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Developers: SMART Technologies, CB Borey, Aquarius
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/02/13
Branches: Gas industry,  Light industry,  Mechanical engineering and instrument making,  Metallurgical industry,  Oil industry,  Science and education,  Food industry,  Telecommunication and communication,  Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care,  Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: Network Health Monitoring - Monitoring of network or management of health performance of IT Infrastructure,  DWH,  Server platforms,  Data processing centers are technologies for DPC

2020: Entry into the market of St. DPC

Following the strategy of the "digital sovereignty" announced by the Government of the Russian Federation, the SMART Technologies company developed and brings to the market a product – the Engineering hardware-software complex of ST.TsOD. What the developer also announced on February 13, 2020.

Entry into the market of St. DPC

The joint solution of the Russian companies CB Borey, Aquarius and SMART technologies is intended for creation of corporate server infrastructure - compact, soundproofing, a heat - and moisture-proof, with the built-in system of conditioning. St. The DPC as an alternative to the selected server, is addressed elekommunikatsionny to the companies, industrial enterprises, scientific and the cultural centers, divisions and branches banks, medical organizations.

Program and hardware characteristics of the ST.TsOD complex allow to receive quickly unrolled, economic, long-lasting and the solution. Despite the compact size, in a system monitoring engineering and IT infrastructures on independent algorithms is carried out, the complex is equipped with conditioning systems, uninterrupted power and technical means of fire automatic equipment.

Entry into the market of St. DPC

ST.TsOD has several advantages:

  • The solution answers N 44-FZ, N 188-FZ and Orders of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 925, No. 968;
  • Requirements to construction readiness of premises for placement of a server and switching equipment are most reduced;
  • Need to contain the separate server room is eliminated;
  • All servers, storage systems and active network equipment are located on the area less than one square meter;
  • Installation of a system does not require involvement of highly professional specialists;
  • Use only of the fire warning, without placement of the automatic fire extinguishing system in a total amount of the premises is admissible;
  • Guaranty period for the engineering equipment - 3 years, the aggregate operational term - up to 20 years.

The engineering hardware and software system ST.TsOD is technology sovereign solution, with the competitive cost of an initial investment and the subsequent ownership,
told the director of the department of complex projects of SMART Technologies, Ivan Bantsov