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Nvidia Holodeck

Developers: Nvidia
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/10/10
Technology: CAD

Nvidia Holodeck is the intellectual platform of virtual reality for developers.

The Nvidia Holodeck platform allows designers, developers and customers from any places in the world jointly to create and analyze projects in physically correct virtual environment of high realness.

The photorealism and effect of presence stimulate creativity, allow to understand better a scene or model, simplify process of the analysis and eliminate need for creation of a physical prototype. Thanks to realistic graphics, physically correct modeling and support of joint work, Holodeck it is already used as productive design laboratory for the modules AI trained using the Nvidia Isaac simulator.

Holodeck project presentation, on May 12, 2017

2017: Opening of early access

On October 10, 2017 the Nvidia company announced opening of early access to Nvidia Holodeck — the intellectual platform of virtual reality for developers.

Developers of products, applications and another 3D - content will have following features thanks to Nvidia Holodeck:

  • Otrisovyvaniye of large models of high extent of detailing with high realness in real time in actual scale.
    • Developers can save a lot of time, focusing attention on the project instead of being engaged in simplification of difficult models for fall forward of work in VR.

  • Creation and interaction with people, robots and objects in physically correct environment.

    • Understanding as the project looks, it is felt, sounds and behaves in different environments to its physical embodiment, developers can create the best and more reliable products.

  • Natural cooperation in real time in the same virtual space.

    • Even if commands are in different corners of the world, all of them equally can work jointly on the project to create and bring to the market products quicker.

  • Effective process of work thanks to modeling tools based on the artificial intelligence (AI).

    • Smart machines can be collected and trained in physically correct Holodeck environment quicker, cheaper and more reliably.

The Nvidia Holodeck platform allows to create jointly projects in physically correct virtual environment

Early access to Nvidia Holodeck will allow designers, developers and inventors to experiment with opportunities of the platform and to plan future work.

In future Nvidia is going to add to Holodeck support of algorithms of deep learning in virtual environment, interest in which constantly grows that will allow to train, model, create content and to study the ideas using artificial intelligence.

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