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OS aurora (before SailfishOS)

Developers: Open Mobile Platform (OMP), Jolla (Sailfish Holding)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2012/06/15
Last Release Date: 2020/06/04
Technology: Mobile Device Management (MDM),  ОС


OS the Aurora is the first domestic operating system for mobile devices. It is focused on large business and the state organizations with big staff of field employees.

It is developed based on a core open source Linux. Also are a part of a product a little licensed closed a component. The full stroke of a production system is performed in Russia the Russian specialists.

Aurora – the only domestic mobile OS which is included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. FSB and FSTEC is certified. OS have own platform of device management – Aurora Centre.

Among opportunities Aurora OS it is possible to select the following:

  • Trusted boot and control of integrity of the file system
  • Built-in verification of installation and start of programs
  • Built-in security policies
  • Full remote control over all functions of the smartphone
  • Own platform of device management
  • Protection of communication channels (GOST VPN)
  • Multifactor authentication (including support of tokens)
  • Data encryption
  • Work with the electronic signature (including qualified)
  • Software for the solution of any tasks: from applied (browsers, multimedia, messengers, etc.) to professional and specialized (document flow, personnel management, work with the entrusted file storages, etc.).


Express overview of the operating system Aurora: security, control and independence

Events of the last years showed that foreign IT products for a number of reasons can at any time cease to work in a certain country or the companies. Developers of the first domestic mobile OS the Aurora share opinion that in the conditions of geopolitical changes development of own products is a reasonable approach. At the same time smooth operation of mobile infrastructure, full control of devices and protection of information, sensitive for the organizations, is ensured. Details here.

Exit of Dr.Web for Aurora of OS

Doctor Web Companythe Russian developer of antiviruses Dr.Web provided a product – Dr.Web for Aurora. With its emergence users of mobile devices on the platform the Aurora – and it is generally the staff of large state companies and organizations, – receive the instrument of information protection developed in Russia. On June 16, 2020 the company the Open Mobile Platform (OMP) reported about it. Read more here.

the FSTEC certificate on compliance to requirements of a profile of protection of OS of type "A" 4 classes of protection for Aurora OS 3.2.1

On June 4, 2020 the Open Mobile Platform company announced obtaining certificates of conformity for the latests version of the operating system Aurora and platforms of management Aurora Centre that actually completed process of renaming and rebranding of products.

Certificates confirm that Aurora (release 3.2.1) updated OS corresponds "To a profile of protection of operating systems of A type of the fourth class of protection and security of information information information technologies the document "The Requirements on Setting the Trust Levels to Means of Technical Protection and Security Protections" on the fourth trust level. The certified version of OS Aurora supports work on tablets Aquarius Cmp NS220 and Byterg MVK-2020. The platform of management Aurora Centre (release 2.2.1) is certified on compliance to Specifications and on compliance to the fourth trust level.

Certification took place according to the last "Requirements for security of information FSTEC Russia" which entered a concept of the trust levels and their classification, and confirms that OS Aurora and the platform of management Aurora Centre can be used on objects critical information infrastructure of the 1st category, in the state information systems of the 1st class of security, in automated control systems production and technology processes of the 1st class of security, in information systems personal data in need of ensuring the 1st level of security personal data, in public information systems of the II class. So in any information systems which are not processing the state secret.