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SPbSU: Cryptoveche

The name of the base system (platform): Projects based on blockchain technology
Developers: St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/03/24

2020: Development of Kriptoveche

On March 24, 2020 the SPbSU reported that its center of technologies of the distributed registers developed the application for corporate vote of Kriptoveche. The blockchain technology which is the cornerstone of a system allows to ensure safe operation of application even if most of employees are not in office and participates in vote far off.

Many large partner companies of the St. Petersburg university to some extent use the mode of remote work. The Kriptoveche application became reply to the requests of employers. How to take vote on development of the project if a half of employees is in other cities or even the countries? How to make strategic decision within Board of Directors in absentia? Polls on social networks cannot solve similar problems as their results have no legal force, and data during such vote cannot be protected.

Kriptoveche can be applied in all fields of activity requiring creation of the confidential and safe environment for carrying out votes. The platform works both on mobile devices, and in a web application format for desktop computers and notebooks. To use a system, employees are not obliged to be in one office — collective decisions using Kriptoveche can be made also at a remote operation mode.

The application provides registration of voices using smart contracts, automatic calculation of results, guarantees confidentiality and security throughout all cycle of vote.

Results of this vote it is impossible to forge. Even if you have a desire, technical capability and even if you got access to the database,


Thanks to the fact that a system works at fundamentals of blockchain technology she has no vulnerability for the external and internal attacks from voting — in particular, does not allow to vote repeatedly. Cryptoalgorithms and mechanisms of anonymization guarantee the mystery of declaration of will. Besides, voting itself can check correctness of accounting of the voice, and for check of a voting process participation of external observers is provided.

As Timofey Utnasin told, the test version of a system was already tested in ten Russian companies. For March, 2020 developers are engaged in testing of power of the application for more mass votes — the users calculated per thousand more.

By Kriptoveche it is focused first of all on corporate users. For the state elections and referenda in 2019 the center presented other system — Eloris.

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