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Softline ZQ-Platform (ранее Digital Platform)

Developers: Softline
Date of the premiere of the system: 2011
Last Release Date: 2020
Technology: PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service,  SaaS - the Software as service


2020: Start of the platform in Sri Lanka

On June 29, 2020 TAdviser it became known that Softline in partnership with the operator mobile communications Sri Lanka Telecom started in the Republic Sri Lanka own platform thanks to which users from the countries Southern Asia will be able to receive IT services subscriptions, additional on model. In Russia this solution players telecom- the market already appreciated, insurance the companies, credit the organizations. Using functionality of the platform, foreign partners and customers of Softline will have an opportunity to implement in the work other formats of interaction with target audience and it is essential to expand a circle of retail clients.

The Softline platform for providing VAS services in a subscription earned in Sri Lanka

Providing to millions of subscribers through the whole country high-quality telecommunication services, Sri Lanka Telecom is in permanent finding solutions, allowing to raise a customer loyalty. To organize implementation of additional products and services (VAS) on subscription model, the operator began to use the Softline platform.

The Podpisochny Softline platform was started in 2011 and in the years which passed from the moment of start proved in Russia. Initially the platform helped end users - subscribers of telecom operators, clients of financial credit institutions and insurance companies - to purchase anti-virus solutions of such suppliers as Kaspersky Lab of ESET and Dr.Web. But experts of Softline constantly improve functionality of service. For June, 2020 the platform can be integrated with any software or IT solution if it is provided on subscription model.

Clients of those companies which use the Softline platform for implementation of VAS products can select from the section Personal account additional services from any producer and subscribe. Right after it the request comes to Softline where there is its processing and the subsequent redirection to vendor. At a final stage the customer receives a product necessary to it, the payment for use of which will be monthly charged off the personal account connected to Personal account service.

Having estimated all advantages of the platform to the Russian B2C-segment, Softline advances own development on international market. Many companies from Turkey, Germany and neighboring countries already provide VAS services to clients through the podpisochny Softline platform.

Thanks to functionality of our service the domestic companies significantly increased efficiency of business processes. Now we want that about the platform learned as much as possible foreign partners and customers of Softline. Our platform is the really working tool allowing to use different formats of interaction with target audience. Of course, in our project the large role is played by interest of mobile operator, bank or insurance company, their readiness for active actions for the sake of clients. In turn, Softline will constantly improve the platform, connecting to it vendors, - the head "Software on a Subscription" of Softline company Maxim Tikhonov shared plans.

2019: Start of Softline Digital Platform in 15 countries of the world

On December 16, 2019 Softline reported that it developed and started the multifunction platform which will give the chance to the client to work both with cloud-tools in 15 countries of the world, and with a wide line of other services, independently managing the subscriptions and payments. For December, 2019 on the platform subscriptions on 600+ of services from Microsoft, Google, ESET, Kaspersky Lab are available. In the nearest future service will be replenished with products of world vendors and also own products of Softline, the functionality will be considerably expanded. Already in the nearest future the platform will be available to clients of Softline in 50+ the countries of the world.

According to the company, still quite recently the clients of Softline who wished to change the number of users to whom this or that subscription is available needed to send an inquiry to the manager. The specialist of the company created a packet of necessary documents and transferred him to the logistician for change of data in a panel of vendor.

Now thanks to Softline Digital Platform each client of Softline who subscribed on services of the largest world vendors can get access to necessary software and services in a few minutes, to see analytics on the consumed resources and to manage independently the documents. For this purpose he receives instructions for work with the platform and access in undressed Personal account. Here it can manage the current subscriptions and purchase from the directory, monitor payments and create reports without the assistance of the specialist of the company.

Existence of a special show-window allows customers to download independently trials and to purchase a subscription to the interesting product. At any time to the registered user analytical information on the volume of consumption of each service is provided, for example, to Microsoft Azure. If necessary the client can address in a support service on all questions, work-related platforms and quickly receive the qualified answer.

The functionality of Softline Digital Platform is constantly improved depending on requests of the partners and clients of the company, its back office and divisions specializing in sales. The updated products of vendors implemented on subscription model are regularly integrated into the platform, automation level increases.

For December, 2019, Softline Digital Platform is already developed in 15 countries located in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe in the former Soviet Union.

Automation requires reorganization of business processes in the company and even thinking of the employees involved in this project. The platform timely reminds customers of need of prolongation of subscriptions, replenishments of balance and other important points.

Sergey Chernovolenko, the CEO of Softline told

2011: Start of the platform

The Podpisochny Softline platform was started in 2011.