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Rostec: 1L65E Wearable small-size station of radio-electronic monitoring

Developers: NII-Vektor
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/07/10
Branches: Military industrial complex,  Government and social institutions

2019: Representation to station 1L65E

On July 10, 2019 the Ruselectronics holding provided to State Corporation Rostec export option of the wearable small-size station of radio engineering investigation. The device for radio-electronic monitoring is intended for equipment of staff of special forces and allows to detect and take the bearings of radio emission sources at distance to 30 km.


Station 1L65E developed by Scientific Research Institute Vektor (enters into Ruselectronics), allows to define in a fighting situation whether the radar works in a zone of carrying out transaction (tactical, mobile or strategic) and where exactly it is.

The device automatically analyzes parameters of sources of a radio emission, defines their type and independently maintains the database of the detected signatures including up to 900 different samples of signals. At the same time the weight of the station is only 6 kg, it is steady against physical impacts and can be applied even by landing divisions. The set from three rechargeable batteries ensures independent operation of the device for day.

Use of the station of radio engineering investigation increases survival of special forces when carrying out any kinds of special transactions due to opening of a system of radio-electronic tracking of the opponent. Technical characteristics and configuration of a product can adapt according to needs of specific customers. Thanks to these qualities the station has high potential within military and technical cooperation,
reported Sergey Skorykh, the CEO of Scientific Research Institute Vektor


The station is capable to detect sources of radio engineering signals and to fix their parameters in broad band of frequencies from 0.15 GHz to 18.0 GHz and also to define the direction on them with an accuracy of 5 degrees. Important feature of a product is the possibility of consolidation of three operating stations in a single information network that allows to increase the accuracy of determination of coordinates of radiation sources of the opponent.