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PayMaster (service)

Developers: PayMaster, Kraskombank
Last Release Date: 2019/08/13
Technology: Systems of remote banking


PayMaster is the complete solution for online stores and services.

2019: Integration of a possibility of payment through WeChat Pay

The service of payment acceptance PayMaster announced on August 13, 2019 integration of a possibility of payment via the Chinese WeChat Pay system. The solution is suitable for all offline - and online stores.

The service will be interesting, first of all to those who is interested in tourists from the People's Republic of China or in buyers among the Chinese diaspora.

The shop for activation of payment acceptance through WeChat Pay within the current agreement needs to sign the supplementary agreement with PayMaster only. The buyer for payment needs to scan the QR code using mobile application of WeChat.

The CEO of PayMaster Andrey Smirnov noted: "Payments through WeChat Pay are a part of everyday life of Chinese. In such a way they pay off practically everywhere: from the taxi before the markets, hospitals and hotels. All sellers who are registered in a system get to the general pool of outlets with a geolocation in the messenger".

In the nearest future PayMaster is going to start payment acceptance through Alipay, one of the largest payment systems entering into Alibaba Group.


Integration with Orange Data

The Orange Data company announced on October 17, 2017 integration of the aggregator of payment acceptance of PayMaster with service for lease of online cash desks of Orange Data. Now it is possible to punch checks in Orange Data at payment with bitcoins in full accordance with requirements 54-FZ according to which the electronic check for purchase on the Internet is provided to the buyer. Read more here.

Order taking for connection of the websites to the system of exchange of fiscal data according to 54-FZ

The payment PayMaster aggregator developed the solution on a fiskalization of cashless payments according to requirements 54-FZ. Order taking for connection of online stores opens on May 3, 2017, by July 1 clients of PayMaster will be transferred to the new interchange format by data.

The Fiscal Data Operators (FDO), the largest producers and sellers of the cash register equipment, including the fiscal drives (FD) became partners of PayMaster already. For the clients PayMaster will provide interaction with OFD, sellers of the cash register equipment and FN, if necessary will organize obtaining the electronic digital signature in certification center.

Since May 3, 2017 on the website an opportunity to leave the request for connection opens. PayMaster will estimate the necessary number of the cash register equipment and FN, will provide access to personal account and will undertake technical integration into the cash register equipment and FN for payment acceptance.

At the time of payment PayMaster creates and sends the check to the fiscal drive of online cash desk and also provides sending the check to the buyer. According to 54-FZ online store will receive not only confirmation of PayMaster on effected payment, but also the notification on formation and transfer of the check in online cash desk and OFD.

The solution will allow to reduce terms of transition to sales by the new legislation, removing technical and legal issues from a merchant. In the normal mode those enterprises which will provide information exchange with OFD independently will continue to accept payments through PayMaster. Updating according to 54-FZ all ready modules of payments for CMS, including such popular as 1C Bitrix will receive, inSales, OpenCart, Drupal and Joomla.

The service is provided within the operating rates, additional expenses on payment acceptance at a merchant will not arise.

2015: Payment acceptance methods

For April, 2015 a system helps to accept payment for goods and services by a set of methods:

2014: Representation of service

Representation of service, 2014