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Developers: Group
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/05/15
Branches: Internet services,  Information technologies,  Advertising, PR and marketing

2019: Start of the Direct Transactions tool

On May 15, 2019 Group announced start of the Direct Transactions tool which will allow advertisers to redeem specific places of placements from publishers on the basis of direct arrangements between the buyer and the platform. Setup, optimization and efficiency evaluation of campaigns are performed in the advertizing myTarget platform that allows to connect relevant tools of a system, including targetings on narrow segments of audience. At the conclusion of direct transactions use of several advertizing formats – preroll, out-stream of video, html5-banners and a multiformat – is available to demonstration on different devices of users. Thanks to such approach advertizing agencies and the companies will be able to work with bonus advertizing platforms directly. Direct transactions will allow advertisers to place declarations on advertizing spaces, often unavailable in an auction, including in a priority order.

MyTarget platform
Direct transactions allow advertisers to use effective advertizing formats on the most priority for them platforms and locations at the predefined price. This further development of our bonus network: in the current product it is already possible to buy only the affinitivny websites, including with a cross-frequency, but advertisers are still limited to a uniform format on all platforms. With the advent of direct transactions there is possible use of the formats unavailable in an auction – for example, a billboard 970х250 – with the stipulated priority.
Maxim Zenin, director of the advertizing products Group

Publishers, in turn, will have an opportunity to increase an advertizing revenue on own resources and also to find additional partners for long-term cooperation. Statistics on the campaigns started on their advertizing spaces, advertisers, rates and budgets in real time will be available to owners of resources.

Within direct transactions two setup options of stock – the guaranteed and non-quaranteed redemptions are available. At the guaranteed redemption of setup of targeting of advertizing on resources the publisher sets. In an advertizing office the following parameters are available to clients: rates, general budget and terms of a campaign. The non-quaranteed redemption provides access for the advertiser to all settings of targeting on the advertizing myTarget platform which functionality allows to buy only those demonstrations which answer the set classroom segments.

The following partners were already connected to direct transactions:

Interest in a product was also expressed by publishers of Outfit7, ZeptoLab, Viber, and others. The list of partner publishers will continue to extend.