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OTR. Support

Developers: OTR
Date of the premiere of the system: 2016/10/24
Last Release Date: 2020/02/11
Technology: ERP,  Mobile Device Management (MDM),  cybersecurity - Authentication,  cybersecurity - Means of enciphering,  Office applications,  SOA,  EDMS,  EDMS - the Systems of stream recognition,  Project management systems


Support - a software platform – a complex of software and technological solutions. Allows to function to the applied systems created to its basis in the form of a whole and also to develop the new systems with necessary functionality in the predicted terms and with preserving of integrity.

Представление ПО "Опора", (2016)

"OTR. The support" is the Russian analog of platform solutions of the leading western brands, such as SAP IBM, Microsoft Oracle and so forth. The platform is intended for process automation of activity of the enterprises, creation of the high-loaded applied systems with the built-in business logic (including a class ERP ECM MDM, including integration, security, the legal importance and analytics), integration and portal solutions for consolidation of different information systems in unified information environment.

The following technology components are a part of the platform: the portal with personal accounts, the environment of execution of applications, business processes and integration, information security, cryptography, the electronic signature and analytics.

On the basis of the platform large projects of federal level are implemented. For the Federal Treasury (FT) – GIIS "Electronic Budget", the Federal purchasing system, the normative reference information (NRI) of FC, departmental accounting, the summary reporting of FC; for Federal notarial chamber the second queue of the Unified information system of the Notariate and many other projects is created.

The structure Support includes a set of ready-made application solutions:

OTR. Cryptoserver

  • Universal server of cryptographic information protection.
    • the Solution on sale of the centralized, universal and simple mechanism of ensuring authorship, integrity, a neotkazuyemost and the legal importance of electronic document management in the applied systems based on the electronic signature, including for SIEI.


  • OTR. Prism
    • a support.PPU – the portal of project management and a monitoring system. LifeRay is implemented on the platform open source, it is developed taking into account the best practices of conducting project activity united in the uniform code PMBOK (the code of knowledge of project management - engl. Project Management Body of Knowledge).

SUPPORT. Monitoring

  • OTR. Assol
    • SUPPORT System. Monitoring provides collecting and the data of the reporting, control of performing discipline and quality of filling in the online mode, allows to reveal errors quickly. Reduces costs for data collection in the distributed organizations to 50%.


    • the Support.UFOS provides the organization and support of the protected electronic document management in the public institutions, banks, the large companies having geographically distributed structure and also at the small enterprises.

SUPPORT. Documents

  • System of electronic office-work
    • Electronic document management system of OPORA. Documents integrates all basic functions of ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management is content managements of the enterprise) and portal solutions.


    • SUPPORT. The GURU – the web application intended for training, testing and certification of users for work with PPO. Allows to fulfill practical skills and knowledge of functionality of a new system in the online mode without involvement of the instructor.


  • OTR. Dome
    • SUPPORT. The dome provides the centralized mechanisms of identification, authentication and external authorization of users. Is the instrument of data protection from unauthorized access at the level of the application software of information systems.

SUPPORT. Analytics

  • OTR. SUPPORT: Analytics - the system of electronic office-work
    • Electronic document management system of OPORA. Documents integrates all basic functions of ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management is content managements of the enterprise) and portal solutions.

SUPPORT. Agents and partners

  • System of information and analytical support of cooperation
    • Universal system of information and analytical support of cooperation of the organizations with their partners and agents. EDMS, including flexible configuration of document flow (docflow) has all potential modern.

2020: Adding of "Uniform Personal Account of the User (UPAU)"

On February 11, 2020 reported OTR that within development of a software platform of OPORA released the release of the Universal Front Office System (UFOS) including the "Uniform Personal Account of the User (UPAU)" component.

ELKP in essence is the internal portal providing the organization of a working space for users of information systems of other resources created on the SUPPORT platform components, and also supporting technology of embedding for iFrame technology.

The ELKP key functions are:

  • the organization of a common information space of users for work with information services and resources,
  • setup of an individual working space of the user,
  • ensuring access to services and resources at single authentication on Single Sign-On technology.

