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Satel of VoIP RTU Platform

Developers: Satel Pro
Date of the premiere of the system: February, 2013
Last Release Date: 2019/09/10
Technology: IP telephony


The Russian telephone exchange – program VoIP the platform for the organization of full-function nodes local, zone, communication MG/MN based on IP technology according to regulations of the current legislation.

The solution is certified for application as the node of services implementing using applied subsystems of a signaling system on ОКС№7 functions of switching and management of communication services according to requirements of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Russia (the registration number of the certificate OS-3-IS-0004).

According to this certificate RTU can be applied as the platform of providing services by the telecom operator in the network built based on any program switches (softsvichy) with the fixed or mobile technology of access and also in convergent networks.

Also the solution completely conforms to requirements of SORM for the mobile and fixed networks, networks of service providers.

The RTU platform can be used by VoIP in quality:

  • full-function switch of class 4/5;
  • platforms for providing services (AS) together with the program switch of other producer in the mobile, fixed or convergent network;
  • SaaS services platforms.

The RTU platform can be used by two methods: as purely service platform, or Application Server in terminology of architecture of IMS, or as a full-fledged node of telephony for providing service of a basic call in IP network, plus additional types of service. At the same time interfaces allow to integrate it both with fixed, and with mobile networks and switches. As a result the platform – a basis for convergence of networks mobile, fixed and IP communications at the level of switching, providing services and billing. The second important point is that RTU completely modular product. Thanks to a different configuration of modules it is possible to receive absolutely different solutions. Any monolithic solution acquires over time excess functionality which negatively affects quality of work and resource intensity in general. The solution consisting of separate components differs in bigger flexibility. For example, the developer company of the solution can place the RTU components on different servers and if necessary take different places to them. Reliability and scalability of such solution it is incomparable above. Owing to the flexibility the RTU platform has a wide scope: it is SIP telephony, communication hubs of any level, the UPATS organization, including virtual, an opportunity to provide a broad spectrum of modern communication services, including in the SaaS model.

The RTU platform is included in the Unified register of the Russian computer programs of Ministry of Communications and recommended for purchases by state structures.


Release of RTU Platform 2.2

On September 10, 2019 the SATEL company provided upgraded version of the RTU Platform - the program switch for transfer of voice traffic through the Internet. RTU is the modular program VoIP-platform certified for application as a part of a node of local and zone communication, geographically distributed communication hubs and also UPATS with the SORM function. In addition it can be completed with modules of a conference, selector and half-duplex (PTT) circuit.

Satel released upgraded version of VoIP of the RTU Platform

Depending on requirements of customer company, RTU is implemented as the software, or as a part of the Hardware and software system of different options: from one server to a multiserver failover cluster in total with the necessary lock equipment and a monitoring system. Also rapid development of mobile application for iOS and Android, the portal for customer service and an opportunity to adapt third-party products for requirements of customers is provided in RTU, noted in Satel.

According to the developer, upgraded version of RTU Platform 2.2 supports technology WebRTC which provides access to IP-telephony even in case of the only possibility of use of network only through browser. In a personal account of the subscriber appeared built-in web phone, and with the help API it is possible to create the order form of a call back for any website. The development was gained also by service "Virtual fax", allowing not only to accept facsimile messages on to e-mail but also to browse files directly from the web system interface. Within development of functionality for the organization Call centers there were such mechanisms of distribution of calls between employees as Fan and "The return fan" and also connections with "The familiar employee", otherwise, with that operator with whom calling spoke earlier. One more addition of the RTU Platform it is possible to call that it is founded on the latest version operating system GNU/Linux Debian that allows to provide higher reliability and support of the modern server hardware.

"RTU of Selekt"

According to information for September 4, 2019, the system of production communication of the next generation of "RTU of Selekt" is applied to the organization of an operative communication between the production personnel, managers, bridge cranes and specialists moving on the enterprise and also to a public address abnormal and search system.

2018: Compatibility with Astra Linux

On September 12, 2018 the company Satel Pro reported that its solution for the organization of full-function communication hubs – "RTU Platform" – successfully passed test for compatibility with operating system Astra Linux and will be included in the Software ready for ASTRA LINUX list.

Having tested a series, developer companies of the software were convinced of full compatibility of the operating system and the program switch of a voice communication that allows to use these solutions within one infrastructure.

In the course of tests the RTU Platform was adapted for work with mechanisms of information security support of ASTRA LINUX OS, including the mode of the closed software environment, the functionality of a system is checked, stress testing is executed.

