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Developers: BeatDev (Bitdev)
Last Release Date: 2019/02/05
Technology: BPM,  SaaS - Software as service,  Project management systems,  Time recording



Automatic converting of documents from templates in PDF and sending by email

On February 5, 2019 the Bitdev company reported that in Neaktor the feature automatically was added to convert documents from docx into PDF and to automatically send them by e-mail.


According to the company, for work with documents in Neaktor there is a functionality of document templates. It allows to generate automatically the document on a template. In the document values directly from fields of any record or a task of Neaktor are automatically substituted. It is so possible to receive the ready agreement or the account with values which Neaktor will take from a card of the client or the transaction.

Earlier the manager needed to download this document on the computer, to peresokhranit it in PDF and to send to the client through email comment in tasks.

Setup of a template for the auto-letter

In this release of Neaktor automated this stage of work. It is not obligatory to download and send the generated document to clients manually. Now Neaktor is able to create automatically PDF from the document on a template and to send it to the client through automatic action "Send the letter". For this purpose at a stage setup of the automatic letter needs to select what document format to send – Word or PDF.

Type of the robot with a binding to date. Auto-actions in robots

On January 16, 2019 the Bitdev company reported that in the Neaktor system there were two big updatings on functionality of robots – type of the robot who can work in a certain date, and an opportunity to start auto-actions using robots.

Robots are automatic scenarios which work at approach of certain events triggers. They allow to create advanced automation during the work with tasks, noted in Bitdev.

For January, 2019 in Neaktor there are already two types of robots who are able to do autocalculation and to automatically hide fields on a task form. In the provided release there was the third type of the robot who can work in a certain date. With its help it is possible:

  • wish the client happy birthday and send him the automatic letter on the set template;
  • once a month to create a subtask for a certain task;
  • at once automatically to replace the contractor or the status of a task when the task became overdue.

Setup of the robot happens on the tab of the same name in business process settings.

According to the statement of the developer, the robot supports 7 scenarios of a binding to date. It can work at the time of approach of the specified date, to or after date, in specific day of year or in time till this day. There is an opportunity to organize the repeating activities: the robot will work annually or daily at the appointed time.

Except a binding to date it is possible to configure additional conditions of operation of the robot.

Opportunity became the second big change for all types of robots not only to change the status of a task or some data in task fields at operation of the robot, but also to execute auto-actions.

Thus it is possible to configure the robot on automatic creation or updating of a task, adding of the observer, sending the letter on a template, setting of a reminder or sending POST requests to third-party services.


"Collaborators" in tasks

On December 24, 2018 the Bitdev company announced that in Neaktor the Collaborators field appeared. It can be used when several contractors can work at a certain stage of business process at the same time.

Actually it allows to select one chief contractor and some more employees who work on a task right now.

For example, 2 developers can work at a stage of writing of the code in a task of development at the same time: one does a server part, the second — the interface (front-end). Work is performed in parallel, but the chief contractor is that employee who does the main part of a task, and collaborators — assistants. And already on the next stage, we will allow testing, a sex of collaborators it is possible to hide completely.

Connection of a field of collaborators is performed at setup of business process on the Fields and Forms tab. It is enough to draw this field on a form of a task and to save settings.

An opportunity to share projects with other companies

On December 6, 2018 the Bitdev company announced that in Neaktor there was an opportunity to open external access to any project for other companies which have an account Neaktor too. The functionality allows to share lists of joint tasks and activities, reference books and directories with partners. It will allow to establish closer interaction and will accelerate data exchange.

To use this option, it is necessary to come into the project, to generate a link and to transfer her to the clients or partners.

By default administrators and the owner of the account can open access to the project. If necessary it is possible to configure the right to open projects on external access and to other users.

The access level to the project for external users is flexibly configured. It is possible to open the project only for viewing or to expand possibilities of external users: permit to leave comments, export tasks and records, to set new tasks. It is also separately possible to conceal names of the employees — project participants.

To add the external project to itself(himself) to the account, it is necessary to insert the link in a menu item "External projects" and to specify users to whom it will be available. They will be able to browse tasks and also to perform other operations permitted by the company which created the project.

External projects allow to organize convenient information exchange in the B2B-sector — between the agencies and clients, suppliers and distributors, an outsource companies and customers.

The mode for autoaction "Wait time"

On November 21, 2018 the Bitdev company announced emergence in the Neaktor system of the mode for automatic action "Wait time". It allows to set the task on a pause and to postpone until approach of the set term.

