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Neman-R Software and hardware complex

Developers: Kaliningradgazpriboravtomatika (KGPA)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/02/07
Branches: Gas industry
Technology: APCS

SAU GPA "Neman-R" is intended for the accomplishment of complete volume of functions of automatic control, regulation, antiabnormal protection, serviceability check and information functions providing accident-free long operation of the gas-distributing unit on objects of capital construction, reconstruction.

Based on a system the set of an equipment (SE) can be developed for repair of the existing SAU GPA.

SAU GPA "Neman-R" works independently and also as a part of automatic management system of higher level (an APCS of CC).

A system is executed based on PTK "Neman-R" on modern Russian PTS: Fastwel controllers, the distributed periphery of Fastwel I/O, SCADA system of MASTERSKADA.

SAU GPA based on PTK "Neman-R" passed acceptance tests of PJSC Gazprom on KTs-1 of Punginsky LPUMG of Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk LLC of 4/26/2016. For February, 2020 are produced in lots.

The equipment SAU GPA Neman-R is a part of remkomplekt Neman-R of physically worn-out and obsolete systems of modular A-705-15, STsKU, "Konotop" automatic equipment intended for capital repair, etc.

2020: Support of the modular MK150-02 Fastwel computer

On February 7, 2020 it became known that within development of domestic automation systems Ltd company "Kaliningradgazpriboravtomatika", subsidiary Gazprom avtomatizatsiya software of PJSC ", completed a complex of the works on adaptation of the general and special PTK Neman-R for support modular computer the companies Fastwel MK150-02 based on domestic processor Baikal-T.


Tests of the modular MK150-02 Fastwel computer at the specialized stand confirmed an opportunity and prospects of its application as a part of the most exacting production systems to computing power Ltd company "Kaliningradgazpriboravtomatika" - automatic control systems with the gas-distributing unit and automatic control systems electromagnetic suspension.

Neman-R Software and hardware complex

Based on trial operation of the equipment based on PTK "Neman-R" from MK150-02 on objects of PJSC Gazprom the updated complex will be put in serial production.