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Rosenergoatom operation Template

Developers: Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosenergoatom concern
Branches: Power
Technology: CPM,  MES - Management of productions and repairs


"Operation template" - the product of Rosenergoatom representing a complex of the integrated and interconnected systems and solutions supporting operation of nuclear power stations and also their construction, training of personnel, decommissioning, dismantling and treatment of the fulfilled and fresh fuel.


2020: Rosenergoatom found Russian software not for all range of problems of operation of nuclear power plants

Rosenergoatom completes development of "An operation template" and in 2020 scales a product on all 11 Russian nuclear power plants. Partially it is already approved on the Smolensk and Balakovo NPP. In development of "An operation template" since 2016 Rosenergoatom invested already about ten million dollars. TAdviser the deputy CEO - directors of economics and finance of Rosenergoatom Sergey Migalin reported about it on March 18, 2020.

"The operation template", according to the director of the department of IT project management and integration of Rosenergoatom of Oleg Shalnov, mainly consists of the foreign systems. Among them – SAP products, IBM, EMC, microFocus, OsiSoft. Their dominance, according to him, is caused by absence at the time of creation of a product of the Russian analogs of such scale and reliability.

But such solutions appeared. Therefore in the long term the share of the Russian systems in "An operation template" will increase. As a part of a product already, for example, there are systems of such domestic manufacturers as Abbyy and ET WEB. Also we made decisions on an importezameshcheniye of a number of platforms, including EMS and OsiSoft. However we will not refuse some platforms due to the lack of a full-fledged analog of the foreign systems among systems in the register of the Russian software yet, Oleg Shalnov informed TAdviser.

According to Sergey Migalin, existence in a product of both the domestic, and foreign systems is caused also by other reason. In a number of the countries the operating companies or regulators order to apply the certain approved world developments whereas in others on the contrary – operating organizations essentially want to work with the Russian.

In the long term the share of the Russian systems in "An operation template" will increase, Oleg Shalnov assures. (the photo is

On the Russian nuclear power stations of "An operation template" will replace a number of local information systems which functionality matches sample. At the same time both the local systems of own development, and the system of foreign production, for example, of ABB Ventyx will be replaced with a product, - Oleg Shalnov noted.

As a result of implementation of "An operation template" on the Russian nuclear power stations the complete covering of business process automation of their operation will be provided. The systems of a product will be supported will be set and to function according to his general idea, considering at the same time specific features of the NPP, - Oleg Shalnov told TAdviser.

Functioning on the NPP of uniform IT systems to which will lead implementation of "An operation template" according to him, will provide creation of a uniform information model of their operation and simplification of management of the foreign NPPs that, in turn, will have result reduction of duration of businesses processes at stations. During scaling on the NPP in Russia, according to Sergey Migalin, Rosenergoatom "will arrange and "adapt" "An operation template" and for features of foreign stations.

The concern is going to sell this product to the foreign operating companies. Its cost is considerable. I will note that a number of the foreign NPPs on the Russian design is operated just by foreign operators. The specialized integrator of Rosatom is authorized to conduct negotiations on deliveries of a product, - Sergey Migalin told.

Structure of a product

As a part of the product "Operation Template" of 14 systems:

  • "NPP Experience: operating experience". Serves as the instrument of work with documentation of the NPP and gives the chance of creation of an information model;
  • "ISPE: operation process control". Includes digital passports of workers and also solutions from the field of predictive analytics of the equipment, voice actuation and biometrics, video analytics of the individual protection equipment (IPE), monitoring of health and installation of the heat-generating assemblies (TVS), "smart" ACS, digital roentgenoscopy, remote control by channels, control of perimeter by means of robots;
  • "Demand management and consumption";
  • "Management of technical archive and knowledge";
  • "Interaction with power market";
  • "Commercial dispatching";
  • "Digital substation and scheme of connection of power";
  • "Digital double / virtual NPP";
  • "Management of production assets and equipment";
  • "Data collection and data sets";
  • "System of providing crisis center";
  • "Personnel training". Compound components of a system – the platform of VR training, the exercise machine of start of the NPP, 3D - the hologram and positioning, 3D - drawings and model of knowledge;
  • RPA platform;
  • The entrusted mobile environment.

Rosenergoatom gives to the customer an opportunity of acquisition only of basic set of the systems of a product and together with additional tools. Acquisition of a product is performed by purchase of licenses of its systems for various time frames.

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