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SATEL: Technology video surveillance

Developers: SATEL
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/10/08
Technology: Video surveillance systems

Technology video surveillance is a complex of the video surveillance systems, video analytics and reaction set at the enterprises for warning and prevention of emergency and potentially dangerous situations, control of production processes.

2019: Submission of the solution for technology security

On October 8, 2019 the SATEL company presented the solution for the Industry 4.0 – the systems of video control and video analytics in explosion-proof execution which are applied on objects of the enterprises which are carrying out work with the increased danger.

The video surveillance system conducts permanent monitoring of important business processes of an object. Software modules analyze video a row and, in case of a deviation from the programmed fixed values, notify a security system on the arisen situation. The notification can be different depending on a situation. For example, operation of sound signaling and down fade on the central monitor on the receiver.

As a rule, the complex of a video surveillance system can be complemented with video analytics of observance of rules of industrial security. By specialists of SATEL company algorithms of identification of different violations of the equipment of industrial security in real time on objects of the customer can be developed or already implemented algorithms are used. Technology video surveillance can independently be applied or as a part of the integrated security systems, for example, together with the security fire warning, access control control systems

SATEL customizes the solution under features of the enterprise of the customer and also provides all necessary certificates including on explosion proofness. The cold start of the equipment is provided from-60 degrees, and the radio bridge supports speed to 100 Mbps. that allows to perform transfer of a video information using external antennas or in compact execution with an explosion-proof cover with viewing glass.