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Microsoft PowerPoint

Developers: Microsoft
Last Release Date: 2019/06/19
Technology: Office applications



The head of Amazon prohibited PowerPoint in the company

At the end of October, 2019 it became known that Jeff Bezos prohibited to use PowerPoint at meetings of Amazon and by that increased efficiency of employees by 25%. Read more here.

PowerPoint does people sillier and prevents to concentrate

In August, 2019 researchers drew the attention of the general public to senselessness of PowerPoint presentations in that type again as they are used still.

Some world-famous businessmen, such as Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Mark Kuban, avoid PowerPoint use as consider this program inefficient. At least two reviewed researches support the point of view of entrepreneurs.

PowerPoint can promote decrease in brain activity at the person
PowerPoint can promote decrease in brain activity at the person

The research conducted in the University of New South Wales in 2007 by the famous psychologist John Sweller showed that demonstration of audience of slides with words which the lecturer at the same time pronounces does not concentrate attention of listeners, and on the contrary, disseminates. When the lecturer throws audiences several main ideas, and then pronounces them, he almost for certain guarantees that his words will be quickly forgotten. Not because the subject of a lecture was boring but because people cannot read and listen at the same time, Sweller explains.

The research published in August, 2019 conducted by Harvard University also proves that the concept of PowerPoint is wrong. The online audience estimates efficiency of PowerPoint presentations on an equal basis with oral lectures without visual aids. PowerPoint presentations can even make listeners sillier as "the well-known simplicity and efficiency of PowerPoint actually mask deeply disturbing, but obscure transformation in human communication", specialists consider.

According to them, slides, the marked lists and bright graphics which are now perceived as due advance new "grammar" in which wrong causality, the negligent logic, dekontekstualizirovanny data and seductive staginess replaced traditional tools of belief and the argumentation, leads to corruption of language.[1]

Integration into Samsung Galaxy Note10

On August 8, 2019 the companies Microsoft also Samsung announced development of long-term strategic partnership in the field of innovations. Since Samsung Galaxy Note10 productive applications and Microsoft services will be are integrated in products of the line, including function of automatic synchronization with PC Link to Windows OneDrive, Outlook and also Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In more detail here.

Four expansions for the Designer tool

On June 19, 2019 the Microsoft company provided four expansions for the Designer tool to PowerPoint. All of them work at a basis of artificial intelligence technology and automatically generate design options, considerably simplifying and optimizing workflows.

Microsoft PowerPoint

According to the company, Designer appeared in the application in 2018, and by April of the 2019th using it 1 billion slides was created.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The artificial intelligence will help with PowerPoint to employees:

  • To find the ideas for a design quicker. Now after adding of a key word on an empty template of the presentation, Designer in Power Point will offer a selection of the qualitative photos reflecting sense of the entered message and also options of styles, subjects and a color design. For June, 2019 function is already available to subscribers of Office 365 and support 20 languages, including Russian.
  • Adhere to corporate style. The staff of the companies will receive from Designer of the recommendation about a design of the presentations according to the corporate style of the company and also taking into account the previous saved templates. For June, 2019 time function is available to subscribers of Office 365 Insiders to Windows 10 and Mac. "Designer" is available to PowerPoint to corporate prototypes in all languages which are supported by Office (including Russian).
  • It is evident to illustrate the thoughts. The Perspective Engine function in Designer will automatically recognize large numbers, difficult for perception, in the presentation and helps to illustrate them with examples. It allows to make information more clear, and – it is more effective to speaker to provide the project. Expansion is developed by research division of Microsoft Research. For June, 2019 it is available to subscribers of Office 365 in English. Support of other languages will appear later.
  • It is more effective to be prepared for the presentation of the project. The Presenter Coach function allows to activate the performance rehearsal mode: during pronunciation of the presentation the user sees on the screen statistics of speed of the speech, the notification on use of filler words and offensive language, and even notes that he just reads the text from a slide if it occurs. At the end of each rehearsal the speaker receives a detailed report for additional practice. Presenter Coach will be available in English in the web version of PowerPoint in the summer of 2019. The quantity of supported languages will be increased in the nearest future.