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Rostelecom: Identification as service

Developers: Rostelecom
Last Release Date: 2019/02/11
Technology: Cybersecurity - Authentication

2019: Announcement

On February 11, 2019 the Rostelecom company provided service "Identification as service" for business of the Central Russia. The solution allows to configure identification of users in Wi-Fi-network in any manner: from the standard password through the Sms and a free call to an input via the Gosuslug portal. Service is integrated into the existing customer's infrastructure, regardless of on what equipment and software it is constructed and what operator provides Internet connection.

Rostelecom thought up as to business to save money, observing laws

According to the company, service "Identification as service" allows institutions – restaurants, shops and other organizations, – to provide to visitors of Wi-fi access to network, observing requirements of the legislation. So, owners of the organizations providing to clients free Wi-Fi should take measures for identification of users independently.

Anonymous input through public Wi-Fi network beyond the law. Service of Rostelecom will help entrepreneurs to solve this problem.

Alexander Yaresko, director of Competence center of products and preseyl of MRF "Center" of PJSC Rostelecom

Free Wi-Fi in cafe, hotels, shopping centers and other public places stopped being rare advantage for a long time – for February, 2019 it is widespread service which many clients expect. Rostelecom offers not only service of authentication, but also the turnkey complete solution "wi-fi for business". It includes Internet access with authentication of users, the equipment and technical support.