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Software AG the Connector for integration of SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud with Adobe Marketo Engage

Developers: Software AG
Technology: SOA

2019: Representation of the connector for integration of SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud with Adobe Marketo Engage

On November 6, 2019 the company Software AG announced release of the certified connector for the platform Adobe Marketo Engage. This connector integrates the user solutions SAP Service Cloud or SAP Sales Cloud with the Marketo Engage platform, establishing direct link between data about clients and management tools service quality (CXM) from Adobe. Using the platform from Software AG, this connector allows the companies applying solutions SAP to get access to all functionality of Marketo Engage completely to approve sales and marketing in the organization. Software AG helps current users of SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud to implement Marketo Engage — now they can integration perform and use both products, and data of clients will be connected with the marketing campaigns B2B, potential clients and opportunities. Such earlier unavailable integration will help the organizations to increase the accuracy of the data used in their campaigns that finally will lead to improvement of results.

Fully it is possible to implement advantages of instruments of customer acquisition and automation of marketing only when data on clients, sales and marketing are united in the organizations and work together for achievement of a common goal. Thanks to our technology and close partnership with Adobe of the company, the using SAP Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, will have such opportunity now,
told John Schweitzer, the director of profit and the board member of Software AG

our partnership with Software AG is aimed at consolidation of data on sales and marketing, besides, we try to help the companies to upgrade the quality management systems of customer service. The accessibility to all functions of B2B-marketing in Marketo changes rules of the game. Thanks to Software AG clients can be sure now that their campaigns and initiatives in the field of B2B are connected with reliable sources of data of their organization,

» allows clients to realize quickly innovations, being connected to any own or partner system, from applications to the peripheral systems, creating data and services and accelerating development and deployment of API interfaces. Thanks to cooperation with Software AG the Adobe company accelerates and simplifies integration for the organizations using SAP solutions and also opens new segments of clients and a possibility of global expansion for the Marketo Engage platform.