow users to work with usual corporate infrastructure and at the same time to use advantages of cloud storage and data exchange.

  • Simple transition from SharePoint to Yammer. By means of Service Pack 1 Microsoft helps to transfer the system administrator a social component of Sharepoint to Yammer. Using simple controls on SharePoint Server 2013 administrators can activate Yammer and redirect users on the corporate social network created on the basis of Yammer.

Reduction of price: Office 365 Personal rate

Microsoft will make Office 365 more well for personal use, having offered buyers a new tariff plan under the name Personal. The cost of a subscription to Office 365 on a new rate will be $69.99 a year that is 30% lower in comparison with the Home Premium rate which was considered as the cheapest so far. In addition to this Microsoft announced intention to rename Home Premium into just Home[14].

The same applications, as in Home Premium will be a part of Office 365 Personal: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access. The same 20 GB of space in OneDrive (the former name - SkyDrive), 60 minutes of non-charge calls in Skype monthly and access to Office Web Apps will be available to the user (to Word applications, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote to the browser).

Lower price is caused by restriction of number of devices on which it is possible to execute installation. The packet can be delivered only on one PC or Mac and on one tablet. For comparison, Home Premium can be delivered on 5 computers and on 5 mobile devices based on Android and iOS (smartphones on Windows Phone are not considered since they are on sale already with the set Office).

The version for SMB

On October 1, 2014 the new tariff plans Office 365 for the enterprises of a segment of SMB which will succeed families of the tariff plans Office 365 for small business and Office 365 for medium business began to work. The companies will be able to select from three versions of new plans: Office 365 Business for 300 rub on one employee a month, Office 365 Business Basic – for 180 rub and Office 365 Business the Premium – for 450 rub.

The subscription of Office 365 Business will include such applications as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Publisher and also 1tb an empty seat in the cloud storage of OneDrive for business on each employee. The plan of Office 365 Business Basic will include Office Online, Outlook, Lync and place for data storage in OneDrive. The subscription for the plan of Office 365 Business the Premium will allow clients to work with all listed tools. Besides, the company, using it, will be able to connect in addition a customer relationship management system of Dynamics CRM Online, corporate social network Yammer, Active Directory and other services.

One more important feature of new subscriptions – an opportunity to use different tariff plans within infrastructure of one company, applying them to work of these or those user groups. Now subscribers will have an opportunity to mix tariff plans not only within one family, but also between different families of subscriptions. Besides, important feature of Office 365 is the low cost of infrastructure which does not require additional servers and highly skilled personnel for support.


At the TechEd Europe conference (on October 28-31, 2014) in Barcelona Microsoft submitted new application programming interfaces (API) for Office 365.

The announced API concern work of third-party applications with files, e-mail, the calendar and the address directory within Office 365. Thanks to close integration the functionality of a cloud solution of Microsoft will extend.[15]

For example, the programs intended for armoring of tickets will be able instantly to be connected to the user contacts and calendars of Office 365 that will allow to plan conveniently trips and to book tickets for friends. The software for automation of sales will get access to e-mail and files of clients, having increased efficiency of software in the organization.


Microsoft expanded functionality of Office 365

New API the IFTTT service (If This Then That) intended for automation of function when using different Internet services used one of the first. Users of IFTTT will be able to create actions for each contact from the address directory Office 365 — for example, to include the SMS notification when obtaining the e-mail.

Office 365 SDK for iOS and Android

Microsoft aims to make Office the most cross-platform product therefore it decided to release the open program SDK tools for development of mobile software for Android and Apple iOS. By means of these sets integration of mobile applications with Office 365 will be facilitated.

iOS SDK got support of the Objective-C programming language, and the possibility of use of a modern language of Apple Swift in the future is expected.

As for Android SDK, in Microsoft say that tools are tested in the Android Studio development environment, but support of the Eclipse environment well familiar to developer Java will be implemented later.

Unlimited access to OneDrive

At the end of October, 2014 Microsoft announced lifting of restrictions on access to OneDrive online storage for subscribers of Office 365. This offer extends as to corporate clients (for 2 thousand rubles a year), and private (200 rubles a year). Before 1 Tbyte of disk space in OneDrive was available to users of Office 365.