Implementation of the ELKP component is executed in microservice architecture, using Spring and Angular technologies. Embedding of information services and subsystems is based on technology relevant for the majority of the modern information systems presented at the Russian market. The ELKP component excludes need of use of foreign proprietary software platforms now, and can serve for import substitution tasks. The interface of a personal account and its function are optimized under requirements of the most wide range of modern users.

The uniform personal account of the user of OPORA, thanks to reliability, functionality and scalability is suitable for solving of tasks of creation and development of large corporate solutions and the state information systems where it is necessary to ensure connection and simultaneous operation of tens of thousands of users.

For February, 2020 components of a software platform of OPORA are a basis of the high-loaded information systems functioning in federal agencies and the commercial organizations.

Developing OPORU, we save its most important quality – reliability and the opportunity for work checked by years of practice at the highest loading which as was considered earlier, is available only to solutions of the largest world IT corporations. Constantly expanding functionality of our system and applying in it the most advanced developments, including those which are available in the updated Uniform personal account, we maintain competitiveness of the Russian product provided in the most difficult niche – complete corporate solutions,
comments Anatoly Bezryadin, the technical director on OTR

2019: Affiliate program "OTR. Cooperation"

"Open Technologies", Klaud Link, "Center of the Innovative Technologies" (CIT), ITDT Ltd. joined the affiliate program "OTR. Cooperation". The program of OTR IT company assumes rendering delivery services of the software of a portfolio of the platform "OTR. A support" through network of partners.

Under the terms of the signed contracts partners OTR receive a number of bonuses and encouragement by delivery "OTR. Support": lack of restriction for the minimum purchasing amount; network of regional representative offices; a possibility of personnel training on trainings; operational delivery of orders; help in the organization and carrying out marketing efforts; providing promotional and marketing materials; development in partners of competences in design and development of solutions based on the platform, etc.

2017: Technology features of the open SUPPORT platform

(Data are relevant for January, 2017)


  • Modularity of the platform according to the provisions SOA - separation of functions on modules, ensuring weak coherence, interaction by means of web services
  • Support by components of the platform of the fundamental international standards in the field of integration interaction, cryptography and security

Flexible configuring of structure of components under needs of the Customer and a possibility of replacement of components of the platform by systems which are already operated at the Customer

Free basic software

  • DBMS PostgreSQL
  • Tomcat/WSO2AS/Jetty application servers
  • Forgerock OpenAM
  • WSO2 stack
  • Liferay portal
  • Talend ETL / Pentaho Kettle
  • Pentaho Suite
  • Jasig Cas, Moodle, etc.

Speed of creation of the applied systems

  • The development tools which are not requiring skills of programming
  • WYSIWYG editor of forms of the user interface
  • The graphics editor of lifecycles of the developed objects
  • Extensive expanded object library, functions, components and templates of user interfaces.
  • Built-in interpreted language

Rapid prototyping and creation of ready-made application solutions, low requirements to qualification of developers

Efficiency of collective development

  • Methodology: requirements management and changes, management of development, management of release of versions, maintenance
  • Technology: infrastructure of the assembly conveyor, no-touch deployment and testing of versions, reuse of components and objects

Fast deployment of infrastructure of development and effective training of development teams, possibility of the organization of parallel joint development of several development teams


Products of a software platform "SUPPORT" are included in the Unified register of the Russian software

The main products which are a part of a software platform of Support developed by OTR company are included in the Unified register of the Russian software.

The output of Support out of borders of the Russian Federation is planned

On October 24, 2016 the OTR company announced delivery plans of a complex of products and technologies of a software platform Support out of borders of Russia and the CIS countries.

On October 10, 2016 OTR and Rosinformeksport signed the agreement of intent within which they begin cooperation in promotion of the Support platform abroad.

Rosinformeksport will act as the supplier of the platform and the products which are its part. Technologies as a part of Support have the Russian origin. According to developers, the platform has necessary flexibility for adaptation to tasks of the foreign companies.


In 2015 stress testing of performance of basic component of the Support.UFOS platform on infrastructure of IBM in laboratory of vendor in Montpellier was held (France). Tests showed system performance at the level of 40 thousand simultaneous user sessions.