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Rostelecom: Wink Multimedia OTT-platform

Developers: Rostelecom
Date of the premiere of the system: 2018/09/26
Branches: Internet services
Technology: IPTV - Internet Protocol Television. IP television


Wink is the customized application developed by Rostelecom company which is intended for viewing television channels, movies and TV-programs. The program has no functionality of Multiskrin with the existing product of Interactive TV and OTT-APPLICATIONS (OTT — abbr. from engl. Over the Top) Interactive TV.

2019: Number of unique users — 650 thousand

On March 14, 2019 Rostelecom reported that its Wink service in the Central Russia was connected by nearly 650 thousand unique users. Residents of Moscow installed the application of 309108 times. From them on devices of Smart TV from Samsung – 129550, 90222 more – on gadgets running Android, and the third the place is surely held by the products IOS – such method was selected by 39695 subscribers of Moscow.

According to the British analysts[1], our country takes the second place in the world on piracy level. Therefore we not just sell content – we do this process convenient, simple, and, above all, emotionally justified. When the house is costed by the TV with functionality of Smart TV and there are literally several minutes to select the movie and to begin viewing, there is no wish neither to download video, nor to think of quality of the picture, nor to watch advertizing. For our user the main motivation to select Wink is, first of all, a convenience and saving of time, and then already completely legal content.
Dmitry Erastov, director of Project and product office MRF "Center" of PJSC Rostelecom

2018: Launching

The Rostelecom company submitted on September 26, 2018 the multimedia Wink OTT-platform created on the basis of Interactive TV and which became an evolutionary stage of development of this product. The operator is going to transfer more than 10 thousand subscribers of paid TV to Wink gradually.

As of September 26 Wink integrates in itself the web portal, applications for mobile devices and smart TV. On the platform 200 TV channels, 12 thousand movies and episodes of series and also a set of additional services — a pause, rewind, Parental control are provided. It is supposed that in the future the functionality of the platform will extend. About 30% of content of Wink are made by products of the Russian production.

The director of product office "Video" of Rostelecom Victor Romanchuk called Wink an umbrella brand which will include service of e-commerce, educational projects and also online games. As well as in a case with the Interactive TV service offering services of IPTV since 2015 subscribers of any operators have the right to be connected to the Wink platform.

As noted, the operator decided not to return to the brand under which provided the OTT-services earlier as service was not successful and afterwards was transformed to service of interactive TV.

According to Victor Romanchuk, in September-October, 2018 Rostelecom will start broadcasting of the TV channels entering into Vitrinu TV which pilot partner the operator is on the resource. Online movie theaters on the Wink platform are not provided yet, but negotiations are already conducted on a possibility of their emergence.[2]

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