Packet for SMB in Russia

On February 27, 2013 Microsoft started in Russia special subscriptions to the latest version of the cloud service of Office 365 for medium and small business. In addition to Russia the offer begins to work in 68 countries of the world, and in April, 2013 20 more countries should join them, tell in the Russian representative office of corporation.

As explained TAdviser in Microsoft, since launch the corporation collected responses and offers from clients on its use. On the basis of collected wishes offers with the fixed feature set especially for the small companies - numbering staff from 1 to 10 person, and averages to which in Microsoft carry the organizations with staff from 10 to 250 people were created.

In particular, three subscriptions became available to them. The option "Office of 365 Professionalny plus" provides access to Microsoft Office applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote,Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath, Access and Lync and can work on five devices. The cost of a subscription to it is 4610 rub for the user in a year. The subscription of "Office 365 for medium business" in addition to access to the above-stated applications also includes access tools of the corporate level for communications and joint work and also the simplified tools for management of IT infrastructure. Its cost is 5491 rub a year on the user. Also there is an option "Office 365 for small business expanded" which in addition to the full-function set of applications of Office also includes e-mail of a corporate class, the general calendars and a video conferencing of HD quality at the price of 4950 rub a year for the person.

For the large companies - with the state numbering more than 250 staff - the subscription "Corporate Office 365" works. In addition to the functions available in "Office of 365 Professionalny plus", this subscription also includes access to cloud services of a corporate class, such as websites of groups, corporate mail, expanded set of tools for IT administration and others and also access to corporate social network Yammer.

As before, the SMB-companies will be able to subscribe on Office 365 on the website of Microsoft and through the local partners of corporation offering it in a sheaf with own services and also through the authorized retail networks. The corporation works with large customers directly, determining the subscription cost individually in each separate case.

According to Microsoft, now more than 90% of users of Office 365 make the SMB-companies. In addition to new versions of subscriptions the 30-day trial period on use of service after which customers will be able to continue its use is also provided to them, having paid a subscription with the credit card or on the account.

In global Microsoft call Office 365 one of the most fast-growing directions of business for all history. According to corporation, the number of the companies using it from 2012 to 2013 in a year grew by 150%.

Means of the business analysis

At the beginning of July, 2013 the Microsoft company announced turning on of instruments of business data analysis (BI) in the Office 365 service, at the same time a part of these opportunities was never implemented earlier in other independent products of corporation.

The new means offered users of Office 365 "integrate all our stack of BI of opportunities and provide them in service quality", - Eron Kelly who is responsible for marketing of SQL Server said.

According to Kelly, at the heart of ideology of the new approach to data analysis implemented in Office 365, so-called "self-service BI" when end users can operate with data for achievement of certain business objectives.

Earlier Office 365 already contained separate means of BI, so, the version of Office 365 ProPlus offered Power View and Power Pivot as a part online of the version of Excel. Within new service for users the uniform page of an input based on SharePoint with the directory of data sources and tools of the analysis will be created. As a starting point for the analysis serves Excel.

The data sources selected by the administrator can be both internal, and external, public, for example, it is possible to specify Wikipedia as data source. So users will be able to load into Excel one and more sources and to process them using the offered means of the analysis.

One of such BI tools is called Power Query (earlier - Data Explorer), it just allows to connect external data sources to tables of Excel. For example, the table can be constructed on the basis of a tape of Twitter so messages, dates, locations and user names will be placed in separate columns.

Other tool is called Power Map, with its help it is possible to place different geo data on the card which is provided by Bing Maps service. For example, using this option it is possible to visualize how many messages come to Twitter from the different cities of the country so indicators on the card will correspond in proportion to the volume of posts. Power Map debuted as a beta an option in Excel 2013 in the form of a plug-in under the name GeoFlow.

