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System software: Calculator of cost of the equipment of IBM

Developers: "SysSoft"
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/07/31
Branches: Internet services

2020: Representation of the IBM calculator

"System software", the center of examination in the field of program and the hardware, announced on July 31, 2020 expansion of a line of calculators for independent selection and calculation of cost of the equipment from the directory of the company. Development of "System software" — the calculator on products of IBM.

IBM calculator

The IBM calculator will be useful to representatives of small and medium business who look for productive, effective and reliable storage systems. The calculator, in real time, allows to calculate the estimated cost of data storage of different volume on three types of DWH. It works as follows: The IBM calculator will suggest to select the volume of disk space, type of DWH (Hybrid, All Flash, NVme), additional functionality. Then will pick up suitable option, will calculate estimated cost and will acquaint with features of each of the offered options of a line of FlashSystem 5000.

For System Software it is not the first experience of creation of technological online calculators. The solution on calculation of cost of the equipment for virtual machines of VMware is in great demand among our clients therefore we created one more calculator, having this time made focus on systems for data storage. Using the calculator it is possible to pick up easily and quickly options from IBM for the solution of these tasks — Dzhafarova, the head of partner marketing of System Software company told.

IBM company – one of producers and suppliers hardware and the software and also IT services and consulting services.


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