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Rostelecom: Virtual PBX

Developers: Rostelecom
Last Release Date: 2019/08/13
Branches: Information technologies
Technology: Call centers,  IP telephony


Virtual PBX allow corporate customers of Rostelecom company to equip the offices with modern telephony by the principle of outsourcing – to use ready service for a subscription fee while equipment costs, its operation, upgrade and also additional personnel is born by the operator.


Availability to business in Pyatigorsk and Mineralnye Vody

Rostelecom announced on August 13, 2019 expansion of geography providing service Virtual PBX in Stavropol Krai. Corporate clients of Pyatigorsk and Mineralnye Vody can use a complete packet of this service from national digital provider now.

"Virtual PBX" from Rostelecom became available to business of Pyatigorsk and Mineralnye Vody

Earlier an opportunity to configure telephony under business became available to the enterprises in the cities Rich, Novoaleksandrovsk, Budyonnovsk and Nevinnomyssk. "Virtual PBX" allows to use internal short numbering, landline and federal numbers 8-800.

In Stavropol Krai more than 2.5 thousand companies use intellectual telephony. Most often Virtual PBX our subscribers take with service "A non-charge call 8-800" or for further integration with the CRM system which helps to increase the processing speed of the entering telephone calls, to increase employee performance, to achieve high rates on telephone sales. The basic functionality includes the organization of virtual contact center with formation of a priority of calls, a call recording, statistics therefore this service is demanded by management companies and medical institutions. To the agricultural enterprises "Virtual PBX" allows to integrate separate structure of the organization in a single corporate network that considerably reduces costs for communication services" — Murad Aydemirov, the director of work with corporate and state segments of the Stavropol branch PJSC Rostelecom told.

Integration into the CRM system of Megaplan

On August 6, 2019 Rostelecom reported that together with the developer of cloud services Megaplan signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of solutions for corporate clients. The document was signed the director of work with corporate and state segments of branch in the Republic of Tatarstan of PJSC Rostelecom by Emil Hayrullov and the CEO of Megaplan LLC Sergey Kozlov.

Emil Hayrullov and Sergey Kozlov

The companies intend to integrate Virtual PBX of Rostelecom into the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management is customer relationship management) Megaplan.

Integration of cloud services will allow customers to integrate communication channels and to simplify work with the customer base. Users will be able to make calls directly from the CRM interface. At an incoming call customer information will automatically be displayed on the monitor screen. The manager will see all history of interaction: from the first call to the conclusion of the transaction.

"Virtual PBX" – the universal service compatible to different applications that allows to adapt this solution for specific objectives of customers. Integration of applied products will help the companies to make process of customer interaction by the fastest and convenient,
told Emil Hayrullov

Customers of services in a personal account will be able to conduct monitoring of calls and to estimate employee performance.

Sharing of cloud services will open for clients of Rostelecom and Megaplan ample opportunities on business process optimization and will help to find growth points for business development,
noted Sergey Kozlov

Expansion of geography of providing service Virtual PBX in the Volgograd region

"Rostelecom" in Volgograd region expanded geography of providing service Virtual PBX for business. Now the service is available state to the organizations and business companies of the cities Volzhsky and Kamyshina, reported on July 17, 2019 in the operator.

For July about 1000 enterprises Volgograd of area use Virtual PBX from Rostelecom. Within service Rostelecom offers for the companies of small and medium business upgraded version of the package offer "Be in plus": now clients at connection Internet in addition receive router, an opportunity free of charge to use mobile communication and a discount of 50% for the organization of digital services "SMS Advertisement", "TV for business", "Wi-Fi for business", "Video surveillance".

Rostelecom, suggesting clients the updated service package "Be in plus", provides all basic needs of medium, small and micro business: using digital services, the service enterprises can increase loyalty of the clients, increase an average bill and the number of repeated sales. At the same time the companies do not need to spend funds for development of own IT infrastructure, and the saved means can be aimed at business development — Oksana Sachkova, the director of work with corporate and state segments of the Volgograd branch PJSC Rostelecom shared.


Integration with amoCRM

On August 8, 2018 the Rostelecom company announced service integration Virtual PBX for corporate clients with a system of accounting of clients and transactions of amoCRM. The solution will make service more functional and also will allow clients to receive in a complex services of both Virtual PBX, and amoCRM, the solution designer noted.

"Virtual PBX" – a cloud service of Rostelecom with open API. It allows clients to integrate service with different applications and to create "turnkey" solutions for the business. For convenience of clients, Rostelecom is going to start integration of Virtual PBX with the most popular and reliable CRM systems. Creation of integration with amoCRM became one of key projects.

The widget of Virtual PBX is placed in the amoCRM system and clients can connect it directly from CRM "in one click". The joint services give additional opportunities for the companies in interaction with consumers of services: at receipt of an incoming call on the screen of IP phone the client name from amoCRM is displayed, in CRM there is the client's card where it is possible to record any tasks. Service also allows to call clients directly from a card of contact of CRM, without dialing the phone number manually.

Use of the joint solution "Virtual PBX" and amoCRM will allow clients to optimize business processes, will reduce time for information processing, will allow to make work with base of clients transparent and managed, claim in Rostelecom.

Functions, opportunities and features of service Virtual PBX

For June, 2018 a basic packet of service Virtual PBX includes a full range of the services necessary for equipment by telephone communication of jobs at offices of the customer, including the uniform external phone number, the reduced internal numbering and also such functions as in advance written voice greeting, a tune in waiting time or deduction of a call, readdressing, number identification and many other things.

Functions and opportunities

  • Distribution of calls
    • Fast setup of different scenarios of call processing depending on load of managers.

  • Readdressing

    • It is possible to readdress calls on the mobile or home phone number of the employee.

  • Short numbering

    • Internal short numbering between employees.

  • Voice menu (IVR)

    • It is possible to create and configure independently the voice menu via the clear interface.

  • Management of service

    • Convenient and functional web control interface of service.

  • Call transfer

    • Employees can translate calls, the client does not need to call back, the potential client "will not break".

  • Statistics and monitoring

    • Complete statistics on all to the perfect, accepted and passed by employees calls.

  • Call recording

    • For quality improvement of customer service the call recording is provided.

  • Additional opportunities

    • Voice mail, Music on deduction, Deduction of a call, Music instead of beeps, the Black/white list and other opportunities will increase service quality.

Specific Features

  • Connection in any place where there is an Internet
  • Fast scalability
  • Simple and clear control interface of service on the Internet
  • Available cost of long-distance calls


Integration allows to execute calls from the CRM system and to automatically fix the entering and outgoing calls in CRM. Integration of Virtual PBX with such systems as is implemented: