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Sbcloud Cloud platform Business Cloud Business Cloud

The name of the base system (platform): RUSTEK ESA (Ru-Stack Single system of management): "cloud from a box"
Developers: Sbcloud (earlier - I-Teco New engineering technologies, Novintech)
Last Release Date: 2019/07/11
Technology: IaaS - Infrastructure as service,  PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service,  SaaS - the Software as service,  Virtualization,  DWH,  Data processing centers - technologies for DPC


"Business Cloud" (Business Cloud) is the multicloud providing management IT infrastructure, business applications and security data.

"Business Cloud"


Partner services for electronic exchange of invoices and office tasks

The Sbcloud company announced on July 11, 2019 expansion of a range of the partner products of the cloud marketplace of the same name available to connection: users can use cloud services for standard office problems and legally significant document flow (YuZEDO), solutions SaaS prepares for placement some more.

Problem of a marketplace Sbcloud — to help the companies to be focused on business challenges and to enhance competitiveness. Services of a marketplace allow to build all work in a cloud, using usual business applications in a "cloud" format. Working on such model, business does not spend excess resources for IT, and can focus on development, creation of products and services, customer acquisition.

Become the client or the partner of a marketplace Sbcloud the companies from any region of Russia can. For partners of a marketplace the working environment in which they can integrate the products into a cloud Sbcloud through API is organized, manage sales and interaction with users, to get marketing support Sbcloud. Partners of the highest level — White Label — can create on the Sbcloud platform marketplaces under own brand.

Among partner products to which it is already possible to be connected through a marketplace — i-Konto service of electronic exchange of legally significant documents (YuZEDO). Depending on the number of operators with whom exchange of documents is conducted the client can use service free of charge or select a rate. Using i-Konto it is possible to reduce risks of penalties for the wrong design or untimely delivery of documents. When loading in i-Konto the document is automatically checked for correctness of filling, and then the sender can keep track of his status at each stage, up to delivery to the addressee. It is especially important for supply chains with participation of a large number of the partners using solutions of different operators. Service will be useful, first of all, to the organizations which have many partners, subsidiary companies and separate divisions (including in different regions), consider in Sbcloud. The software of i-Konto is developed by the company Servionika" AiTeco (Group) and is included century Register of the Russian software.

In a segment of services for support of standard office tasks — works with e-mail, office applications, corporate storages of documents and databases. Also the line of Zextras Suite services and others of solution SaaS prepares for start. According to analysts, office SaaS-applications makes the main part of corporate cloud services. The companies more and more willingly use such services: it allows to lower costs for IT infrastructure and to provide mobility necessary for modern business and convenience of work of employees.

Integration of object storage "Sbcloud" with NetApp StorageGRID Webscale

On June 25, 2019 the Sbcloud company announced expansion of an opportunity for work with the data placed with the operator due to integration of object storage Sbcloud with NetApp StorageGRID Webscale capable to store billions of objects and to manage their placement on the basis of the metadata set by the application in DPCs worldwide. The uniform Sbcloud control panel allows to create storage, to obtain data on the consumed volumes, to manage flexibly access and the physical location of data in real time.

The solution Netapp StorageGRID formed the basis of object storage Sbcloud. StorageGRID differs in scalability and a broad spectrum of the settings necessary for compliance to tasks of customers. The object storage Sbcloud allows to implement the projects connected with unpredictable scaling of volumes and requests, geographical distribution of both data, and their users. Integration cloud service of BusinessCloud with object storage using API S3 (Simple Storage Service) gives to customers the chance to be focused on management and access to to data regardless of infrastructures calculations and storage, to reduce terms of data migration and applications, to reduce costs for administration of virtual resources.

We appreciate that Sbcloud supports NetApp, giving to clients an opportunity to build the hybrid clouds for ensuring digital transformation of businessTatyana Bocharnikova, the chief representative of Netapp in Russia and the CIS countries said. — The solution StorageGRID Webscale is focused on DPC of the next generation. It allows customers to create easily huge scalable lakes of data for the organization of archives, analytics and storage of multimedia data both in geographically distributed DPCs, and in a public cloud.

Based on Sbcloud it is possible to create hybrid clouds from the on-premise (StorageGRID) resources and giperskeyler (for example, Amazon) with a uniform method of storage and use of data. In architecture of a cloud platform the object storage Sbcloud is a point of acceptance of images of customers — it allowed to simplify migration in a cloud Sbcloud or from it and also placement and data transfer between storages. Besides, the object storage Sbcloud allowed to increase cardinally the level of flexibility of services of backup in comparison with traditional tape drives, emphasized in the company.

As noted in Sbcloud, the most popular scenarios of use of object storage are storage of large volume of unstructured information (for example, video and audio recordings, e-mail, content of web resources), ensuring geoindependent access for users to the software and data, creation of storages and archives of documents for integration with electronic document management systems and also data arrays for researches, testings and operational analytics. The cloud storage gives crucial opportunities for the solution of these tasks: fast scalability, flexibility, availability, simplification of administration and reduction in cost of ownership of IT infrastructure.

