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OFD platform: Compare yourself to the market

Developers: Evotor (OFD Platform)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/03/25
Branches: Trade
Technology: BI

2020: Development of "Compare Yourself to the Market" service

On March 25, 2020 IT- the company "OFD platform" announced development of service of the analysis of sales in to trade and the power supply industries "Compare yourself to the market". The solution is intended for cafe, coffee shops, grocery stores, car services, beauty shops and also other organizations of the sector of not network retail and the service industry.

"Compare yourself to the market"

The entrepreneur receives in one window, in real time and in a convenient graphic type - to analyst on such key indicators of the business as revenue, an average bill, number of purchases (checks), volume of goods items in the check, the range. At the same time, similar average market indicators in the selected trade category are reflected (food, auto parts, services of hairdressing salons, flowers, etc.).

The user himself selects on what geographical sign to compare own sales to market. The territory of a scope can be from a certain area of trade, to the level of the city or the region. Automatic selection of the territory of sales to the selected address is provided to the client.

Comparison of indicators is made in weeks and months (by default, service shows development of sales for the last 12 months). It is possible to monitor a situation, analyzing previous periods.

The service will show sales volume in terms of money on transaction types (arrival, an expense, return of arrival and an expense) and calculation types (cash and non-cash purchases).

Using information of the solution "Compare Yourself to the Market", the entrepreneur receives operational monitoring of a situation in the market and in the outlet to manage sales and consumer activity, to adjust the prices and the range in time, to plan activities for the purpose of sales growth.

The solution completely conforms to requirements of the current legislation. The analytics is based on the aggregated depersonalized data of OFD.

Comparison of own sales with the market – one of the most demanded and expensive products of analytics which generally network retail companies and producers use. However not the first year to us makes an inquiry for similar service small and medium business. As a result, we developed the solution under needs of small trade and opened it in a personal account of the client. For March, 2020 we see keen interest in it in the Moscow region. In realities of March, 2020, we give to clients the free test period of use of service,
noted Alexey Barov, the CEO of OFD Platform IT company