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Developers: Group
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/05/15
Last Release Date: 2019/12/06
Branches: Internet services,  Advertising, PR and marketing



Updating of integration with Adloox

On December 6, 2019 Group reported that within the strategy of development for instruments of independent verification of advertizing placements and increase in transparency of the market of digital-marketing integration with Adloox technology was updated. Now advertisers will be able to connect independent verification of campaigns in an office of the advertizing myTarget platform. In addition to validity of traffic and quality of audience, in the report additional assessment of visibility of placements on resources of Internet holding and in advertizing network became available.

Substantive audit of advertizing campaigns – a basis of effective and confidential cooperation of players of the market of digital-marketing. Together with key partners we constantly work on that instruments of independent verification became more exact and available to all advertisers. Such approach promotes increase in transparency and reliability of the market of Internet advertizing, so, drayvit development of the industry in general,
comments Elina Isagulova, the vice president and the commercial director of Group

We believe that most detailed and transparent data are a key to expense optimization on advertizing and investment soundness in digital-marketing. For this reason our methodologies and algorithms are continuously improved and undergo annual accreditation according to the MRC standards. We hope that cooperation with Group will lift substantive audit of advertizing to higher level, making it more available to advertisers in the Russian market,


That the declaration was considered as visible, on the screen not less than 50% of the area of a creative within two seconds for the video and one second – for a banner should be displayed. External assessment of visibility of advertizing placements allows advertisers to be convinced that they effectively invest budgets in digital-promotion.

Advertisers of Group will be able independently to connect independent verification of validity of traffic, quality of audience and visibility of advertizing on projects of Internet holding in an office of the advertizing myTarget platform in the section "Visibility audit". Payment is possible as through the representative of Adloox, Weborama company, and directly through myTarget.

Quality evaluation of advertizing placements by the Adloox system conforms to international standards of the market of digital-advertizing: the methodology of verification of advertizing is accredited by the American consolidation of participants of the media industry Media Rating Council (MRC).

The updated verification of Adloox will become available to advertisers of Group until the end of 2019.

Start of A/B-testing of advertizing campaigns

On December 2, 2019 the Group company reported that it within increase in efficiency of solutions in the field of digital-marketing started the tool for carrying out A/B-tests of campaigns on the advertizing myTarget platform. By tests advertisers will be able to check hypotheses, to compare efficiency of creatives and settings of advertizing campaigns. It will allow to understand at the first stages what approach works better and to optimize campaigns depending on results.

A/B-tests help:

  • understand what creatives are most effective, at identical settings of target audience and rates;
  • compare efficiency of models of payment – CPC, oCPM, CPM – for business solving of tasks;
  • check whether results of a campaign will change if to transfer distribution of the budget from fast on uniform or to select other auction strategy.

If to compare efficiency of separate settings of advertizing using two active campaigns to one different sign (for example, the declaration), then campaigns will be crossed on target audience and to influence at each other. A/B-tests allow to show declarations to not crossed audiences therefore results of an experiment will be more objective.

In the interface of an advertizing office it is possible to separate a potential scope conditionally into ten parts – on 10% of audience. For test it is necessary to select not crossed parts from campaigns. By default 100% of audience are selected from a campaign. By A/B-test it is possible to make experiments with several campaigns at the same time.

Before start of testing it is important to be convinced that the predicted scope of a campaign is enough for obtaining statistically significant results. For the effective analysis of advertizing one test better to take away not less than three days to minimize influence of additional factors, for example novelty of the declaration or fluctuation of activity of audience within a week.

It is possible to configure the A/B-test in the Detailed Setup of Audience block which is available at start of a campaign in an advertizing office of myTarget.

Start of Group of a marketplace myTarget App Marketplace

On November 21, 2019 the Group company announced start of myTarget App Marketplace – shop of the external applications expanding functionality of the advertizing myTarget platform. AdTech of the company and developers will be able to integrate the solutions in infrastructure of myTarget and to monetize them. External services will allow to customize system tools under individual tasks of different advertisers – from small and medium business to large customers and the agencies. Read more here.

Emergence of multiplatform statistics

On October 7, 2019 it became known that users of the marketing myTracker platform got access to multiplatform statistics. Reported about it in the press service of Group.


Now along with statistics on mobile applications data on activity of users in a web are available. It will allow business to see the broad picture of the project, it is better to understand needs of audience and to increase efficiency of marketing activities.

Having connected myTracker not only to mobile application, but also to the product website, managers will be able to construct the broad picture of how users use a product, to receive more exact portrait of the user and to analyze the operations performed on different types of devices by one user of a product in one interface. Within reports on web projects a broad set of metrics is available: data on attendance, duration of sessions and a total quantity of the browsed pages and many other things. All metrics can be traced as multiplatformenno, and according to each platform (a mobile and desktop web and mobile applications) separately.

For connection of myTracker to a web resource it is necessary to add in a system to the project the respective platform, to generate and install the counter on the website if it was not set earlier. Data transmission from top in myTracker will earn automatically — and the manager will receive statistics on each user and a visit separately, unlike the usual systems of web analytics.

Statistical data on a web will be available in myTracker in sections Operational reports and "The designer of reports"[1].

Adding of metrics in the designer of reports

On October 3, 2019 it became known that within the strategy of development of advertizing services and technologies and also increase in transparency of analytics of Group added a metrics in the designer of reports of the advertizing myTarget platform. To users additional statistics on video metrics, conversion on each purpose on the basis of counter data became available to and events in applications. The volume of the designer of reports also doubled – up to 200,000 lines.

Statistics on advertizing filmlets includes several indicators: start, viewing 25%, 50% and 75% of video; examinations, share of examinations, examination cost; viewing 10 seconds, share of viewings and average depth of viewing. Thus, clients can estimate not only quantity and cost of interactions with video advertizing, but also quality and depth of viewing videos.

