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Multiservice Transport Network of Communication (MTNC) Closed Data Transmission Segment (CDTS)

Developers: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Defence), Rostelecom


2019: Multiservice Transport Network of Communication (MTNC)

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation started creation of "the sovereign Internet" - the closed system of exchange of digital information "multiservice transport network of communication" (MTNC), Izvestia reports in March, 2019. The first stage of works will be completed by the end of 2019, and completely the project will be implemented in two years[1].

MTSS will not have the points of exchange of traffic connecting it with the Internet, told the edition in the Ministry of Defence. It is planned that a system will allow to organize high-speed transfer practically of any information volume in all territory of the country using Big Data technology.

MTSS will be based on the fiber-optical networks divided into zone trunk canals. The Ministry of Defence already started preparation for laying of the transarctic line from Severomorsk to the Far East for needs of the VTR and coastal troops. For operational and fast data transmission the single system of management "Uniform circuit of information security" will be created. The officers servicing it will be able to trace in real time traffic and to redirect data streams if some of segments of networks it is overloaded.

Will monitor all actions in network the electronic journal. The archive will be placed on servers of the Ministry of Defence and will be constantly duplicated to save data in case of damage of one of them, i.e. actually the army will receive the closed cloud storage. Besides, MTSS will have own search engine.

The edition notes that the Russian military for information exchange use now the closed data transmission segment (CDTS) which involved networks of civil operators until recently. In the long term ZSPD will be completely integrated into MTSS.

2016: Closed Data Transmission Segment (CDTS)

In October, 2016 it became known that the Army of the Russian Federation completed the formation of communications system under the name "The Closed Data Transmission Segment" (ZSPD). The military Internet is not connected to a global network, and on all computers connected to it the measures preventing use not certified a flash drives and external hard drives are implemented. The network also includes own mail service on which it is allowed to transfer the classified information, including with a signature stamp of "Special importance", Izvestia reports.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, ZSPD it is unrolled on the infrastructure of Rostelecom and own infrastructure of the Russian Defense Ministry which is not connected to the Internet. In each military unit servers for enciphering and data transmission are located. Access to server is resolved only strictly limited group of people. As noted a source, now the network functions in full. Its expansion and also installation of additional terminals in military units and organizations is in the future planned.

On the military Internet there are websites, the main of them is available to the address mil.zs. It is possible to browse these resources on the computers certified by service of protection of the state secret (The eighth management of the General Staff). It is impossible to connect not certified third-party devices to these computers, for example, a flash drives, printers, scanners and so forth. In case of connection of such device, the attempt will be recorded by special software.

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