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Ruselectronics: Ultra-violet portable obezzarazhivatel

Developers: Salute of Scientific Production Enterprise
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/06/29
Branches: Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

2020: Beginning of serial production

The Ruselectronics holding announced on June 29, 2020 State Corporation Rostec the beginning of serial production of portable obezzarazhivatel on the basis of an ultraviolet light. Devices are intended for disinfection of different surfaces, including inside of the car and a workplace and also different objects - sendings, keys, gloves, footwear, toys, banknotes and coins, toothbrushes, children's accessories.

Obezzarazhivatel has the cubic form, eats through USB port, its sizes are only 38х38х38 mm. A basic element of the device - the ultra-violet diode with the wavelength of 270 nanometers having bactericidal action. The product is developed taking into account methodical indications of Management of preventive medicine of Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Russia and passed certification tests.

As a part of Rostec the project is implemented by affiliated enterprise of Ruselectronics holding - the Nizhny Novgorod NPP Salyut.

Developing production of civil appointment, we quickly react to the appearing market requests. Were developed and put by UF-obezzarazhivateli in production in the shortest possible time against the background of a difficult epidemiological situation. In devices the self-produced electronic and component base is applied. For the end of June, 2020 the enterprise is ready to make to 20 thousand such devices a year and in the long term, with demand, to increase production volumes, - the industrial director of a radio-electronic cluster of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Sakhnenko said.

In the nearest future also the release of wireless obezzarazhivatel with the built-in accumulator and remote control will begin with the mobile phone. Wholesale price of devices in wire and wireless execution is 1300 rubles and 3500 rubles respectively.

Portable are intended to UF-obezzarazhivateli for the mass consumer. These devices expanded a line of the equipment of Ruselectronics used to destruction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The enterprises of holding also release the bactericidal equipment for offices, clinics, schools, industrial facilities – ozonizers Thunderstorm and bactericidal recirculators of common application "Istok-Briz".