In the section of Conversion of the designer of reports the expanded analytics of achievement of the purposes by users on the website on the basis of counter data of or perfect events in applications is available now. For unloading of statistics on conversion it is necessary to connect the counter or the tracker of the annex to an office of the advertizing platform integrated with the platform.

Expanded metrics help to analyze, how effectively advertizing allows to achieve effective objectives and also to optimize creatives and the started campaigns. Detailed statistics can be added during creation of the report in an advertizing office[2].

Expansion of a possibility of purchase of advertizing on social networks

On August 6, 2019 it became known that Group expanded to advertisers stock, available on the myTarget platform, for the Roundabout and Multiformat formats. Now advertizing of the websites will be shown including in a news feed "VKontakte" in addition to platforms available earlier – social network "Odnoklassniki", to the Group projects and resources of a partner network. It will allow clients to cover additional target audience within one advertizing campaign.

Expansion of a possibility of purchase of advertizing on social networks

The Roundabout format allows to show in one declaration to six product cards. Multiformat automatically adapts banners depending on an advertizing space and broadcasts declarations on all available resources. In a news feed of VKontakte Multiformat it is displayed as "Advertizing of the website", allowing to advance any formats of landing, for example, desktop and mobile versions of the website or the application.

Platforms and formats are selected by the myTarget system automatically depending on the platform on which there is a set target audience in specific timepoint. Such determination of the location gives the chance to increase conversion at lower price for action (CPA). The possibility of broadcast of declarations only of VKontakte remains available through an advertizing office of social network.

91% of users of Runet use the Group projects (data of the company for August, 2019). Thanks to additional opportunities of the myTarget platform advertisers will be able to configure campaigns and to inform of key messages the widest, but at the same time relevant audience[3].

Updating of a system of certification for the staff of advertizing agencies

On August 1, 2019 Group announced updating of a system of certification advertizing of the myTarget platform. Specialists on internet-to marketing and the staff of advertizing agencies will be able to receive or update the certificate after passing of two examinations. Tasks in testing conform to key requirements for work with tools and technologies of the platform.

Updating of a system of certification for the staff of advertizing agencies

The updated format of certification consists of theoretical and practical parts. A theoretical part includes 30 questions on different blocks of digital-marketing and work with myTarget. Runtime of the test is limited – 30 minutes. For passing of the theory it is necessary to gain not less than 80 points from 100.

After delivery of testing access to a practical part of certification opens. The user receives a task on promotion of a product or service and also the educational account with the bonus budget. It is important to comply the conditions set in a task to achieve effective objectives. A system automatically analyzes the received indicators before confirming passing of the test.

If it was not succeeded to perform tasks from the first, it is possible to repeat the theory next day, and to practician – in five days after the previous attempt. The online course which is specially developed under the updated requirements will help to be prepared for certification delivery. It in details covers all range of the subjects touched in certification – from the general questions about targeted advertizing before deep settings and optimization of campaigns on the platform. Materials will also be useful to those who want to improve knowledge in work with tools that is especially important in the conditions of fast development of advertizing technologies.

Having successfully performed tasks, the user receives the certificate which works within a year on email. After this term skills of work with the platform need to be confirmed again. Advertizing agencies can undergo certification of myTarget also. For this purpose it is necessary that at least two employees of the agency received certificates of the platform.

Certification — a necessary stage for the internet marketing specialist who confirms the high level of ownership of tools and is the sign of trust for clients and partners. The program became logical continuation of development of the most advertizing myTarget platform on which more and more technologies and tools for promotion on the Group projects and in a partner network appear.

Start of the Direct Transactions tool

On May 15, 2019 Group announced start of the Direct Transactions tool which will allow advertisers to redeem specific places of placements from publishers on the basis of direct arrangements between the buyer and the platform. Setup, optimization and efficiency evaluation of campaigns are performed in the advertizing myTarget platform that allows to connect relevant tools of a system, including targetings on narrow segments of audience. At the conclusion of direct transactions use of several advertizing formats – preroll, out-stream of video, html5-banners and a multiformat – is available to demonstration on different devices of users. Thanks to such approach advertizing agencies and the companies will be able to work with bonus advertizing platforms directly. Direct transactions will allow advertisers to place declarations on advertizing spaces, often unavailable in an auction, including in a priority order.

MyTarget platform
Direct transactions allow advertisers to use effective advertizing formats on the most priority for them platforms and locations at the predefined price. This further development of our bonus network: in the current product it is already possible to buy only the affinitivny websites, including with a cross-frequency, but advertisers are still limited to a uniform format on all platforms. With the advent of direct transactions there is possible use of the formats unavailable in an auction – for example, a billboard 970х250 – with the stipulated priority.
Maxim Zenin, director of the advertizing products Group

Publishers, in turn, will have an opportunity to increase an advertizing revenue on own resources and also to find additional partners for long-term cooperation. Statistics on the campaigns started on their advertizing spaces, advertisers, rates and budgets in real time will be available to owners of resources.

Within direct transactions two setup options of stock – the guaranteed and non-quaranteed redemptions are available. At the guaranteed redemption of setup of targeting of advertizing on resources the publisher sets. In an advertizing office the following parameters are available to clients: rates, general budget and terms of a campaign. The non-quaranteed redemption provides access for the advertiser to all settings of targeting on the advertizing myTarget platform which functionality allows to buy only those demonstrations which answer the set classroom segments.

The following partners were already connected to direct transactions:

Interest in a product was also expressed by publishers of Outfit7, ZeptoLab, Viber, and others. The list of partner publishers will continue to extend.