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Startup as diploma

Developers: Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation
Date of the premiere of the system: June, 2020
Branches: Government and social institutions,  Science and education

2020: Announcement of the program

At the end of June, 2020 the Ministry of science and the higher education of the Russian Federation announced the forthcoming start of the Startup as Diploma program within which graduates of the Russian universities will be able to represent to certifying commission a startup as the thesis.

As reported Izvestia in the press service of department, since 2021 the student of any direction of preparation or specialty and education level (a bachelor degree, a specialist programme, a magistracy) can become the participant of the program and provide the startup before certifying commission. The main condition — compliance of a role in a command of a startup and functional duties of the student to the direction of specialty.

The Ministry of Education and Science will equate startups to theses

Participating in the program, the student will be able to develop the project of unique technology or a product and to gain the first income from its sale, to create a portfolio for future employers, to increase competitiveness in labor market or to become the participant of the federal program for training for "Digital economy".

In 2020 and 2021 it is going to implement practice of accounting of final qualification works in the form of startups more than in 40 universities.  Among them — the Moscow state medical university of I.M. Sechenov, the Kazan National University of Science and Technology and the National research Tomsk Polytechnic University.

The similar mechanism is already implemented in Far Eastern Federal University (DVFU). The commission in this university does not consider work, and recognizes assessment of external institute of development as confirmation of professional competences of the student. 

In 2019 seven startups of graduates of DVFU were included as final qualification work. Four projects students of engineering school, two projects — schools of natural sciences provided, one — departments of economy of the enterprise of school of economy and management.[1]