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StarForce Content

Developers: StarForce Technologies (Protekshen Technology)
Last Release Date: March, 2015
Technology: SaaS - The software as service,  Information loss preventions are cybersecurity


StarForce Content is the web service intended for protection of digital information and electronic documents directly from the house or office. StarForce Content directly supports documents of the PDF, ppt, pptx and HTML formats. Besides, it is possible to protect also other popular formats such as doc, rtf, djvu, jpg, etc., converting them into one of the supported formats. StarForce offers it in two options: in the form of Internet service for publishers and in the form of the separate solution for corporate customers.

StarForce Content allows to solve a problem of information leak, an insayderstvo, preserving of confidentiality and authorship of the created documents. Possibly without concerns to use the protected files for designated purpose, to send them to partners, clients, customers, contractors, to regional offices. Distribution of the protected files is possible on any carriers and via the Internet.

The website StarForce Content has no analogs and represents not only the system of protection, but also a control facility behind distribution of the protected document. It is possible to make operations on protection and to receive reports on use of the protected files at any time, from any place in the world and in only several minutes.

2019: Inclusion in the Register of domestic software

On March 14, 2019 StarForce Technologies reported that the expert advice at the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications made the decision on inclusion in the register of domestic software of the product Starforce Content which is applied to protection of documents and video files against copying.

Entering into the register means that the product SFContent officially carries the status of domestic and conforms to all requirements of the Russian legislation. The state and municipal organizations can use information from the register when choosing software provider.


StarForce Content Enterprise

The StarForce company provided in March, 2015 the product StarForce Content Enterprise allowing the companies to protect classified documents from leak behind perimeter of an enterprise information system.

The StarForce company, the expert in the field of protection of digital information against copying and unauthorized distribution, presented the solution StarForce Content Enterprise allowing to protect electronic documents from leak in and outside perimeter of an enterprise information system. An opportunity to control the document after it left walls of the "native" company is unique functionality on information security market as it allows the companies to exchange freely confidential information for acceptance of operational management decisions.

The principle of work of StarForce Content Enterprise consists in the following: documents in not edited format are located in the protected container which only the special program browser set on the device which underwent authorization will be able to open. The solution includes flexible management by access rights, including an opportunity to withdraw the right to viewing the protected documents, Active Directory integration and other components of an enterprise information system.

"Our product is focused on a certain niche – protection of final documents against editing, copying and unauthorized distribution", – Simonova Katerina, the manager on development of StarForce company says. – "At the same time the document can be transferred to any of available methods: email, the USB stick, skype, a disk, but will get access to it only the authorized user. And the sender in real time will be able to control this access. Thus, StarForce Content Enterprise provides the protected exchange of "sensitive" information between employees and external partners in any place and under any circumstances".

More than 7 million licenses of the products protected by the StarForce system are sold

Worldwide more than 7 million licenses of the products protected by the StarForce system are sold. In addition to games protection is provided for educational programs and materials, trading scripts, corporate applications and documents. All portfolio of Protekshen Technology company contains 12 software products and 2 cloud services: protection of documents online of and e-mail with a possibility of protection of letters and investments.