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Pelco IMP GFC series Outside cameras

Developers: Pelco by Schneider Electric
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/02/04
Technology: Video surveillance systems

2019: Pelco GFC IMP831-1RS, Pelco GFC IMP831-1ERS

On February 4, 2019 the ARMO-Systems company provided the outside cameras of the IMP GFC series of the Pelco by Schneider Electric trademark calculated for the round-the-clock shooting at external temperatures from-40 to +60 °C both in dry and to rainy weather.

Camera Pelco of the IMP GFC series

According to the statement of the producer, the 8-megapixel resolution of the sensor in combination with a variofokalny lens allow the camera to make out any scene "in parts". At the minimum focal distance of a lens she is capable to control scenes with a viewing angle to 107 °, and at maximum – the most remote scenes with a corner to 37 ° mm. At the same time it is possible to change focal distance of the zoom lens far off on network, and an amount of light getting on the sensor it is regulated automatically using a diaphragm with the P-Iris system. The camera allows to select at installation a perspective of shooting and the direction of IK-illumination depending on features of an object and the place of installation: the video module can be inclined from -10 ° up to 90 ° and to turn on ±100 °.

According to the producer, the camera GFC IMP831-1RS will be demanded for video control on many responsible objects. Its hermetic package with IP66 bears blows to class IK10, and the built-in systems of heating and cooling ensure stable functioning of electronics in the temperature range from-40 to +60 °C (and short-term functioning – to +64 °C). Modification of IMP831-1ERS is identical to the IMP831-1RS model, but is in addition completed with a mounting plate of the NEMA 4X standard. Each 4K-camera of the provided series has the "cold start" function, i.e. can safely be started up to -40 °C including after long power off on a frost. In night-time the built-in IK-searchlight provides viewing field illumination at distance to 30 m, and the system of autoregulation will configure its intensity depending on distance to an interest object.

Support of three codecs and simultaneous broadcastings to three independent flows allow to spend optimum resources of the video system and to direct each of them, for example, for signing up in archive, for "live" video monitoring, etc. IMP831 can transfer to remote users up to 3 video flows with the resolution up to 3840х2160 px. in formats H.265, H.264 or MJPEG. At the same time the minimum expenditure of resources video surveillance systems will be provided not only by adjustment of bitrate and update rate of flows, but also corporate technology of intellectual compression with the Dynamic GOP function. With this technology this surveillance camera analyzes each scene, selecting dynamic areas, and subjects to strong compression only static fragments of a scene, controlling the number of the I-personnel. Thanks to this set of technologies, it is possible to lose video weight to 70% and to increase time of filling of archive of a video surveillance system, the producer claims.

As noted in ARMO-Systems, GFC IMP quickly is established both on vertical, and on a horizontal surface. In a basic equipment it can be mounted on a ceiling by a laid on method, using optional fastenings of IMEPM-E and IMEICM-E – a suspended or cut-in method, and for installation on a wall it is necessary to purchase WMVE-SR bracket. Simplicity of installation is provided by 3 options of power supply: this 4K-camera is powered or directly from a source 12 V/24 V permanent/alternating currents, or on the Ethernet cable via the PoE+ adapter. It is possible to configure cameras using VMS practically of any producers at the expense of their ONVIF compatibility. Also both GFC IMP models are integrated into software of VideoXpert, Endura and Digital Sentry, etc.

Automatic fixing of disturbing events is performed by the intelligent modules which are built in the camera. They allow to detect moving objects and also attempts of closing of the overview, damage of the body of the camera or violation of connection. For control of the territory which is not coming into the view of IMP831 it is possible to connect the security sensor to it, and for implementation of required scenarios on alarm – the actuator. Along with video, this surveillance camera is capable to write a sound via the built-in microphone, and it is possible to save data on the drive microSDXC with a capacity up to 256 GB. Such drive can be used as reserve storage for cases of lack of network connection or as a recording device in the normal mode of work, the producer emphasized.

According to information for February, 2019 the street IP camera of video surveillance Pelco GFC IMP is available to the order at the price of 2425 USD.