After the user created the report, the last can be published in the directory of data of the organization so colleagues will be able to get acquainted with his outputs. Also Microsoft is going to release mobile application of Power BI for Windows 8 and iOS devices. The reports published through Power View also can be reformatted in HTML5 in addition to the Silverlight format set by default.

In Power BI the modern language of requests will also be used. For example, if the user writes to a search window "How many revenue product X generated in last year?", a system will pass to the graphs showing data on revenue for the last few years. According to Kelly, use of a natural language of requests will facilitate work with a system to those users who on are familiar with requests of SQL.

For the beginning of July, 2013 exact date of an exit of new tools was not designated, as well as its cost. It is known that pricing will be based on two models: a payment for the user and a payment in a month.

Office 365 received a number of updates

The Microsoft corporation provided in November, 2013 a number of updates for a cloud service of Office 365 which are urged to help the companies to increase productivity of the employees, to reduce costs for support of IT, and to users — easily and to quickly solve the personal and working problems regardless of the place and time.

So, functions of automatic preserving of Word documents and joint work over documents in real time are added to the updated Microsoft Office Web Apps service — several users at the same time can make changes and edit documents in Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App or Excel Web App.

Possibilities of sharing "by Office 365 for the house expanded" are also updated. Next month users of a packet of Office 365 for the house expanded will be able already to share a subscription with the family. Each family will be able to install any available application on the computer, Macbook or on mobile devices and also to receive in addition 20 GB of the cloud storage of SkyDrive. It will be possible to operate installed applications on the My Account page.

All plans of Office 365 are integrated about Corporate Yammer, and all subscribers of Office 365 will obtain the corresponding licenses. Users of Office 365 should not purchase additional user licenses, working within external network any more. In addition, Microsoft submits the Yammer Partner Enablement program within which specialists of corporation will share the deep examination in the field of promotion and implementation of successful corporate social projects, declared in the company.

Besides, in the first half of 2014 there will be public a Power BI technology for Office 365. This technology does simple and convenient process of creation of bright and evident illustrative materials, integrating private and public information in "cloud", thereby motivating users to fast decision making.

Fresh updates will add a broad spectrum from more than 100 improvements which became available to subscribers of Office 365 within a year. Among them: emergence of mobile version of Office Mobile service thanks to which subscribers can set and use Microsoft Office applications on different devices, including running iOS and Android, new opportunities of use of gestures during the work with Microsoft Office applications of Web Apps and browsers supporting a touch control on tablets under Windows 8 and IOS.

In addition, volumes, available to users, for data storage were considerably increased: the cloud storage Professional SkyDrive — from 7 GB to 25 GB, a mailbox on the Exchange Online server — from 25 GB to 50 GB. The OneNote application became available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and for devices running Windows RT the Outlook 2013 RT application was released.

According to Microsoft, for the first quarter of this year the number of the companies which stopped the choice on Office 365 increased three times. In addition, "Office 365 for the house expanded" use more than 2 million subscribers, and Office 365 for study — more than 110 million school and university students.


Concealment of data on sales

A year later after start of Office 365 Microsoft it is still not ready to provide specific parts about sales and extent of adaptation of this solution, reports the Computerworld edition. In response to official request in the press service of corporation journalists of this portal were told that "the number of clients, users and data on revenue from sales of this solution do not reveal".

At the same time confirmed to Microsoft the statement made earlier according to which Office 365 is "one of the most quickly growing" offers of the company. The analyst of Idcmelissa Melissa Webster considers that new Office 365 "did not blow up the market". According to her, the corporation will provide digits about sales of the solution as soon as they begin to bring a considerable part of its income.

Increase in the free test period

Since December 17, 2012 Microsoft began an active campaign for drawing attention of clients to the product Office 365, in particular the corporation increased the term of primary free use cloud applications for small business. Generally these actions are aimed at users of Google Apps.

The activity of Microsoft speaks not only desire to attract the maximum number of new clients, but also the fact that at the beginning of December, 2012 applications from a packet of Google Apps stopped being free for the organizations with number of staff more than 10 people. The payment for use of applications is set at the level of 50 dollars for one account a year. Google hurried to calm the clients that all can work as before. However on it played Microsoft.

