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Panasonic KX series of mobile phones

Developers: Panasonic Corporation
Date of the premiere of the system: 2018/11/21
Last Release Date: 2020/02/10
Branches: Electrical equipment and microelectronics

2020: KX-TU456 и KX-TU110

On February 10, 2020 the Panasonic company reported that it brings to the Russian market two mobile phones at once – KX-TU456 ("folding bed") and KX-TU110 ("tube"). Models differ in the improved ergonomics, functionality and shock resistance and at the same time look compact and modern. They will become an excellent alternative to the smartphone for the senior generation, the first phone for children and also the reliable satellite for travelers and all who want to be always in touch, but are not ready to risk expensive smartphone in extreme conditions.


According to the company, Panasonic KX-TU456 model is provided in a form factor of "folding bed" - rather rare, but at the same time quite demanded in Russia. On a cover of phone there is a panel of notifications where are displaid information on messages, the missed calls and so forth.

Large digits and letters on the highlighted keys well are read even at insufficient lighting. Clicking is followed by a sound signal so the user can be sure of correctness of the dialed number.


The color high-contrast 2.4-inch TFT screen with the resolution of 240×320 pixels and the accurate menu facilitate navigation. Capacity of the telephone directory exceeds 450 numbers, for five subscribers it is possible to configure a preemptory call on a public address system (by the SOS button on phone back). The built-in equalizer allows to regulate volume for each voice frequency range (there is a choice from three modes). The model is also compatible to hearing aids. There is a support of cards of microSD.


The shock-resistant body protects phone from damages when falling from height to 1.5 m. Complete of a charge of the accumulator will ensure functioning in standby mode up to 25 days (till 600 o'clock). KX-TU456 model will be provided in two flowers: red and blue metallic.


The second innovation - Panasonic KX-TU110 - is executed in the form of a tube with 1.77-inch color TFT the LCD screen, the large highlighted keys and a convenient management system for volume (a side key in an upper part of the device).


This model also supports function of a preemptory call on a public address system for the emergency calls to important contacts, is compatible to hearing aids. The telephone directory contains totally (in phone and SIM) more than 550 numbers.

Rugged construction protects KX-TU110 from damages and blows. The bright LED small lamp which is built in an upper part of phone will help to illuminate the road, to find keys or things in the dark. Operating time in a talk mode reaches 5 hours, in standby mode - 225 hours. Support of cards of microSD is provided.

The model will be available in three flowers: black, blue and violet.

2018: Panasonic KX-TU150

On November 21, 2018 the Panasonic company reported that at the end of November it brings to the Russian market the mobile phone - Panasonic KX-TU150. The ergonomic and simple model in use is equipped with a key of "emergency call", the big color screen and large contrast buttons. These and other characteristics do model by the optimal mobile phone for the senior and younger generation, the producer considers.

Panasonic KX-TU150 mobile phone

Phone is presented in 3 flowers (black, blue, red). Large digits and letters on the buttons highlighted from within well are read even at insufficient lighting, facilitating control of phone. The Emergency call function allows to contact urgently close people and services of the help, using the outside loudspeaker for a conversation. It is possible to gather one of earlier registered contacts by a one click of a key. If the subscriber does not answer a call, phone will automatically pass to the following contact in the list. In total in memory of "emergency call" it is possible to save up to five contacts, noted in Panasonic

According to the statement of the producer, the KX-TU150 mobile phone is compatible to hearing aids that does it attractive to representatives of the senior generation. Therefore even those who use the hearing aid will be able to expect high quality of a sound at a conversation and lack of unpleasant noise. The management system for volume allows to regulate its level using the corresponding key – sideways, in an upper part of a tube.

One more option - the LED small lamp which is built in an upper part of the mobile phone. It will help to illuminate the road, to find keys or things in the dark. Thanks to a powerful charge of the accumulator, it is possible to stay in touch long time. Phone operating time in a talk mode reaches 6 hours, and in standby mode - till 700 o'clock, the producer claims

Retail price of KX-TU150 model is 2990 rub.