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Raiffeisen Business Online (RBO) Raiffeisen Business Online

Developers: Raiffeisen Bank
Last Release Date: 2019/10/08
Branches: Internet services,  Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: Systems of remote banking



Additional functionality of Online accounting for small and micro business

On October 8, 2019 Raiffeisenbank reported that implemented in internet-bank additional functionality of Online accounting for small and micro business. Individual entrepreneurs on "Income" can calculate and pay by the STS advance payment in two clicks now.

Stages of development of online accounting and output of additional functionality adapt to tax events. For example, the next event — advance payment in 9 months which is recommended to be paid. The command finished the client's profile — a form with necessary customer information for calculation of taxes, added an ability to manage profitable transactions that it was convenient to calculate and send payment to tax.

The section "Tax calendar" reminds entrepreneurs on now "the STS Income" without employees of all tax events, both forthcoming, and last, and suggests to pass for payment.

"Tax calendar"

In the section "Tax calculator" total income since the beginning of year on accounts in Raiffeisenbank is displaid automatically. If the client needs to check or correct transactions which are referred to income according to the STS, he needs to go to the Finance tab. Also there is an opportunity to specify profitable account transactions in other banks or receipts by cash.

"Tax calculator"
Revenue management
About 5% of users of Internet bank were registered in service of accounting. We constantly communicate with them to understand what is pleasant to them and that is not present, we find out what completions should be more priority for us. So there was, for example, an opportunity to adjust the nature of each transaction manually. In further we are going to implement search in transactions, payment of insurance premiums and, of course, formation of the declaration,
explained Skokov Denis, the chief of the department on work with small business

The client's profile can be edited at any time after passing of registration now and, of course, to set any photo of a profile.

Client's profile
Card of tax

At registration the majority of data data on tax authority are tightened automatically, for example. Now tax is displayed by a tag on the card for convenient check of the choice.

Integration of My Case service

Raiffeisenbank announced on August 26, 2019 that clients of bank who keep account in Internet accounting "My case" can connect automatic obtaining the statement from bank and sending payment orders from "My case" to bank now. Service is integrated into Internet bank for small business "Raiffeisen Business Online".

Integration is activated from two parties: from Raiffeisen Business Online Internet bank and a personal account of My Case service.

Thousands of our users have at least one checking account in Raiffeisenbank. We are glad to automate even more their work in My Case service and it is simpler and more clear to make accounting for the entrepreneur — Sergey Panov, the CEO of Internet accounting said My Case.

Start of service of free check of partners of small business

On August 20, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced start of service for check of reliability of partners in Internet bank for small business the Raiffeisen Business Online (RBO). The service for check of the companies across Russia is provided by SKB Kontur company which collects and analyzes information on any legal entity or the individual entrepreneur. Read more here.

Start of online accounting in Internet bank for small business

On July 22, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced start of free service for entrepreneurs – to online accounting which became available in Internet bank to small business Raiffeisen Business Online (RBO). According to an internal research of bank, 38% of clients specified online accounting as obligatory service in Internet bank (top-3 the most popular the answer).

Raiffeisen Business Online (RBO)

Entrepreneurs on the STS already gain Income the relevant tax calendar, a timely reminder from bank on need to pay a tax and also an opportunity to pay advance payment directly in Internet bank.

To begin to use accounting, it is necessary for the client:

  • come on the tab of the same name in Internet bank for small business of RBO and check whether correctly the bank defined its tax, if necessary to adjust data;
  • specify the number of employees of the company in order that the bank could count correctly taxes which the entrepreneur should pay;
  • specify the system of taxation.

To pay advance payment on the STS Income, the entrepreneur needs to specify the income and insurance premiums for 2019. The amount of tax will be calculated automatically then the client will be able to pay the necessary amount of tax in two clicks.

Online accounting is presented at the market only at several banks, but we consider that in the near future this service will be equated to obligatory bank services. For us it is an important step in development of our value proposition for small business and also powerful competitive advantage,
told Denis Skokov, the chief of the department on work with small business