The data center TrustInfo in which the cloud storage Sbcloud is unrolled corresponds to Tier III, the level of availability of its resources is 99.985%. It allows to guarantee within standard SLA to customers high data availability, placed in the cloud storage Sbcloud — maintenance of data center does not require a stop of work of its key systems.

Possibility of simultaneous use of different hypervisors for management of virtual resources in a uniform cloud landscape

On May 16, 2019 the Sbcloud company reported that it gave to users an opportunity of simultaneous use of different hypervisors for management of virtual resources in a uniform cloud landscape. Possibilities of modeling of different options of virtual IT infrastructure taking into account business challenges and the budget are expanded: customers can independently select a hypervisor and necessary virtual resources, redistribute them within one cloud between "regions" Sbcloud under control of hypervisors with different cost.

According to the company, a possibility of the choice of hypervisors within a single cloud platform Sbcloud opens for users the following level of freedom during creation of flexible, productive and economic enterprise-solutions in the field of virtualization. Customers, it is important to them to apply at the same time different technologies of virtualization, can create in a uniform cloud Sbcloud virtual IT infrastructures as based on the proprietary solution VMware vSphere using ESXi hypervisor, and based on the environment of virtualization of RUSTEK using open-source of a hypervisor of KVM.

The innovation concept of "regions" Sbcloud allows the customer to use for creation of virtual IT infrastructure cloud segments with the different configured settings: hypervisors, security levels, etc. It opens ample opportunities for creation of multicloud IT infrastructures, seamless integration of clouds from different providers (giperskeyler), allowing them to work together and to be used as a unit and also to provide services from giperskeyler in a cloud IT landscape of the customer. In a uniform control panel different configurations of virtual machines and also detailed billing are available to each "region": what resources are used and as the budget of the enterprise, division, department of the customer is spent.

As practice shows, to vertical scaling of virtual infrastructure it is more convenient to apply technologies of VMware, and to horizontal scaling and automatic balancing of loading – technology of virtualization of RUSTEK with a hypervisor of KVM. Hypervisors of VMware of ESXi and KVM are selected as the most popular tools for management of virtual resources. The hypervisor based on KVM was improved specialists of Servionica and Sbcloud in the course of creation of the RUSTEK platform, its performance is considerably improved in comparison with opensource the solution. RUSTEK – the only thing for May, 2019 the industrial solution based on OpenStack which high-speed performance and fault tolerance conform to requirements of big corporate customers and are confirmed with experience of successful implementations of enterprise-level. Further Sbcloud is going to support and other hypervisors, proprietary and on the open code.

Integration with "N3. Health care"

On April 25, 2019 the Netrika company reported that it signed the partnership agreement about cooperation in health care with Servionika. The partnership purpose – to make digital health care available to clinics of any size and pattern of ownership. Integration of the N3.Health project with cloud services of Servionika and its partners created by Netrikaya, including the Sbcloud platform will become one of the priority directions. Read more here.

Restart of the platform

On March 5, 2019 the Sbcloud company announced large-scale restart of the cloud platform: on its basis the business cloud of the last generation opening a maximum of opportunities for development of innovations and formation of the powerful partner ecosystem focused on growth of the cloud market in Russia is created.

The cloud Sbcloud is implemented based on the single system of management of difficult cloud infrastructures RUSTEK ESA developed by Servionica company. It is the powerful business tool providing simplicity of management of cloud resources and the maximum automation of routine transactions. In a basis of the updated platform the principle a multicloud allowing to provide broad set both own services Sbcloud, and complex developed together with partners and vendors is underlain. Besides, the customer has an opportunity to create the hybrid infrastructure placed on different hypervisors (VMware, KVM, etc.) and also to integrate own IT resources with a cloud and to have an opportunity quickly to redistribute resources in the conditions of peak loads.

The portal of the Sbcloud platform is developed taking into account the maximum process automation of management of a cloud: are implemented integration with 1C, a possibility of an execution of agreements using the electronic digital signature and many other things. Besides, advantage are ample opportunities of analytics on consumption of cloud services and assessment of their demand. It will allow partners to define independently the strategy of development of the cloud business based on the solution Sbcloud, and to clients - always to have access to the most functional and demanded cloud services. In the affiliate program Sbcloud several directions of cooperation, including the White label format will be implemented: the partner will be able to create based on infrastructure Sbcloud clouds under own brand.

Being one of market leaders of cloud services, Sbcloud generalizes the accumulated experience in the updated platform, giving to customers ampler opportunities for improving competitiveness, creation of products and fast entry into other markets. We are guided by thorough knowledge of requirements of domestic business and key tasks which the most effective companies aim to solve using modern technologies.
Evgeny Shchepilov, managing partner Sbcloud

It is possible to request test access to the Sbcloud platform on the website The platform is in permanent development and filling by services. During its creation 10 years' experience of Servionica and AiTeco Group in the field of cloud computing was considered: from development and providing service of a public cloud MakeCloud and the platform for creation virtual IT infrastructures eCloud, to complex integration projects based on own products of the RUSTEK family and also solutions Microsoft, VMware Huawei, NetApp and other world vendors.