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The name of the base system (platform): Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial intelligence, AI)
Developers: Sarafan Technology
Branches: Advertizing, PR and marketing
Technology: CRM

Sarafan.AI is the self-training artificial intelligence using neural networks, algorithms of computer vision, cloud computing and the analysis of Big Data. Sarafan will recognize clothes objects in photos and finds similar goods in online stores.

2019: Availability on AppSource and Azure Marketplace

On March 14, 2019 Microsoft reported that widgets of native advertizing from Sarafan Technology Inc company. became available to all participants of a cloud ecosystem of Microsoft on the AppSource and Azure Marketplace platforms. Mediploshchadki and online editions can leave the request for their free connection and use.

Sarafan.AI widget

The artificial intelligence of Sarafan.AI working in Microsoft Azure cloud automatically identifies articles of clothing in photos and video, and then looks for similar goods in more than 150 online stores. To the owner of the media platform payment for transitions or demonstrations and also the commission from purchases is charged that allows to monetize a multimedia content effectively: monthly more than 40 million people use a widget of Sarafan.AI. Such largest publishing houses as Conde' by Nast, Independent Media and Burda Media are connected to a system for March, 2019.

Placement of Sarafan.AI in an ecosystem of Microsoft will make it available to broader spectrum of media platforms worldwide, and the full integration with a cloud of Azure will allow to deploy easily the solution in own infrastructure. All work on integration is automated and does not require involvement of additional personnel.

The widget does photocontent of publishers to more interactive and increases the involvement of users on the website. Placement of a widget on global platforms of Microsoft will help Sarafan Technology Inc. offer the technologies to thousands of users of Azure worldwide. Among them – more than 95% of the largest companies from the list of Fortune 500.
Andrey Korkhov, EO of Sarafan Technology Inc company.

Any business, and in particular in such spheres as media and retail, is forced to be transformed to correspond to the changing consumer preferences. Because of information surplus traditional advertizing formats lose the efficiency, and the companies should look for tools and communication channels with the target audiences. Native widgets of Sarafan.AI – an excellent example of how the innovative technologies, in particular, artificial intelligence, can help business to raise and develop in modern digital reality.

Specific Features

Continuous self-training:

Sarafan.AI is the self-trained system which uses behavior of users, cliques and expert data for regular retraining. Every day it becomes "more smart", and search by more relevant

Smart Click:

The price of click depends on its efficiency: a system fixes and considers convertibility in sales, depth and time of viewings which the user spent on the website

Autoassociative memory:

Using function of "the virtual stylist", Sarafan.AI can complete or correct an image, adding accessories, jewelry and cosmetics to the selected goods

20.000 attributes:

Sarafan.AI will recognize more than 20 thousand individual attributes of clothes, including hundreds of styles, images and textures

High speed:

Sweep rate on 20-million base of images occupies 1 ms. The high response provides instant issue of results

Geographical targeting:

Sarafan.AI considers location of the user and issues a selection of goods from online stores which work at this market or can deliver goods to the buyer