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Smart house of Aqara Hub

Developers: Aqara
Last Release Date: 2019/11/07
Technology: Internet of Things of Internet of Things (IoT)

2019: Start of sales in Russia of devices for the smart house of Aqara Hub

The producer of devices for the smart house of Aqara announced on November 7, 2019 the beginning of official sales in Russia.

In Russia Aqara prepared several updates, useful to the Russian user, for start:

Devices for the smart house of Aqara Hub

These services became available thanks to cooperation with the first official distributor of Aqara in Russia — Softmaster company (enters into Intro Group founded in 1997).

The Aqara brand is very interesting to consumers in Russia and the CIS that we see on a large number of cross-border sales of the Chinese versions of devices. Thanks to fruitful work with the producer, we managed to prepare qualitatively Aqara products for a full-fledged work in Russia. We are very grateful to the Yandex command for the rendered assistance and support in implementation of skills of Alice for Aqara. We are glad that retail prices managed to be made joint efforts so attractive.

Dmitry Kozhevnikov, CEO of Softmaster company

Devices for the smart house of Aqara Hub

In July, 2019 Aqara entered the European market with the special version of the center of the smart house — Aqara Hub. The eurofork became important feature of the European version of Aqara Hub. It saved the user from need of use of cheap adapters for the European sockets from which stability and safety of work of the smart house suffered.

Now Aqara Hub with an eurofork is available also in Russia together with the main devices of the smart house Aqara. Will go on sale:

  • smart lamps (1490 rubles),
  • motion sensors (1490 rubles),
  • temperature sensors (990 rubles),
  • leakage sensors (1490 rubles),
  • vibration sensors (990 rubles),
  • sensors of opening of doors and windows (990 rubles)
  • wire switches with one or two keys (2490 rubles)
  • wireless switches with one or two keys (1490 rubles)
  • wireless mini-buttons (990 ₽)
  • wireless switches in the form of a cube (990 rubles).

Using these smart devices any user will be able to make the house more convenient and safe.

Smart bulbs are able to join on the timer and to gradually gain brightness — it will be more pleasant to wake up in the morning. It is not required to get out of a bed in the evening to turn off light — it is possible to leave the wireless switch at a bed or to manage light via the smartphone. Thanks to motion sensors light will light up when the user enters the room, and in the empty room electricity itself will be cut off.

It is important that wall Aqara switches will allow to receive intellectual management of light, without changing all bulbs for smart – they are mounted to the place of normal switches. At the same time, however, it is necessary to replace a box, standard for Russia, under the switch from round with square. Disconnection and short circuit of contacts happens by means of the relay therefore there is no difference between physical clicking the button and control of the switch from the smartphone. The zero line for operation of the switch is not required, and the switch is protected from voltage surges.

Aqara devices will serve also for creation of a security system. In the signaling mode the motion sensor will notice penetration into the house, will send the message on the smartphone and will include a sound siren. Also cheaper sensor of opening of doors and windows will approach for this purpose. The sensor of vibration will warn if in the house break a window or will open a table box with valuable documents. The sensor of leakages will help to learn about the broken-through pipe or the crowded bathtub in time.

All smart Aqara devices are made of special plastic: they do not burn, do not wear out and do not turn yellow over time. Sensors work on normal batteries up to 2 years. One more advantage of the products Aqara is easy installation - sticky stickers go in a set and are suitable for different surfaces.

Shortly it is possible to expect emergence and the smart Aqara socket with an eurofork. Then the smart house will be able to manage heaters, conditioners — depending on temperature sensor indicators.

Aqara was able to work with HomeKit Apple, now is able also with Yandex

Aqara is in demand as the available solution for the smart house of HomeKit Apple. For management it is possible to use Siri voice assistant, the Aqara application for the Apple smartphone and the Home application for macOS and iOS.

In Russia Aqara learned to work with the smart house of Yandex and its voice assistant Alice. Alice is able to manage bulbs, wall switches, the smart socket and the center of the smart house Aqara Hub. Now voice actuation will become available not only to users of the equipment of Apple — Alice works also on smartphones with Android, in Yandex browser for Windows and on smart columns and can change brightness of light of a smart bulb and manage a normal chandelier if it is connected in network via the Aqara switch.

Simultaneous operation of the smart house of Aqara will allow the user to solve a problem of "vendor lock-in" with ecosystems of Yandex and Apple — dependences on one producer of smart devices.

According to Yandex.Market, in the Russian market still there was only one smart socket and one bulb with support of both ecosystems.

To us it is very important that using Alice it was possible to communicate not only with services of Yandex. For this reason in May we announced support of devices of the smart house, and now Alice is a full-fledged voice control interface of the apartment. We are glad to welcome the Aqara brand in the Russian market and it is especially pleasant to us that the smart house of Yandex is initially supported in their products.

Maxim Astashev, head of marketing of the Smart house of Yandex

Annual guarantee

The certified Aqara devices can be purchased in network Svyaznoy, to order in Online Trade and on the official site of Aqara in Russia — The annual guarantee extends to the certified devices.

Also for users of Aqara more than hundred service centers in different regions of Russia work. It is performed and online user support - on the website it is possible to get free advice on setup of devices, and in the official blog it is possible to esteem about all subtleties of installation of the smart house of Aqara.