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Nvidia vGPU

Developers: Nvidia
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/03/24
Technology: Virtualization

2020: Expansion of free access to software for virtualization of GPU

On March 24, 2020 the NVIDIA company announced expansion of free 90-day access to the software for virtualization of GPU from 128 to 500 licenses.

According to the company, these licenses allow the companies to organize based on the existing GPU NVIDIA park infrastructure of the accelerated virtual desktops that remote workers could work and interact productively from any place. The companies will also be able dynamically to redistribute loading between GPU to involve graphic processors which are used on other projects, for the organization of work of remote workers.

Nvidia expanded free access to software for virtualization of GPU for the organization of work of remote workers

On March, 2020 each organization works on the solution of the tasks. It is important to medical organizations to organize access to the help from locations. Educational institutions expand the virtual classes. The agencies coordinate the most popular services.

Different tasks assume different requirements therefore NVIDIA offers the different GPU customized by software for virtualization. All three levels of specialized software from NVIDIA are available within the expanded free license:

  • NVIDIA GRID provides virtualization of desktops (VDI) easy to control by virtualization of systems and applications;
  • NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation provides workstation level performance in graphic applications for those who work with content;
  • NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server accelerates work with virtualized server using GPU in such resource-intensive tasks as AI, deep training and processing big of arrays data on to the virtual machine.

In addition to high performance and low delays, software of NVIDIA vGPU guarantees reliable protection for confidential information of the closed and closed digital assets. All this remains in data center and does not remain on local client devices. Data protection – one of important requirements to the organization of remote work of employees in many industries, including creation of visual effects and design and also researches and development.

By software of NVIDIA vGPU it is certified in a wide ecosystem of hypervisors, platforms, user applications and managing software to help IT specialists to provide support of distant employees.

The companies can deploy virtual workstations, carry out calculations and provide virtual access from data centers, having set vGPU software on all to GPU NVIDIA based on architecture of Pascal, Volta and Turing, including NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 and also NVIDIA M10 and M60 GPU.

NVIDIA also provides free 90-day access to Parabricks software for researchers of a genome of COVID-19.