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ROBBO Roboplatforma

Developers: ROBBO (before ScratchDuino, ScratchDuino)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2015
Last Release Date: 2017
Branches: Science and education
Technology: Robotics,  Development tools of applications


2017: Robotic designer of "Roboplatform's ROBBO"

The Russian developer of children's robotic designers "ROBBO" completely updated in the summer of 2017 a product line: now the company has two main global products – the robotic designer of "Roboplatform's ROBBO" and the children's IoT-solution "ROBBO Laboratory". The release of a product line will allow the company to concentrate on export of technologies and to reduce costs for development and technical support of products due to transfer of production "ROBBO" in Russia and in the Finnish representative office by a uniform global product.

"ROBBO Roboplatform" is represented by the robotic designer who became less – now the payment of Arduino is sealed directly in a body of "Roboplatforma's ROBBO", thus the device became steadier and more compact. Expanded set of sensors: the sensor of light, contact, a headlight, two sensors of the line and the infrared sensor of distance are included in the package. There is also procurement for independent assembly. Control blocks by the power of motors both together, and separately are also added. Thanks to installation on motors of special encoders there was an opportunity to set an exact turning angle for the robot.

"ROBBO the Laboratory" integrated in itself two old devices – ROBBO Laboratory and Digital laboratory. It is portable building block system which includes the programmable block and gives the chance to collect and analyze data from the environment using sensors of light and a sound. In the new version two analog ports and one digital for connection of external sensors are added. Control buttons received the new rounded design and signatures to all controls. "ROBBO Laboratory" is connected to the computer through USB or micro USB now, two lines of Arduino ports with which it is possible to work directly from software environment of Scratch are brought to the device. Also there was an opportunity to connect add-on modules (shild) compatible to Arduino. The new version has additional switches therefore the device can be used as Arduino Uno payment.

2015: ScratchDuino 2.0

ScratchDuino is software for a children's educational robotic complex.

On December 7, 2015 the ScratchDuino project announced a release of the version of software of ScratchDuino 2.0 for the children's educational robotic ScratchDuino complex. It is created in the Scratch 2.0 programming language.

As a part of updating - the functions simplifying work with the products ScratchDuino. Laboratory and ScratchDuino. Robotoplatforma.

Basic ScratchDuino (2014) set
Basic ScratchDuino (2014) set

In ScratchDuino 2.0 installation and software updating became simpler. The cross-platform is provided – software is supported by the most widespread versions of GNU/Linux - Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. All versions of Windows are supported, starting with Windows XP and finishing Windows 10. The full support of MacOS X Apple is organized. In all softwares operating systems works with an identical set of functionality.

Functional innovation of ScratchDuino 2.0 - emergence of a possibility of simultaneous operation with Robotoplatforma – i.e. the robot, and ScratchDuino Laboratory – the hardware-software module with the Arduino microcontroller executing management of Robotoplatforma. At the request of children who use ScratchDuino on occupations robotics the developer company added in this version a feature for additional input of the program for control of the robot using buttons of Laboratory. For simplification of educational process in the main working Scratch window, the blocks relating to ScratchDuino devices are taken out in separate group.

The second completion - adding of automatic detection of attached devices. Now the platform just allows to connect and switch-off the robot or Laboratory using an USB cable or Bluetooth. In version 2.0 of the device are automatically determined and connected to the Scratch environment, and the status of connection can be observed in a control panel.

The control panel allows to return one button a factory firmware for support of Scratch in the Arduino microcontroller – "brain" of the ScratchDuino robot. This opportunity considerably facilitates work with the device in circles and at school when elementary grades use the Scratch coding environment, and high school already writes the "adult" code using Arduino IDE and loads own firmware into robots, as much as possible using openness program and the hardware of the designer of ScratchDuino.