Microsoft increased a time frame of free use of Office 365 for the companies numbering up to 10 staff. So the version of a packet for the small business including mail, the general calendars and office web applications is available in free option not of 30, but 90 days now. Earlier this packet cost 72 dollars for the employee in a year.

The marketing manager of the products Office 365 Microsoft Tony Tye in the blog said that Office 365 thus wants to replace to small business of the Google application.

The free 90-day version of Office 365 is available till February, 2013. When price policy of the company concerning this product is officially announced. At the same time Microsoft has one more packet of Office 365 Premium Business. Its basic cost is 150 dollars for the employee in a year. This version is available in free option slightly less – 60 days after official start of retail sales of Office 2013.


Start of sales in 40 countries

In June, 2011 Office 365 started at the same time in 40 countries of the world, and more than 20 international service providers who are Microsoft partners already included this product in the sets of solutions for corporate customers.

The large companies will be able to receive a new cloud solution within the updated program of corporate licensing Enterprise Agreement. This option will give the chance to the big enterprises with the developed IT infrastructure based on technologies of Microsoft to take advantage of clouds on flexible conditions that will allow to optimize expenses.

Office 365 will allow the enterprises to combine the service plans depending on current demands, expanding or reducing the number of licenses for certain products. Also the fact that the organization will be able to transfer without problems the employees to a cloud is important and back, evenly distributing load of the local infrastructure. And it is still not all advantages of the updated program of corporate licensing of Enterprise Agreement.

Microsoft creates a large-scale ecosystem of partners for Office 365, including system integrators, software vendors, resellers and other partners. Now this ecosystem extends as the company begins cooperation with the leading service providers in the market. These companies will provide Office 365 as a part of own services – from a web hosting and the broadband Internet to finance solutions and mobile services, – and will open these offers to millions of the organizations of small and medium business worldwide.

High prices at launch

According to analysts, Microsoft it is necessary to reduce considerably the subscription price on cloud Microsoft Office 365, perhaps, to $2 a month to convince users: it is really more profitable to rent software, than to buy it.

When the CEO of corporation Steve Ballmer presented Office 2013 and new Office 365 he did not focus attention on price policy in the relation of new products, and, meanwhile, the prices of them are rather high.

Analysts compared the prices of Google Apps and corporate Office 365 and came to a conclusion that so far comparison not for benefit of the last. So, according to Michael Osterman, the president of Osterman Research, the cost of Google Apps for Business is at the moment $5 for the user a month, and the prices of Microsoft should be competitive on this background.

Price comparison of Google Apps and Office 365 in Russia

Patrick Moorhead, the leading analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy, agrees with this thesis. "For those businesses which do not use Office yet the offer of Google is very much, very tempting, first of all where phones on Android or web tools are used", - he noted.

The final prices of new Office 2013 and Office 365 will become known after entry of products into the market in the fall of 2012. So far the corporation reported only that Office 2013 will extend according to the classical scheme: on disks or using loadings of software, at the same time the life license at commission of one-time payment will be provided to users. If the prices of Office 2013 are reduced, then the choice between Office 2013 and Office 365 will become even more ambiguous, analysts believe.

A number of analysts, including Osterman, believe that customer move on Office 2013 will also become a difficult task for Microsoft.

Integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In 2011 the ability to integrate the ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Office 365 became available and their seamless integration are one of the main competitive advantages of this solution. The solution gives an opportunity to reduce initial costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution, to increase mobility of users without increase in overheads. For this reason, now the most suitable time to begin to plan deployment of integrated solution of two systems – Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365.

The solution for business management of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, especially in combination with Microsoft Office 365 has the following advantages:

  • Easy integration with the existing infrastructure of your enterprise and other systems of Microsoft, allowing to interact with other applications at lower level.
  • Use of usual tools and formats.
  • Due to integration of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with cloud services, we thereby give an opportunity to clients to create the strong and multifunction base for the future which is beyond normal applications and will be able to expand traditional opportunities of ERP systems.


