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Microsoft Power Platform

Developers: Microsoft
Date of the premiere of the system: November, 2019
Technology: BPM

2019: Implementation of the RPA functions

November, 2019 became month of the actual release of Microsoft to the software market for robotic process automation. The corresponding functionality appeared in the product Power Platform which integrates services of development and application integration and business intelligence tools.

The platform received the solution for process automation of Power Automate which was called Microsoft Flow earlier. The new technology creates the interface robots for automation in any applications including which are not supporting integration through API now.

November, 2019 became month of the actual release of Microsoft to the market of software for robotic process automation

Microsoft claims that Power Automate is capable to simplify significantly process automation in the organization as its setup does not require knowledge of programming: the user needs to show only accomplishment of action which he would like to automate.

One of the biggest problems which the companies face is scaling and business process automation — from digitization of manual and paper processes before automation of the difficult processes covering outdated and modern applications — the corporate vice president for business applications of Microsoft James Phillips says. — RPA in short terms became a key technology for the solution of many of these tasks, but the motley crew from services of automation which still need to be integrated and which need to be managed before this work can be performed, as a rule, is required".

Power Automate solves this problem thanks to the simplified interface allowing employees to create and reproduce scenarios of interaction of the program robot with the person, and then to start bots which can automate accomplishment of daily functions, says Microsoft.[1]