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Russian Post Mobile application

Developers: Russian Post
Last Release Date: 2020/03/24
Branches: Logistics and distribution


Mobile application of Russian Post is a convenient method of monitoring of sendings and letters a format of "one window". Information on the coming registered mail becomes to the available user almost instantly, is followed by additional data and the photo, and the interface is adapted for all existing mobile devices for convenient and comfortable use.


Start of service of sending sendings by the phone number

On March 24, 2020 Russian Post announced start of service of sending sendings by the phone number.

This function is available to all users of mobile application of Russian Post. Now it is enough to sender to enter the phone number of the addressee or to select it from the telephone directory and it is already optional to specify a destination address and to know his Full Name. The Russian Post became the first logistic operator who offered to the clients similar service.

Service of sending sending by the phone number is available under a condition if the receiver specified the address in mobile application of Russian Post and included function of acceptance of departures by the phone number. Only the city of delivery and the index of the receiver will be visible to the sender. Personal data – a surname and the address – will not be specified.

The solution is implemented for convenience of sending sendings, saving of time of users and increase in a customer loyalty. Daily this function is connected in mobile application of Russian Post by thousands of users. In the conditions of a difficult epidemiological situation the main objective of the company is providing citizens with high-quality and modern mail services, and special attention is paid to safety of clients and employees.

Technical advantage of mobile application of Russian Post consists in a possibility of rendering services remotely – enough it will only not be required to select the necessary option and physical presence at department of a mail service.

Start of this service – an important step which we take towards to our clients. Service for March, 2020 became popular among users of mobile application of Russian Post and made sending sendings the most convenient and available. Millions of Russians could estimate operation of application which functionality allows to monitor departure, to find the closest point of issue of the order on the interactive map, to call the courier, to issue and pay sending, to receive the legally significant electronic registered mail, to communicate in online a chat,
noted the deputy CEO for e-commerce of JSC Russian Post Alexey Skatin

In recent years a share of those Russians, each of which at least once made purchase via the smartphone, increased from 2% to 32%. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that every third person in Russia shops or orders services by means of the gadget.

Russia in this question actively catches up with the world market which share of mobile sales makes 53%, i.e. every second purchase is made via modern mobile devices. The forecast for the next years tells about growth of similar sales up to 72.9% in 2021.

Sending sending without indication of a destination address

On March 12, 2020 it became known of emergence in mobile application of Russian Post of the function allowing to send sendings by the phone number without indication of a destination address.

The receiver can permit sending by the phone number in the section "Still – my profile". Sending will come to department to the address from a profile, poste restante.

It became known of emergence in mobile application of Russian Post of the function allowing to send sendings by the phone number without indication of a destination address
It became known of emergence in mobile application of Russian Post of the function allowing to send sendings by the phone number without indication of a destination address

The sender can issue sending, pay its online and hand over without queue, knowing only the phone number of the receiver. The sender does not learn a complete full name or a home address. Mail will specify the index and the city of delivery, and on sending — the sender's Full Name. Sending can be received according to the simplified diagram — by the SMS code, said in the description of the application in App Store.

By March 13, 2020 the new option appeared only in the application for iOS. Most likely, the possibility of sending sendings by the phone number will appear also in the version of the application of Russian Post for Android.

Sending sendings by the phone number is "pilot project", TJ in the press service of Russian Post told. The complete information on the project will appear at the end of March, the representative of the organization reported the edition.

Mobile application of Russian Post also allows to use a number of mail services in real time. The service of sending sendings includes the following:

  • Design of sendings through the whole country with payment in any department;
  • Possibility of payment for sending sendings online;
  • Possibility of a preliminary design of sendings for the accelerated delivery and department of mail;
  • Call of the courier and payment of his services online.

Search of post offices by means of mobile application includes:

  • Search of the nearest departments or specific department in the address;
  • Displays of departments of mail on the card;
  • Possibility of use of filters by search of necessary post offices.[1]


Among the five of the most downloaded applications in category "Retail"

Mobile application of Russian Post entered into top five on number of downloads by the Russian users in 2019 in category "Retail". Data of rating are provided by App Annie – the supplier of data on the mobile market. The Russian Post reported about it on January 27, 2020.

Application Posts of Russia

Mobile application of Russian Post reduces a distance between the company and clients. Using mobile application users can trace mailings, receive notifications about their movement, order a courier delivery on the house, learn about the working schedule of post offices and find the next, send and receive in electronic form legally significant written correspondence.

Our mobile application continue to gain popularity. It steadily is highly appreciated by users in shops App Store and Google Play for convenience, the friendly interface and regular updates. Users actively use functions which were implemented in 2019. Only in December, 2019 with their help through mobile phone 400 thousand sendings were sent. We continue work on consolidation of the physical and digital mail world, providing to each citizen of the country the most comfortable and comfortable canal of receiving services,

Through mobile application it is possible to connect also service of the simple electronic signature now. She allows the user to refuse filling of paper notifications in department, having received sending without presentation of the passport. For January 27, 2020 the number of users of service of the simple electronic signature reached 25 million people, and the number of active users exceeds a mark of 5 million a week.

The feedback option is also available – clients of Russian Post can always ask a question of rules of rendering mail services and also estimate service after receiving service. Besides, the application allows to register the simple electronic signature for receiving mail without presentation of the passport via the Gosuslug portal. Mobile application is available to devices based on Android or iOS.

Reading the electronic registered mail through mobile application

On October 16, 2019 the Russian Post reported that reading the electronic registered mail is available to all users of smartphones on iOS and Android now. For October, 2019 more than 60 thousand users of mobile devices were connected to this service.

Mobile application of Russian Post

To use functionality of reading the registered mail, the user of the smartphone needs to download mobile application Russian Post through App Store or Google Play and to undergo simple registration procedure. At inclusion of mobile application the pop-up window "Will appear receive notifications from traffic police, FSSP, Magistrates and other organizations in the application". Having clicked "Include", the user will be able to receive the registered mail in electronic form on the mobile device.

Such method allows to receive instantly penalties of traffic police, the resolution from Federal Bailiff Service, the agenda from magistrates, other departments and legal entities in electronic form, but not on paper. In the nearest future it is going to start function of sending through mobile application.

Thanks to start of an electronic mail system millions of citizens had an opportunity of obtaining correspondence irrespective of the location. At the same time replacement of paper letters on electronic noticeably helped to lower loading in post offices in all territory of Russia.

In October, 2019 the geographical coverage of EZP service reached 35 regions of the Russian Federation. 35 regions are about 350 cities and 55,000 rural localities - about 1/3 all localities of the Russian Federation. Connection to EZP service gives the chance even to the most remote localities to receive and send legally significant letters.

Since the beginning of 2019 the number of the receivers connected to service grew practically by 50% (from 1.9 million to 2.8 million users). Among them more than 3 thousand are the organizations which agreed to obtaining correspondence in electronic form. On the basis of the conducted research, more than 90% of clients both senders, and receivers are happy with service and are ready to recommend it to friends.

Dynamics of connection to service in mobile application very high, every week about 10 thousand people begin to use it. Having created a product which does work with the registered mail in the mobile device of the most convenient, we became even closer to our client and seriously promoted in the direction of digital development,
noted the deputy CEO for mail business and social services of JSC Russian Post Yaroslav Mandron