The compatibility with the ASTRA LINUX operating system will allow to use the RTU Platform to the customers imposing requirements to information security according to recommendations FSTEC Russia and also acting within the program import substitution.

2017: Release of RTU Platform 2.0

In the summer of 2017 the release of the RTU Platform of version 2.0 and all system of the connected products was announced.

In a line of softsvichy RTU of version 2.0 there was a possibility of cloud licensing that simplified implementation of a large number of installations and system deployment in virtualization environments.

Transit softsvitch to MTT MOUTH from the provided branch had ample opportunities on management of numbers and also support of the H.248 (MEGACO) protocol for management of media gateways that allows to use more effectively it for integration into the equipment of different producers — as directly in network of the operating company, and on its border.

In the MOUTH of MOA control of successful accomplishment of difficult transactions in the web interface (at the expense of a tranzaktsionnost) and also integration of domains virtual PBX on the basis of a softsvich with the different popular CRM systems is implemented. To the MOUTH of MOA supports the simplified option of service of FMC now.

The VATS web portal of version 3.0 — a product for provision of services to business clients of the telecom operator — allows to manage conveniently and quickly corporate telephony from any place in the world, including from mobile devices with the small screen. The provided version allows not only to watch detailing of connections and to listen to the written talk, but also to analyze trends on telephone traffic by means of statistical diagrams. In the VATS web portal of version 3.0 support of service of FMC and integration of corporate telephony with the CRM system of the organization for operational work with the customer base are implemented.

Within the carried-out upgrade the updated applications for end users to version 3.0 MOUTH client supporting modern operating systems iOS Android 11 and 7 were released. The application to the MOUTH client can work in networks with addressing now IPv6.

All necessary certificates for implementation softsvichy current versions on networks of telecom operators in the Russian Federation are also received.

2016: Purchase SATEL PRO

On September 29, 2016 Satel Pro purchased the solution MOUTH at the owner of the solution – MFI Soft companies.

2015: SwitchRay to the MOUTH 1.9

To MOUTH 1.9 - the program switch of the 5th class. It is intended for simplification of sales and installations new and scalings of number of subscribers and the services deployed virtual PBX.

On April 22, 2015 the SwitchRay company announced an exit of release of the version of a softsvich of the 5th class MOUTH 1.9[1].

The RTU VoIP-platform of version 1.9 solves a problem of complexity of management of long lists of the services requiring setup and selection of a set of different types of end users in several aspects.

The Easy PBX function simplifies management of separate domains with the set settings, licensing of subscribers and services, helping to scale the platform for new and large customers.

Instead of management of the long list of the RTU independent services of version 1.9 offers the Service packages function that allows to group and appoint a packet from several services as a unit, and new opportunities of API allow to make these changes, including outside the standard user interface.

In addition to scalability and simplicity of implementation the new license policy of RTU 1.9 gives the chance to create special service packages for service offers to different groups of corporate clients, with connection or without connection of the RTU softphone – the client. For ensuring scalability and reliability the new version includes enhanced capabilities of management of CDR, allowing to unload CDR daily and providing at the same time more quick and reliable access to these data.

A system supports new levels of roles of administrators. Management of roles happens so that the rights to management of the domain and the separate account could be transferred from the system administrator to corporate client. It possibilities of monitoring without prejudice to security improve.


  • Start of services of a voice communication on the basis of IP technologies:
    • a basic call (readdressing of a call, call transfer on other subscriber, etc.)

  • Far Eastern Military District (voice-to-email, fax-to-email, interception of a call, voice mailbox, etc.);
  • Organization of a VoIP-hosting.

Scheme of interaction of a system, 2015

2013: The RTU platform is compatible VoIP to Yealink equipment

During tested by specialists of MFI Soft company the compatibility of VoIP of the RTU platform with SIP telephones and Yealink videophones, the professional producer and the developer of the VoIP-equipment was confirmed. The held testing allowed MFI Soft to expand the list of the equipment compatible to RTU. For telecom operators, clients of MFI Soft, it, first of all increase in attractiveness of services for corporate clients. Now corporate clients of operators will be able to connect the expanded SIP list and videophones when using solutions based on VoIP of the RTU platform, including the Virtual PBX.

The equipment of Yealink differs in high quality, simplicity in operation and the affordable prices. The company supplies the equipment with the adapted Russian-language menu to the Russian market. The Yealink phones have a broad spectrum of additional functions and work with all IP-PBX supporting the SIP protocol. In the territory of Russia a distributor of products of Yealink is the Aypimatika company.