Earlier the term of waiting was always fixed and was strictly set in business process settings. For example, "wait for 4 days". Now there was an opportunity to make waiting for different tasks of process dynamic and to tie it for date which the user selects independently.

Thus it is possible to postpone a task until the date specified in any field with the Date type. For example, before date which was appointed by the supplier.

The section of Wiki in mobile version

On November 16, 2018 the Bitdev company announced that in mobile version of the Neaktor system the section for storage of instructions — Wiki appeared. Before the wiki-instruction were available only in the web version of Neaktor. Now users will be able to read instructions directly from phone.

Updating mobile application of Neaktor is already available in shops Google Play and App Store. After updating in the section "Company and events" the subsection Wiki will appear.

An opportunity to call directly from the application

On October 29, 2018 it became known that in CRM Neaktor there was an opportunity to call and receive calls directly from the web application. For October, 2018 the option is available to the added telephony of UIScom and earlier added Gravitel.

An opportunity to call directly from Neaktor

For setup it is necessary to specify SIP logins and passwords for employees, and they will be able to make and receive at once calls directly to Neaktor. It is very convenient for several reasons:

  1. each employee does not need to set up the equipment and programs for calls separately. At big sales department or call center — it takes a lot of time.
  2. All setup of telephony goes in one place.
  3. there Is no binding to the place or the working machine. If you in a business trip or at other office – just come into Neaktor, you call and accept entering.

It is planned that a bit later an opportunity to call from Neaktor will appear also for some other virtual PBX.

Integration with Sipuni, Mango Office, UIScom, Telfin

On October 26, 2018 it became known that in CRM Neaktor appeared integration with 4 IP telephony: Sipuni Mango Office, UIScom Telfin.

Integration with Sipuni, Mango Office, UIScom, Telfin

Telephony in Neaktor from other services is distinguished by the expanded system of settings:

  • The configured contact card at a call — you manage fields which should seem in a short card of contact when he calls you. If necessary it is possible to pass to a detailed card of contact.
  • An opportunity to use several reference books of contacts - in Neaktor you can configure several reference books of contacts. For example, separately to keep base of clients, separately suppliers, separately applicants on a vacancy and so on.
  • A system for introduction of results of negotiations - when the manager will talk to the client, it will be offered to it to record results of negotiations. Also conversation recording will be attached to a card of contact.
  • Work with difficult scenarios of redirections - a card of contact is shown to that employee who talks to him. If you transfer a call to other manager — he will see a contact card too. Besides, Neaktor supports also other cases of difficult readdressing.

For October, 2018, in addition to 4 above-mentioned telefoniya, in Neaktor integration with virtual is available Automatic telephone exchange of Zadarma and Gravitel. Integration is planned with providers onlinePBX and Asterisk.

Integration with the IP telephony of Zadarma and Gravitel

On July 12, 2018 the Bitdev company announced that in a system for project management and business processes of Neaktor there was an opportunity to connect integration into virtual PBX.

According to the representative of the company, in the automatic telephone exchange it is possible to configure scenarios of redirection of calls by employees, and in a system it is possible:

  • See who calls, to look at short parts. If necessary to pass to a detailed card of the employee.
  • Bring results of a conversation the comment, add a reminder.
  • To automatically attach conversation recording to a contact card, after end of a call.
  • Use at the same time several bases of contacts.
  • Process the missed calls.
  • Configure flexible roles and access rights to telephony.

Systems capabilities

As of July 12, it is possible to connect two following providers of telephony: Zadarma and Gravitel.

2015: Release on the market

The Bitdev company, the Belarusian software developer, put in the summer of 2015 on the market the free application for business – Neaktor. This system is created for optimization of workflows in the companies.

"Cloud" service represents uniform space for all staff of the organization. It includes such means of work as joint maintaining projects and tasks, the closed chat, employee base of the company, the scheduler of working time, a corporate news feed and an e-mail client.

Thanks to a possibility of adding of any information fields, purposes of access rights, setup of the sequence of workflow and structure formation of the project, a system is suitable for solving of tasks of business of any scale and a segment of the market. Thus, Neaktor is a universal system for the organization of collective work.

The main functionality of the application – joint work over tasks. It is convenient thanks to a possibility of commenting, viewing history of tasks, notifications about changes and to the search supporting filtering on certain signs.

Neaktor performs also the disciplining function: stipulates accurate terms of accomplishment of tasks and provides analytical data for assessment of key performance indicators of the company user.

Neaktor helps to regulate load of employees, thereby considerably increasing company performance.