The beta in Russia

10/19/2010 Microsoft announced a release of the beta of a cloud service of Office 365 — technology of tomorrow in ensuring efficiency and performance of the modern companies. The service package of Office 365 integrates in itself all most popular and demanded solutions for joint work and the joint communications: Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync. Office 365 will be expanded due to inclusion of the solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in it.

Different versions of an online packet are available: the version of Office 365 for Small Businesses is expected a small number of users (from 1 to 25). The large corporate clients who selected edition Office 365 for Enterprises will be able to provide to the employees different levels of service from basic mail "booths" to the full-function version of Office 365 with the client of Office Professional Plus.

In Office 365 all components are developed so that to work as the uniform harmonious mechanism. Earlier in 2010 start of Office, SharePoint and Exchange 2010 was shown how it is possible to increase performance. Office 365 is the next step. In combination with Microsoft Lync, all these solutions will provide a basis of modern business.

The demonstration version in Russia

Microsoft announced availability of completely localized trial version of the cloud solution of Office 365 in Russia. Now the companies can get acquainted free of charge with a product within 30 days. Besides, Office 365 received a number of the important updates improving possibilities of joint work and the joint communications, said in the official statement of corporation.

After the 30-day period customers will be able to continue use of Office 365, having paid a subscription with the credit card or on the account. All settlement transactions are performed by Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited company which is engaged in licensing of products of Microsoft in the territory of the Russian Federation and other European countries.

At the same time for the partner companies of Microsoft in Russia new opportunities open: in addition to rendering consulting services in deployment of Office 365 and migration in "cloud", the partners who entered the Microsoft Online Services program will be able to earn a reward for the attracted clients on the Partner Advisor model.

As for more than 30 updates which were included into Office 365, among them support of Lync for Mac, support of services Business Connectivity Services for SharePoint Online an iodderzhka of Windows Phone 7.5.

Meanwhile, the Softline company announced end of the first transaction in the territory of Russia selling a cloud service of Microsoft Office 365 for Information and Technical Company (ITC) LLC. Transition to "cloud" was performed within a special offer from Microsoft for corporate customers with the signed corporate agreement (Enterprise Agreement) which gives the chance to migrate with On Premise of licenses for Office 365 without additional costs within the first year of use of service.

According to TAdviser Office 365 already uses VimpelCom. Pilot operation of a public cloud of Office 365 in the company began fall of 2011. If in terms of costs the SaaS model confirms the benefit, a part of consumers will be transferred to these services, representatives of operator said earlier. In Microsoft at the time of the publication of article did not comment what client can formally be considered the first in this regard.

As for progress of cloud Office 365 in the world market, according to Microsoft, 90% of the existing clients of service are the companies of small business. The corporation also stated that now service is available in 22 new markets, including Argentina, Taiwan and South Africa, here too the free demonstration period is available to clients. Earlier service was available in 41 countries.

Partners in Russia

VimpelCom and SKB Kontur

Representatives of small and medium business can receive in the order Office 365 already today as a part of services of SKB Kontur company which began delivery of the solution within the arrangements with Microsoft announced two months before. Since today of special design bureau Circuit includes the full-function version of Office 365 in the service packages. In the nearest future Office 365 will also become available within offers of VimpelCom company.

Thanks to Office 365 any Russian company will be able to use possibilities of the Cloud. Providing service within a new business model is also very important for the Russian market, it opens access to unique instruments of increase in productivity for the companies of any, even the smallest scale. For example, having taken advantage of the new offer, small businesses due to economy on IT service will be able to redistribute the saved funds for development of core business. Large and medium-sized enterprises will have an opportunity to redistribute the IT resources, having directed them to more priority, strategic projects, having removed tasks of routine administration and support.

With Office 365 the Russian companies will be able to adjust effective joint work in the organization, with the partners and customers, to create the website, using the domain name, to use the updated services of e-mail, calendar and contacts on any devices, to use familiar Microsoft Office applications, to receive the latest updates of functionality and also to control a status of IT infrastructure of the company and safety of its confidential information thanks to even more reliable mechanisms of protection and security.

