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Developers: Zimmer Biomet, Apple
Date of the premiere of the system: October, 2018
Branches: Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

2018: Zimmer Biomet will adapt Apple Watch for rehabilitation after replacement of joints

On October 18, 2018 the Apple corporation signed the partnership agreement with Zimmer Biomet to use the computerized Apple Watch watch for rehabilitation of the patients who transferred replacement of a coxofemoral or knee joint.

Apple considers the health sector long ago as a potential scope of gadgets, and constantly implements medical applications for hours. Together with Zimmer Biomet, the leading American manufacturer of goods for postoperative rehabilitation, Apple are going to reveal the most effective ways of recovery of patients with the implanted joints on the basis of objective state-of-health data of their health.

Within clinical trial of the company are going to process data from the smartwatch and on the basis of this analysis to make the assumptions of the factors allowing some patients to be recovered after transaction quicker, than to others.

The MyMobility application allows to trace a status of patients, in particular heart rate and also will obtain data of a pedometer.

Together with Zimmer Biomet the company created mobile application under the name MyMobility, available to iPhone and Apple Watch. With its help researchers will be able to trace in details a status of patients, in particular heart rate and also will obtain data of a pedometer. Patients in turn will announce without delay changes in health, announcing its improvement or deterioration. To recruit patients in a research, the companies included in the application educational resources, videos with exercises and the communication line with the surgeon and group on leaving at emergence of questions or emergency situations.

In total in a research it is going to involve 10 thousand patients from the USA. For this purpose Apple is going to provide all participants of a research who do not have Apple Watch, a copy with the MyMobility application. Originally the application will be installed only to participants of a research, however further the companies are going to make it public.[1]