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Rittal PDU Blocks of power distribution

Developers: Rittal
Last Release Date: 220/07/31
Technology: UPS - Uninterruptible power supply units

2020: Announcement of Rittal PDU

On July 30, 2020 the Rittal company reported that it integrated functions of monitoring for electricity metering into blocks of power distribution (PDU). All line of Rittal PDU is already on sale in the Russian market.

Rittal PDU

According to the company, the next generation of Rittal PDU consists of five basic models which functionally differ among themselves and are individually configured:

  • Rittal PDU Basic (simple electrodistribution)
  • Rittal PDU Metered (measurement on phases)
  • Rittal PDU Metered Plus (measurement on sockets)
  • Rittal PDU Switched (measurement on phases, control of sockets)
  • Rittal PDU Managed (management and measurement on sockets)

The PDU Basic option has no functions of measurement and provides electrodistribution in an IT cabinet. The PDU Metered option provides functions of measurement on phases, for example, for tension, power, frequency and other parameters. The PDU Metered Plus model in addition can measure energy consumption on separate sockets. The PDU Switched model allows to perform measurement on phases and has the managed sockets. The option of the product PDU Managed integrates the Metered Plus and Switched functions, i.e. provides electrodistribution and electricity metering and also power management by separate sockets.

Thus IT specialists can pick up electrodistribution by individual requirements for any IT cabinet. With intellectual electrodistribution the Rittal company expanded the nomenclature of the products for IT infrastructure which includes IT cooling, monitoring, physical security and "turnkey" DPC with cloud services.

Blocks of power distribution have compact construction. Thanks to this Rittal PDU can be mounted in Zero-U space, i.e. between a sidewall and a 19-inch mounting frame. At the same time units of height are not blocked and in completely completed IT cabinet it is possible to carry out works on service and installation of components. In Rittal IT cabinets installation is made without additional tools using the latched fastening on a 19-inch frame, and in IT cabinets of other producers using the enclosed universal fastening.

Rittal PDU

Thanks to the modular concept of production users can configure the individual options Rittal PDU with adaptations to different cases of application. Also users can independently determine the cable length, the connection plug, the number of sockets and type of sockets, including Schuko sockets. Besides, in Rittal PDU it is possible to configure add-on modules which provide measurement of a leakage current and overvoltage protection. Separate components, for example, a payment of the PDU controller and overvoltage protection can be replaced in the course of work.

Security and monitoring are important functions of intellectual PDU. Access control is exercised using two electromagnetic handles installed on an IT cabinet. Such functions of a monitoring system CMC as the signal relay, a digital input and signaling of alarm provide convenient connection of PDU to the general IT security system. It is in addition possible to connect sensors of a control system CMC III that with their help to measure environment parameters: temperature, humidity, status of contacts of the relay. The option of control of a leakage current is also available. Intellectual PDU can prohibit, for example, opening of a door if potentially dangerous situation of leakage of current through the PE line (protective grounding) or in an IT cabinet was detected other ways.

PDU has built-in web server for remote control. At the same time for the administrator the intuitive web interface is created. Access rights to the Web server can be automated using widespread directory services, for example Active Directory. In addition to detailed and graphic symbol of the measured values in the web interface, the PDU parameters can be also requested on SNMPv3 the higher DCIM systems (infrastructure management of DPC). Such widespread protocols as TCP/IPv6, TLS, and OPC-UA are used.

For each option of a product there are specific scenarios of application. For example, PDU Metered supports load supervision in an IT cabinet. Thus IT specialists can define whether there corresponds IT cooling of power of active equipment. Measurements on sockets as it is implemented in the Metered Plus model, allows to keep detailed account on consumers. Users of Colocation-DPC can use this option to control the leased spaces for servers or IT cabinets entirely and also to make calculation of costs. Control function at PDU Switched allows to disconnect or again to include a power supply on separate sockets. It simplifies administration of the remote IT objects including working independently with Edge-DPC. The PDU Managed option provides measurement and control of sockets where the user accounting at full control over each socket is made. In particular, in the large decentralized Edge-infrastructures of PDU Managed are the tool to conduct cost estimation on site and at the same time far off to control IT-systems.