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Ryazan Radio Plant Rheostat-1

Developers: Ryazan Radio Plant
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/05/14

Rheostat-1 - the operations control room of the battery (division) of self-propelled artillery of airborne forces designed based on BTR-D.

2019: Beginning of production of mobile points of investigation and fire control "Rheostat-1"

On May 14, 2019 the Ruselectronics company reported that it developed production of mobile points of investigation and fire control "Rheostat-1" for the benefit of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. 12 machines are already transferred to the customer, 12 more products will be handed over at the end of 2019.


According to the company, along with investigation "Rheostat-1" provides the automated determination of coordinates of the purposes and ruptures of shells at any time, adjustment fire of the purposes, observation of the battlefield, firing with the adjusted ammunition and assessment of results.

Production of machines is conducted on JSC Ryazan Radio Plant. The enterprise won tender on delivery of mobile points of investigation and fire control in 2018.

The main part of signal equipment of "Rheostat-1" is produced on Ryazan Radio Plant serially. So, the radio communication and data exchange is provided by means of R-168-100U-2, R-168-5UN-2 radio stations, information processing and control of a product is exercised of portable computers. "Rheostat-1" is equipped with a complex of collecting of paratroopers of production of Ryazan Radio Plant. In course of production of machines specialists of the enterprise performed installation and setup of numerous optical and electronic management systems for gun-fire and the software to them.