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Samsung ARTIK

Developers: Samsung Electronics
Last Release Date: 2017/10/23
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Internet of Things of Internet of Things (IoT),  Development tools of applications


Samsung ARTIK is the open platform created for the accelerated and simplified development of new applications in the field of Internet of Things for the industry, the organizations and individual use. The platform represents the final solution with the integrated modules equipped with a security system, integration with a cloud, local intelligence and a variety of partner applications. By Samsung ARTIK it is created to accelerate development of new generation of IoT-devices, solutions and services.

Using these program interfaces and tools, the companies can safely collect, store and process any data from any attached devices or from cloud services quickly to bring new IoT-solutions and services to the market, to get access to new channels of income and to develop the business.

Standards of the open Samsung platform do development of new corporate, industrial and user applications even more conveniently and quicker. Users with different skills and requirements will get advantages of tool kit and program interfaces which allow to create the broadest spectrum of devices and projects of Internet of Things. They are founded on the professional, high-integrated and familiar platform which contains the revolutionary technologies and their constituent elements necessary for creation of a new powerful ecosystem of Internet of Things and start of IoT-applications in the future.


Release of add-on modules of security

On October 23, 2017 the Samsung Electronics company announced release the module of ARTIK "s" — security systems for the IoT-platform of the same name. It strengthens transmission security of data from the devices interacting by means of technology of Internet of Things.

The modules ARTIK help to make process of information exchange between the device and a cloud service it is safer. Modules are integrated with the SmartThings Cloud system — the platform created by Samsung for uniform control of all devices of the user which support Internet of Things. It will allow to interact as with devices of Samsung, and third-party IoT-devices and cloud[1].

As a part of modules — protection at the level of the equipment with the internal memory, the processor and a connectivity of a set of devices of which operation the technology of Internet of Things — from simple sensors and controllers to home appliances and monitoring devices over health indicators is the cornerstone.

By means of use of the identifiers and keys for data encryption protected from unauthorized access, the modules ARTIK provide security accreditation at cloud data transmission. Infrastructure of public key (PKI) from Samsung provides mutual authentication in a cloud for recognition of each structure of network.

Use of functionality of Secure Boot and the portal of signing of the code for authentication of the software at start is possible.

The building block system of ARTIK provides Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with the protected operating system and library of security for processing, storage and management of vulnerable data, including electronic keys of security. Information is protected by the FIPS 140-2 standard for safe enciphering and data storage.

The building block system is available to the order since November 30, 2017. For October 23, 2017 the ARTIK platform and the cloud service of the same name are available.

Certification of SAP for work for SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

In July, 2017 Samsung Electronics announced that two IoT-gateways of the Samsung Artik platform received certification of SAP for work for SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, supporting interaction between two solutions. The combination of "peripheral" data processing by the modules Samsung Artik and SAP Leonardo will promote faster and flexible deployment of analytics in projects of Internet of Things in many industries, consider in the company.[2]

The modules Samsung Artik 530 and 710 are the platform for peripheral processing in which the integrated high-performance multi-core processor, DRAM and a flash memory and also several radio sensors are combined in one compact module. Thanks to new certification for SAP Leonardo clients of Artik can use all opportunities of SAP Leonardo for peripheral data processing now, reducing risks and reducing time spent for support of projects of Internet of Things.

SAP Leonardo is the digital system of SAP integrating program opportunities of Internet of Things, machine learning, Big Data and analytics on a cloud platform of SAP Cloud Platform at the same time making use of experience of SAP, profound technology and industry knowledge and the advanced methodologies of design thinking.

"This certification will help our clients to configure functions of peripheral data processing and cloud computing as required, allowing to implement various solutions of Internet of Things in different scenarios of deployment — James Stansberry, the senior vice president and the head of Artik US Samsung Electronics is convinced. — Samsung Artik will continue to increase the list of partners in technologies and distribution, at the same time expanding possibilities of our functional compatibility with Internet of Things, managements of lifecycle of devices, security and the hardware".
"We are glad that the Samsung Artik platform became our first partner with the certified equipment supporting SAP Leonardo — Christoph Inauen, the vice president of SAP for start of products and partnership in the field of Internet of Things noted. — The functional modules Artik — the optimal choice for the clients planning deployment of SAP Leonardo IoT Edge in projects of Internet of Things. We consider this opportunity especially important for equipment manufacturers and clients which local processing of a part of data bulk which they make, is necessary for fall forward, for cost and reliability".

The modules Samsung Artik 530 and 710 are available to the order in a partner network of Samsung worldwide.

2016: Samsung Artik Cloud

The Samsung Electronics company announced in the spring of 2016 start of the open platform for data exchange of Samsung Artik Cloud. This product is expected use in IoT segment. Developers note that their new solution, thanks to existence of open API and tools for safe collecting, storage and use of data from any attached device or a cloud service, is very easy in deployment and use.

Using Artik Cloud of the company will be able quickly to unroll new IoT-solutions and services at the enterprise that will allow them to have new sources of income and opportunities for business development. The solution has different pricing models that allows developers to use initial opportunities of Artik Cloud free of charge.

Artik Cloud, along with earlier announced Samsung Artik, represent family of the integrated modules, the modern software, drivers, tools, security aids and cloud infrastructure. In total they give all opportunities for fast and simple mastering of Internet of Things by the enterprises.

The companies face numerous problems at connection of different devices and cloud services in a single network. These tasks include: data collection from a set of devices using different protocols; inclusion in the general network of outdated, new and third-party devices and cloud services for interaction with each other with the minimum costs; preserving of data from separate devices in uniform storage and receiving informative outputs; security management and confidentiality of data; providing to developers simple API in use and tools.

Than Samsung Artik is useful to developers and corporate clients

Using Samsung Artik Cloud of the company can safely collect, store and distribute information from any attached device or a cloud service. Open API interfaces and powerful tools for visualization expand possibilities of developers and solution providers for creation of new innovation IoT-applications and services.

The solution has scalable architecture which allows to support billions of IoT-devices.

The main characteristics of Artik Cloud include:

  • Multiprotokolnost: connect any device to a cloud, using the REST/HTTP, Websockets, MQTT and CoAP protocols;
  • Compatibility with a cloud: unite to any cloud service and collect data from it;
  • Collecting diverse data: collect any data from any device or a third-party cloud;
  • Bidirectional coupling: reliably (even on low-power devices) communicate between the device and a cloud.

Security and confidentiality:

  • Safe registration of the device: reliably connect devices to a cloud, using TLS and certificates issued by trusted certificate authority;
  • Authentication and authorization: provide all devices, applications and user interaction with on the basis of web standards of authentication and authorization.

Tools of the developer:

  • The program interface for universal data access: collecting and a request of data from diverse devices using user-friendly open program interfaces.
  • Sets of development tools: providing to developers of an opportunity is simple to create applications and services, using a number of mobile and platform development tools: Objective C/IOS, Java/Android, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala and C# and also Tizen 3.0 OS when it is provided.
  • The processor governed: simple start of interhardware actions and the notification about errors using the powerful built-in processor of rules.
  • Instruments of visualization: data visualization from the different interconnected devices.
  • The portal for developers: increase in productivity of developers and providing to them open access to documentation and console of program interfaces and also to blogs, examples, forums, etc.
  • Priority value of program interfaces: management and expansion of elements of the platform using the built-in REST API.