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Smart bottle of oil from the Settlement

Developers: Efko of group of companies
Date of the premiere of the system: March, 2020
Branches: Food industry

2020: Announcement

In March, 2020 the food holding "Efko" producing mayonnaise, sauces and dairy products under the Settlement brand provided a smart bottle of oil with voice assistants.

The assistant with the name "Svetlana" who is built in a bottle cover is constructed on algorithms of artificial intelligence. The assistant offers different recipes and makes the list of products for them, helps during cooking and answers questions on dishes and recipes, notes time for cooking and also supports a conversation, jokes and to share the interesting facts for the entertaining purposes.

The producer of Settlement mayonnaise provided a smart bottle of oil with the voice assistant

When oil in a smart bottle reaches a limit, it is possible to purchase a normal bottle of Settlement and to rearrange a smart cover.

Sunflower oil  —  a product, which always somewhere near the hostess. Which always near you during culinary feats and failures. We decided that it should not stand near a plate silently any more. It should become your assistant and turn process of cooking into fascinating action, said in the project description on the crowdfunding Planeta platform on which Efko raises money.

The company explained that placement of the project on Planeta is connected with desire "measure the interest of potential buyers in the developed device". At the same time Efko she intends to make innovation at the expense of own means. On crowdfunding service is going to collect 3 million rubles (by 5:30 p.m. Moscow time 4500 rubles are collected on March 23) or to get support of 10 thousand people.

After project term the company promises to return money to all supported. If interest is large-scale, then on the first batch of the device discounts will be entered, declared in the company.

The beginning of serial production of a smart bottle of oil is planned for summer of 2020. Estimated cost of a product by March 23 is not set.[1]