VimpelCom provides Internet access, registration and support of domain name, a functional subscription of Microsoft Office 365 for three employees and service of the virtual PBX. Also the packet can include service "Beeline Business: Smart office", plus three phone numbers with a special rate for the mobile Internet. The monthly subscription fee for different packets makes from 3.7 thousand to 13 thousand rubles.

The client can also buy in addition if necessary additional quantity of subscriptions of Microsoft Office 365. The cost of each subscription is from 350 to 1100 rub.

"Most our corporate clients use solutions of Microsoft. And now they have an opportunity not to overpay for installation of software, and for monthly assignments to use service where there is an Internet. Our package offers including communication services and Office 365 are focused on different segments therefore suit both the large, and small companies. Also we provide to clients the address offers developed taking into account individual business needs", - Alexey Nazarov, the marketing director of a business segment of JSC VimpelCom notes.
"Despite the familiar name, Office 365 it is not necessary to perceive as an on-line analog of a packet of desktop applications of Microsoft Office, - Pavel Kuzmenko, the head of department of promotion of information office systems of Microsoft in Russia warns. - The range of its functionality are significantly wider: first of all, this universal solution for joint work, document flow and the joint communications requiring the minimum support from the regular system administrator. Office 365 intended for the companies of any scale can become the factor changing rules of the game for small and medium business".


As of December 1, 2011 on sales of Office 365 in Russia very important part is still assigned to partners. They can gain an additional income, finding and advising clients, rendering them services in preparation and integration of the existing IT infrastructure of the client and cloud services.

Among channel members on promotion there is Microsoft Office 365 and a partner network of 1C. 1C company will help partners to adjust "cloud" business, giving information support, offering training and the help in generation of demand.

As the main steps on development of the channel of promotion of Microsoft Office 365 1C company plans:

  • Provide qualitative Internet resources for information support of partners
  • Organize training of partners in Moscow and regions based on the Training Centers and regional distributors
  • Give to partners consulting support on the effective organization of sales Office 365
  • Carry out marketing actions and actions for generation of demand in the market.

As Igor Shipilov, the head of department of distribution of 1C explained TAdviser, directly the company nevertheless will not sell cloud office. "In model of distribution of Office 365 the user makes a payment directly in Microsoft. Partners gain income from those subscriptions which are issued with their help. The main channel of generation of subscriptions we see partners, directly 1C is not going to work with clients", - he noted.


On February 27, 2013 the operator became a Microsoft partner in the market of products for business market, having turned on a cloud service of Office 365 in the service packages.

Main competitor: Google Apps

* Opposition of Office 365 - Google Apps

In same a segment there is the main interest of the main competitor, Google Apps: from the moment of release of this solution in 2007 the most part of his clients was made by small companies.

Users of Google Apps at the moment are 5 million companies, 66 of 100 largest universities of the USA and the government organizations in 45 of 50 American states. According to Microsoft, more than 90% of users of Office 365 represent the companies with staff of 50 and less employees.

In January, 2012 the Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) announced the plans to implement Google Apps for 110 thousand employees, having disconnected whole "zoo" of the mail systems, including Exchange which was at that time used by 35 thousand users in the bank headquarters. This implementation will become the largest for the solution at the moment.

In May, 2012 the U.S. Department of the Interior announced the choice of Google Apps for 90 thousand users, also in exchange to several systems among which there was also Exchange. And the alternative option in the form of Office 365 was also considered, but afterwards was rejected.

Microsoft also does not lose hope to catch so loud orders. For example, in May, 2012 the corporation announced the conclusion of the transaction with the government of Minnesota according to which it consolidated about 40 separate systems of e-mail on the Exchange 2007 platform, and then performed migration of 40 thousand users on Office 365. Then the corporation concluded the bargain with Management of Catholic education (Catholic International Education Office) about start of the educational version of Office 365 for 4.5 million students of Catholic schools.

Implementation in the American retail network Lowe's which implemented the solution for 200 thousand users in 1745 shops and corporate divisions in the USA, Canada and Mexico became one more large victory of Office 365.