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Public inspectors of Russia

The name of the base system (platform):
Developers: Konventum Centre of support of citizens' initiatives (earlier Club Market)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/02/11
Branches: Government and social institutions,  Internet services
Technology: Informatization of state functions

2019: Creation of an information system

On February 11, 2019 the Autonomous nonprofit organization " Announced the center of support of citizens' initiatives Konventum creation within development of opportunities of the Platform of the information system "Public Inspectors of Russia". According to the developer, the created IT tool is designed to become the All-Russian databank containing the information about the active citizens participating in actions of public control or ready to become public inspectors.

Information system "Public Inspectors of Russia"

According to the developer, using a system each citizen of Russia can say publicly about the desire to participate in the actions organized by subjects of public control. In turn, public chambers and councils will be able to invite the interested citizens to participation in actions of public control, forming thus teams of public inspectors. To become a part of the All-Russian project, the citizen needs to visit the website of an information system, to be registered on it and to fill out the questionnaire of the public inspector, the including information on experience of participation in public control, trained and other significant data. After moderation information on the citizen will appear in the directory of public inspectors in free access.

Subjects of public control – public chambers and councils of all levels will be actively involved in use of a databank of public inspectors. The representative of the subject of public control after its authentication by a system will get access to all information on the public inspectors placed in the directory, including the data on users closed from the general public. Via the system of flexible filters it will be able to make selection of the candidates suitable under the current tasks and to unload information on them for further work and contacts with citizens.

For the purpose of additional verification of participants of the directory and a guarantee for subjects of public control the ratings of users and the official statuses of the confirmed public inspectors which are given to users by representatives of subjects of public control are provided that the potential inspector has experience and competences for participation in actions of public control, in a system.

Operational management of the information system "Public Inspectors of Russia" is exercised by ANO Center of support of citizens' initiatives Konventum.

The information system "Public Inspectors of Russia" is created with assistance of Fund of presidential grants within project implementation on development of functionality and opportunities of the All-Russian platform of interaction of citizens and the power of for providing the tools providing deeper involvement of citizens in process of improvement of the urban environment together with the authorities, the developer noted.